The Stellar Maze Photo Gallery


Last weekend Pete delivered another pair of his giant metal sculptures to add to our collection. Here’s some shots of Pete and my ENTP partner hard at work installing them:


When can we all come round and watch Troll 2?


We’ve had some pretty heavy snowfall the past few days over here in the UK.

Up to 8 inches overnight, whilst it’s causing ‘Traffic chaos!’ I’m loving how it totally transforms the feeling of a place.

So while most people were slowly sliding their cars into each other, I decided to go for a jaunt up the local hills.

Below is an Iron Age hill fort dating back to 200 B.C. Legend has it that the ancient British chieftain Caractacus made his last stand here before being captured by the Romans. (Fun Folklore Facts)

Snowbanks around the earthworks.

I counted 3 snowboarders, that’s 3 more than usual.

The ridge or ‘The White Mountains of Gondor’

JRR Tolkien and C.S. Lewis used to frequent these hills often. They would meet in a pub called ‘The Unicorn’ and go for walks. The story goes that on a snowy evening, after leaving the Unicorn, Lewis was inspired by the sight of a gas lamp and this led directly to his account of a Narnian wood, close to the start of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, where a gas lamp post stands alone, amid the gathering snows. (Fun Folklore Facts)

Looking back upon the Fort.

The Sun sets.

Mr Tumnus where you at?


freaking gorgeous.

brrr and heart warming


Lunar is really right. This is beautiful, @Helix!



I hope for your sake that’s not taken from your house! :grimacing:

Do you live close?


Oh no. Not at all. I posted it as a copied link I thought but it’s just showing the image. I’m going to delete it because now when I click on it it’s no longer opening it at the original site. I don’t have time to figure that out.


Awwww! I want to see your photos, @lunar!


@lunar is such a tease!


no YOU are…says all kids


here you go…i just thought it’s just ducks. haha. i think that’s what made me take them down:)



Dude, @lunar!!! These pics are the shit!!!

All of them are awesome. Stop withholding all the time.

Give us some release!

Are they all duckies? Are some chickens or gooses??

So pretty.


withholding is just constipation. but after many tries, the shit came out
none of them were honking. geesh i don’t know. and i like nearly lost my eyesight transferring pics from computer to here… anything to do with files i risk imploding. not sure what function that is (Ti?).


Dude, you should be a professional photographer!


Also, forgot to tell you I really really liked those drawings you added under Morning Pages a while back. Loved the colors. Beautiful.

You got an eye.


Which I see you took down you dumbfuck!


what are you talking about


lol, okay here is a confession. i do own a very good camera…but when i use it, everything is either blurry or wrong exposure, the files are huge and i can’t sort out the storage/selection/editing process, etc, and i get so stressed out, bizarrely ashamed even, that i am holding such a fancy camera. so i use my point and shoot automatic instead, it’s light as a feather, does all the thinking for me, took all the duck picks, and fits in a flat pocket in my purse. alright confession over.


Well, whatever works. You don’t need a fancy camera to take good pictures. You need a decent one. And a good eye. I see plenty of people that take shitty pictures on expensive cameras because they don’t know what is interesting composition-wise. You seem to have an eye for color, light, and composition. It’s unique. Can’t buy shit like that.

Plus, I tend to hate digital photography, period. High resolution ain’t shit just in and of itself. And high resolution isn’t artistic. It’s just high resolution.

Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. There’s the aperture, the ISO, and the shutter speed, all of which you can set manually on nicer cameras. But, you can also get a point and shoot camera and take amazing pictures.

Because you just did that. So, goes to show. :relaxed:


geesh, thank you Blake


You’re highly motherfucking welcome :grinning: