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Some photos from the glorious Sissinghurst Castle Gardens in Kent. This exquisite English paradise was the creation of Vita Sackville-West and her husband Harold Nicholson. Both were members of the bohemian Bloomsbury Set and, being ahead of their time, suffered mightily for having unconventional sexuality.


@Ankh, your trip and pics are very nostalgic for me and made my morning. I’ve never been to Chicago, but it reminded me of when I used to take a 2 hour bus ride as a teenager to Los Angeles and Pasadena (in California) out of boredom and to explore new things. I usually took these trips alone. I discovered new Record stores, beer breweries, independent movie theaters and amazing food that I now take my wife and kids too every so often.

Glad you had a good day cause that shits contagious yo. And now I got the positive vibes going. Thanks for sharing!


Awesome! I’m glad you liked them! Seriously, that was the most fun part for me - was being alone. I actually had a moment to observe people and my surroundings and enjoy being human. It was an interesting feeling. Like, I could spend my life alone and just have small, short interactions with people. And loneliness is a state of mind. It was super cool.


More Sissinghurst piccies:


Your pictures are lovely!
I love poppies and daisies and that’s a cool building!


It’s part of the original Elizabethan castle buildings. Vita and Harold only found the place when it was largely derelict, but that in itself was part of the attraction, and I totally get that.


You are being seduced by the Introverted side of the Force, young Jedi…


More Florence photos from our recent visit:


@prax hehe


the better side of the niagara falls! lol


My first visit to Berlin:




Loving all the photos you’re sharing!


Willkommen zurück!



Last day in Berlin. We stayed with our friend in her brand new house, and cycled through the forests east of the city centre on a glorious Summer day:


That’s impossible, @Stewart! I’ve been in Berlin for two months and left it last Thursday.


OMG, really! We arrived early on Friday and got back late last night (Sunday). A similar thing happened 2 weeks ago when I was in Florence a few days after @supernokturnal visited there (check out photos and comments from earlier in this thread). Maybe the Universe is trying to tell us something…


For sure! The Universe brings all of us closer and closer.


His name was Chip, he used to chirp.