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i got to see wild flowers recently too. nature speaks so clearly.

also saw lots of trees, up and down


So beautiful, @lunar! Lot O pine in yer area!


this is in Colorado


Somewheres between Durango and Silverton, Colorado.

Animas River, Colorado from coal-powered, steam-driven train.

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Tiny town of Silverton, CO.

Did not have fun driving the route. I mean, yelling at my husband the entire way while he drove. I’m used to flat land… driving through the mountains at 11,000 ft with no guard rails is a little unnerving.




Just watched the movie Big Eyes and noticed Lana del Rey’s voice


Wow! Great cast! And Tim Burton? He’s always dark… I’ll have to put this on my list. Thanks for sharing the song, lunar. I really like it. :slight_smile:


Somewhere in the central Ukraine


Somewhere in the southern Ukraine


These are beautiful, Irene! Is that person landing? Or?


He slides on the waves with kite :slightly_smiling_face: There is our local Mecca for kiters.


didn’t mean to post rotated…


That’s a very colourful bracket fungus!


It’s only day one of the semester and the library is packed and students are sleeping in it…weird…but a nap sounds nice


Perceivers perhaps?
I am partial to this morning’s view of your world, and not just because I need a nap, too.


Haha. I love how comfortable the one guy looks. He looks like he crumpled to the ground.


Nothing ever dries out around here


this thing is moving at walking speed, so destructive


good morning to all. Goodnight to me.
and if you live on the other side of the world. good night with me.