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Came across this squirrel a while back. Felt a kinship.


I thought this was funny. I’m glad I like my own jokes.


Awww! Was it morning? If so, I can relate!


A few photos from our mini trip on the peninsula. I felt so good, so freaking high on nature, everything melted away to not mattering, for one fabulous day.
Next day we went on a raft on the Hoh. I got river sick a bit, mostly cause my flotation device was awkward. And I was so tired from not sleeping well, but it was still beautiful and a rush in a few places. It was mellow though and the guides were super competent. The river was freezing, snowmelt. Three of the kids got all the way in for a very short time, like less than a minute or two. The rest of us were just splashed and waded a bit getting in and out.
No pics of that unfortunately as it was a decision made after we packed and I did not have my waterproof bag or my cheap camera.
Sorry you’re gonna have to turn your head sideways for a couple of them.


Recently went on a trip to China.

Freaking hilarious. It actually says “The World (on top of the English words) - It’s not that bad (below the English words)” and is supposed to be motivational, but it’s just freaking hilarious for people who can’t read Mandarin.

Du Fu, China’s second most famous poet. Apparently he was a contemporary of Li Bai, China’s most famous poet, and his equal in literary matters and especially in drinking. However Li Bai was blessed with official recognition by the Emperor and status and accolades, while Du Fu failed the imperial examination and was too prickly to network his way into a good post, and was hence relegated to a lifetime of poverty and misery. Sort of like Van Gogh.

The Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum. Sun Yat-Sen was a key figure in the founding of Republican China (1912-1949), which was the first modern democracy in Chinese history and the first time China’s imperial dynasties came to an end.

One of Sun Yat-sen’s favourite phrases was “Tian Xia Wei Gong”, which translated loosely means “The earth is for the people” or “The world is for the public”. It comes form a famous passage in the Book of Rites, one of the Confucian classics:

When the Great Way is practiced, the world is for the public.
Those with virtue and those with ability are chosen and used.
People value trustworthiness and cultivate harmony with each other.
Thus people do not treat only their parents like parents, nor do people treat only their
sons like sons.
使老有所终,壮 有所用,幼有所长。
That makes the aged have the appropriate last years, those in their prime have the
appropriate employment, and the young have the appropriate growth and development.
Elderly men with no spouses, widows, orphans, elderly people without children or
grandchildren, the handicapped, the ill – all are provided for.
Males have their station; females, their places to belong to.
Money is thrown on the ground and thus despised; it is not necessary to store money on
one’s body.
Labor is despised if it does not come from oneself, and it does not have to be on behalf of
Therefore people don’t engage in intrigue or trickery, nor do they engage in robbery,
theft, and rebellion.
Thus, though people leave their houses they don’t close their doors.
This is called the “Great Together”

And of course, my absolutest most favouritest thing I ate in China. Yum!!!


I hope one day to go to China! Your dinner looks good.


That first picture you posted of the sky against the dark rocks is gorgeoso!


Yes, that is pretty funny!


Last Sunday’s Capricorn Full Moon setting over the bay:


I can feel your moon right through the picture, that is so smooth.


Thanks Blake, I just cannot get enough of cloudscapes. The wispy water painted by the wind.




Your landscape photos could have been taken in New Zealand. The dramatic scenery is very similar!


New Zealand is in the top places I must go!


I like the moon. :telescope:


we’re out of glossy paper. was gonna try to print your inky dramatic rocks out of curiosity. next time.


Honored you’d try it. I am always out of either paper or at the moment, ink…


My sky sends you greetings


Hello sky!


Oh gravid sky, whirling possibility!
Thank you @Irene