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Sunset over McLeod Bay on Saturday evening:


The kind of barbershop you get more than a haircut.


C’mon guys, where am I :wink: ?

Prague yes?

How is it there?

Have you been here before?
You’ll like Prague. It’s a fucking beautiful city.
And I’m a lucky girl…
I just had to say yes, which was difficult as saying no in this case, and wait for a couple of days for the ticket to drop in my email. And I have my own apartment, no rent, 1 minute from Prague Orloj - the astronomical clock in the old town square.
I have some family obligations that I wish I could avoid and they’re all fucking crazy. But, nevertheless, Prague is great.
Oh, and don’t eat Czech food.

You don’t each Czech food? What is that like? I mean the food. Is there a reason? Don’t like it?
No, I’ve never been [I just find things] , but I want to go just about everywhere. I worry sometimes that my penchant for cussing and blasphemy and free ways or words could get me in some hot water in certain places though if I wasn’t real careful.
What is the religious atmosphere there?
How long you staying? You have any of your kids there? Oh my gods don’t tell me you are free to roam?

It’s eleven thirty pm, I just got inside the apartment, I took some pictures for you on my way home, and, yes, I’m by myself here.

I was joking about the Czech food. But still, I wouldn’t recommend Czech restaurants.
There are 7 million tourists per year in a 1.2 million citizen’s city so you shouldn’t be worried about being you. I hope you don’t mind me saying - I find American tourists louder than, say, Japanese tourists… it’s just okay, you know, to be you.
The Czechs are nice in general, though, keep your wallet tight.
Prague is a secular city, eighty percent of the population declare to be atheists (Protestants). The opposite of Polish people (Catholics).
The city wasn’t damaged during WWll so there’s a lot to see and learn, historical, cultural, architectural, arts…
It’s my 5th time in Prague. I was almost caught last night not paying tram ticket, the conductor was like two meters from me when I got on the tram, fuck, it was scaring and I took off after one stop. Taking those pictures above after I jumped out the tram calmed me down.

You are alone! I’m gonna live vicariously for a bit here. The pictures give me a European feel, like Spain or Italy somewhat. Ah the relief is palpable, or perhaps I am merely projecting. But I don’t think so.
Lol on the failing to have a ticket. We did that a couple time just because we did not know how to acquire one and the bus drivers just rolled their eyes and said get on already like we should know better how to manage.
I would not say I am loud at all, but when I am frustrated or stressed I tend to cuss to myself, but under my breath might still be loud enough to hear by passers by. The only time we get a little louder is having conversations at dinner or something and often it is my husband raising the decibel. I guess you are making your own food in your apartment? Cheaper anyhow and quieter. How long you get to stay?

I like being alone! Don’t you? :slightly_smiling_face:
And I like being in a foreign country all by myself, though I find that ten days are not enough. I’m grateful to have an appartment here whenever I want. Just say ‘yes’!
Getting caught without a ticket in Prague is nastier than an awkward eye rolling
moment especially for tourists.
American tourists are more talkative or paying attention to their bodies,
whereas Japanese are all smiles while
busy playing with their cameras, phones or other unidentified devices. Israeli tourists are the loudest and the rudest, I admit.
The places I go are less touristic. These photos below I took from a Czech hipster pub, a gallery and my appartment.

Love the rain blur on the apartment and then child at the gallery.
Yes, LOVE/NEED being alone. Going stir crazy in my life right now even though I love my people, it has just been soooooooooo many years surrounded.
Watching hiking/gear videos and survival videos… what I need to do is get my bum back on the hikes/walks… my hiatus has been too long.

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I hear ya, @TinyYellowTree!

I’m so frazzled right now from overstimulation it isn’t funny! But I can’t rest yet as I’m going to the UK on Friday for a whole month and have an insane amount of “urgent” work to complete by Thursday.

It’s just about doable, but I’m sailing dangerously close to losing my shit and turning into this:

Getting through it so you can get to it! Take moments to breathe.
I love that moment after we’ve taken off finally, finally, and it is too late to go back and there is nothing you can do anymore once out of town!
“I’m losing my shit” is like a broken record in my head.


lots of dragon flies visiting tonight