The Stellar Maze Photo Gallery


Yeah, you’re right. Goosies tend to make a “honkk” noise and duckies tend to make a “wakk” noise and chickies tend to make a “bawkk” noise.

And Erikas make all of these noises.


One :duck: hissed like crazy. And it might have been a hallucination but I think a :duck: got on top of another and forced it underwater. Honk.


Wow, that’s hot. Bonk!


Beautiful compositions Lunar, especially the last three shots, really atmospheric. I love the misty trees.


Thank u :blush:


Holy shit dude! Amazing work!



Gee thanx :snowman_with_snow:


I suck at eating healthy.

My half-assed solution is to try to use the unhealthy food as an incentive to eat the healthy food.

The result:

(The beverage is just my preference to add to a potentially botched… Snack? Lunch? Um, whatever floats your boat.)


Winter hike
Ash Cave, Hocking Hills, Ohio



so lovely!
just beautiful.
@geneva can you add white space (enter) in between them:) lol they’re so nice to look at.
strange how pics upload here rotated sometimes. so many of us have had that problem i’m tempted to figure out how to fix. opening rotating saving checking…:

in mound pic (3rd to last) ground looks like chocolate:)


You did fix it :grinning: Yes, it was odd how it picked that one to rotate. That’s my husband in red by ice tower. It will be a very cold week, by the weekend the top and bottom will likely be grown together.


it actually closes all the way? that seems amazing almost impossible! what a fun giant marshmallowy deposit.


Most years it doesn’t get/ stay cold enough for it to fuse, but we are forecast sustained freezing temps with subzero nights.

The marshmallowy look is deceptive. Kids trot up and want to touch or climb it, but it’s very slick and treacherous- probably some MBTI analogy in that.


Beautiful pictures of a spectacular landscape, @geneva!



That’s an atmospheric pic, Erika. Where was it taken?


White out. How bleak.Is that Lake Michigan?


@Honey and @lunar, yes, Lake Michigan. At my favorite beach … for now. It’s calming isn’t it? There isn’t really one thing to focus on, so the viewer is forced into relaxation. At least that’s how I interpret it.


Yeah it is a cool photo I looked at it many times thinking about exactly what you just said


It’s covered in snow and in cold, a great place to unwind.