The Stellar Maze Photo Gallery


gloomy but kind of fun


Yay Lunar! Welcome back :D. Love the fence.


Thank you!

Break’s been good. Everyone here’s got so much self control haha. I kind of enjoyed not being able to post:)


Some photos of Saturday’s Pride March through central Auckland:

The smiling woman in the white top is Jacinda Ardern, the new Prime Minister of New Zealand. We are very fortunate to have her as our leader…


My partner put together this delightful gallery of flowers from our garden in sub-tropical McLeod Bay:



Lots of variety! How’s the weather down der?
Do you eat the nanas?
I can smell ‘em.


Yes, they are small but very sweet!


Yesterday was Labour Day in NZ, which is a public holiday. We took Friday off as well so had a lovely long weekend in McLeod Bay.

And the weather was perfect - sunny and dry all weekend! (which is unusual for this time of year).



This one is my favorite! Wow!


Had a wonderful time dining at a restaurant I’ve wanted to for years last night! The moon on the lake was so pretty. We had a corner seat, so we had two beautiful views.


Wow that looks amazing! Love the city lights. What did you eat?



Yeah - it was beautiful up there. The city looks so peaceful from that high up. 95th floor.
And the moon on the lake…the lake looked texture-y. Like velvet or something.



The building in the middle is the Shrine of the Báb of the Bahá’í Faith.


So tender colors of lights.



Pretty :heart_eyes:
Looks like it smells nice there.


It was a pretty rainbow day, yeah…


How beautiful! Love grazing animals.