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I would love to see a pic of them around the time they were married. I can’t remember what types you said they were but knowing and analyzing would be nice if you feel like it.


omg. so much to read and do i have enough time for this?

finally have some time to relax and upload pictures

hmmm… this will be part one. i have so many pictures.

this was hard to take, because they didn’t allow us to take picture in this holy place.

look how cheap wines are!!
i literally drank every morning, afternoon, and night.

this guy drew my wife in 10~15 minutes!

maybe i’ll post more later if ya’ll wanna see

time to do some reading/commenting haha


Pretty!!! Italy?


I just hope we can be friends…

The key objective of this game is to keep your eye on him, right? I think I lost.


This photo is the Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence:

I know because I’ve literally just walked from here back to my hotel room!


And to prove it, here’s me standing on the bridge with my brother and his Italian wife:


Do they live there in Italy? Your brother’s smile is infectious. Good people you’ve got.


No they live in South London, but both of her younger brothers live in the nearby city of Bologna, so they frequently visit Northern Italy to see them.

As an aside, both her brothers are gay and live with their respective long-term partners. We spent a lot of time with them before visiting Florence - they are all extremely hospitable and friendly, and kindly organised a big party for us on Sunday evening.


Last day of school


Great photo!


Is this a tiny school, or a friend group from larger school?


Friend group from a larger school having a party in my back yard. They burned their notebooks in the fire pit. The kid on his friend’s shoulders in my son; I’m not sure of his MBTI type. He seems to befriend E/ISTPs.


Thanks for sharing! I used to walk lake front from downtown to the university. Good times. Do you ever go to the dunes?


I have never been to the dunes. Yes, I forgot to comment! I remember one of your pics was you downtown!

It’s really nice to find pieces of nature in the city - or very near it.


Your office looks so fancy because there are two monitors! :slight_smile:


Ha! Yeah, I need em. I have two at home too.


That is a cool share! I have never been to Chicago. I like the water taxi.


It’s awesome! Seriously the best way to travel in the nicer months.


how often do you go to the city?

i love when my day is full like that.

i used to drive to the train station, and take train to the city, and walk to my work from the train station.
and although the commute was long, i loved it for some reason.

i don’t know if you smoke, but i used to take a puff right before i go in to work,

cigarette with a cold morning dew.

ahhh… nostalgic. what a way to start the day.

i quit smoking though.

anyways. it’s awesome you shared your whole journey of your full day.

your sky seems pretty blue at the end though.

oh my goodness. your sky is so blue. what the heck!

oh. and that beer! what a way to end the day . with a cold refreshing (seemingly citrus-y tasting) beer.


Once a month. But I just got a promotion without a pay raise (yay), so I have to travel down there everyday for a few months starting soon.

Pretty, big sky where I live.

You’re right! Citrus! They had something like 120 beers and I was like…um something citrus-y or fruity, please? It was a good beer. Lots of people watching. And I even started a conversation with a stranger. It was seriously one of the best days ever!!!

No smoking. I used to when I was younger. I’ll occasionally smoke a pipe at home. But my husband fucking hid it or lost it or something. I may need to invest in a new one.

It’s interesting… people’s different perspectives. The chick I started a conversation with was from St. Louis and she was just visiting for the day. And I asked her how she liked the city. She said it’s smaller than St. Louis and less violent. I was thinking, bitch please. Haha.

When I used to visit the city with my husband early on in our relationship, it was new for me and he had to tell me - walk fast, don’t look at anyone, don’t talk to the homeless people. I still do the opposite. :slight_smile: