The Stellar Maze Photo Gallery


silly bro
caption this.



what did the wild Buffalo say to his son?

“bye son”


Pencil mono-dick
Pencil obel-dick


wow. that’s the best one.


Is that where you are? D.C.?




A T-Rex in Chi-Town!!! Ahhhhh!!!

I love walking in front of the Opera House. A corridor of colonnades.



Good catch on T-Rex. Doesn’t look easy to cross street fast, but at least you’d be visible.


Last weekend I went up to my now cousin’s cabin (used to be my family’s) for three days all by myself, in order to just get away from the city and process some thoughts along with making some music. I didn’t realize that it was my grandma’s birthday that weekend and it so happened to be that she was buried there the year before. What a wonderfully unconscious coincidence. I decided to make a little visit to where her ashes were buried, right next to my grandfather’s overlooking the lake. I actually found the photo we left when we buried her ashes, and look at the wonderful beauty the earth decided to create in weathering her photo. You can only imagine the amount of meaning that flooded me in seeing this.

The purest form of artwork, coming from the earth itself. Art is God, God is Art, in my eyes.

Sorry to unload the feels here, but I thought you all would appreciate this!


Much appreciated. Good feels.


That’s good stuff.


Some photos of my model railway, which is currently set up on a full-size snooker table at our holiday home so that I can play with trains and get some ideas for when I construct a permanent layout:


cool. I love model trains.



Lovely - very serene and tranquil. What time of day was this, @lunar?


morning, sunrise. can’t really remember what time, just that everybody else was still asleep. but the light was playing everywhere. it was so brief and it was almost unbearable really how beautiful it was. forest, lake, sun, morning…death by delight


I wish we could upload videos here "cos they look even better when in action. Plus the locos are equipped with mini-speakers and clever electronic circuitry loaded with recordings from real-life engines, so they sound good too!


I’m not a morning person, so usually only get to see the sunrise if I’ve stayed up all night… :sleeping:

But I get the same type of feeling at sunset, and watching the sun set over the water from the deck of our property in Northern NZ is magical. Death by delight indeed…

That would make a good title for a novel, or even a poem, methinks!