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Fantastic photos!

The first week or so of my 1998 trip was spent in Mexico City, and I found it absolutely fascinating. As a native Londoner, I wasn’t put off in the least by the crowds or infamous pollution; since the crowds were no worse than I’m used to, and the air quality, to be perfectly frank, was much better than London’s breathless haze!

I found the Zócalo plaza to be particularly surreal, since you could still see the ruins of the Aztec capital city of Tenochtitlan alongside the later Spanish colonial buildings such as the Catedral Metropolitana. It was like the Spanish had simply plonked their European-style city directly on top of the Aztec one as if in a tremendous hurry to cover it over as quickly as possible:



@Stewart Yep, I love the ruins aside the Cathedral. In fact Mexico City was built with stones from Tenochtitlan. I don’t remember where exactly but there’s a building with a snake head made of stone going out of the corner, they didn’t even care to destroy the snake head before putting it in another building. I’m really happy that you liked Mexico when you visited it, it took me 19 years to even begin to get a grasp of Mexico.


Do you ever watch Michael Portillo’s Great Rail Journeys?


Yes, they often show it on one of the cable channels here in NZ. He retraces rail journeys made by Bradshaw for his classic guidebook back in the golden days of railways.

Portillo is a genial and informative presenter and I enjoy watching his shows. He"s also one of the few ex-Tory ministers from Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet that I have any respect for. Back in the 90s he was the Minister for Transport in the UK when the government were still trying to close much of Britain’s remaining rail network.

Portillo was able to save one of England’s finest scenic main lines from closure, the magnificent Settle and Carlisle Railway in Northern England, so he’s a bit of a hero in railway circles. I’ve travelled on this line a number of times as it’s my personal favourite, and was part of the campaign to help save it.

The grey stone buildings on my layout are based on Dent, one of the stations on the Settle and Carlisle line and the highest railway station in england.






I did a very basic flower arrangement.







Lands End in Cornwall, which I have visited on one holiday.


And magnificent Bath, which I’ve visited many times as a friend used to live there. Haven’t been to the Jane Austen Centre, though.


Sunset over Auckland as the tail-end of a cyclone passed over. And yes, the sky really did turn this shade of magenta. I was packing to go away for the weekend when I noticed the strange light coming through the windows:


Enjoying a restful weekend at our country retreat in McLeod Bay. The light quality just before sunset was magical, so I took a few shots to try and capture some of its beauty. Now if I could only figure out how to remove the annoying power lines from the photos…


Well, I don’t know why the fuck did someone put a little, black statue a motherfucking dragon with a penis on my university, but here it is, with an IG filter.


I love black penises!!


Left work early! Deciding to walk to the train station. Gonna eat and have some drink first. Blizzard-y day!

Happy Friday, you wonderful folks, you! :kissing_heart:


Fucking sideways shit.


I haven’t met any black penis, but sure “latin” penises, actually the statue reminded me one specifically.


Photo I took in Barcelona a couple years ago. Was at the contemporary arts center for an avant garde electronic music festival. Need to go back.