The Stellar Maze Photo Gallery


You must have the most incredible sights all the time. I mean you don’t even have to say so and already have. It’s just clear that where you live is like death haha:)
Pristine beauty…ah New Zealand…one day

As for morning person, me three (neither). But it was so cold in the tent that I rather be up than down. But without coffee this was a feat lol.


I took some photos of the view from our rental property in Auckland on my new iPhone. They’re not as good as your photos, but give you an idea of the city-scape:


is that a zoom in of the little hill one sees in the back?
Auckland looks very green and you’ve got a very open view. that’s great.
let me guess, nice fresh air ?


Yeah, only it’s not so little as it looks in the photo. It’s called Mt Eden and is the tallest of the many mini-volcanoes that dominate the landscape. We live on the upper slopes of another extinct volcano called Mt Albert, which is why we have such great views.


Oh nice. So near to you. Wait you live on the slopes of one. Oh man.


the other direction


The volcanoes are quite special and unique. They were sacred sites to the Māori who lived here long before the Europeans arrived.

The Māori name for Mt Eden is Maungawhau, which means the “Mountain of the Whau tree”.

The crater at the top is called Te Ipu-a-Mataaho (the bowl of Mataaho); Mataaho was a deity said to live in the crater and to be the guardian of the secrets hidden in the earth:


Mount Albert was named after Queen Victoria’s consort, Prince Albert, and its Māori name is Owairaka, which means “Place of Wairaka”; she was the daughter of Toroa, the commander of one of the great voyaging canoes, Mātaatua.

And here is a photo of the Mount Albert area:

The buldings in the front are all Government-owned Research Institutes. I work on the top floor of the white building to the lower left of the photo. The laboratory windows face out across the city and also enjoy a great view. My office is on the other side (so no view), but it is quiet and pleasant. I’m sitting there right now, typing this as I enjoy my morning coffee break…


Thank you for sharing a peek at where you work. Do you at least have a window? I can’t tell relative distances but it looks like you work is near home kind of. Looks really beautiful.



Yes, my office has windows along one wall, which let in plenty of light. I live on the upper slopes of the mountain and can walk to work in just over five minutes.

The steep driveway up to our apartment is a bit of a bugger though!


im glad for ya for your exercise. i enjoy imagining you from and to work now that i’ve seen the pics:)


I’ve been practising taking landscape photos with my new iPhone. Here are some views from our property in McLeod Bay in the beautiful Whangarei Heads area of NZ:


Oh man that’s beautiful.

Do you ever see any interesting wildlife in that bay, whales, dolphins, giant sea monkeys?


Beautiful Stewart. So green


In the Summer months, groups of Orcas swim into the bay to feast on tasty eagle rays and sting rays:


Some more photos of our little slice of paradise:


The metal statues are by Pete Bremmer a local artist and fellow UK expat. His wife, Julie is also a highly talented artist and sculptor who works mainly with pottery. We first met Pete and Julie at a local art exhibition a couple of years ago, since then we’ve become good friends. Here’s a link to their Instagram page:


Partay at Stewart’s.

Bring alcohol, a board game, dice, a dildo, crackers, twizzlers, root beer, a vhs player, hamster ball, lipstick (any color), change of socks, paint (non-pore-clogging), a feather, and floaties.


Ha, Ha, we have well stocked liquor cabinet as well as a wine fridge full of yummy NZ vinos! And I’m a bit of a board game nut, so have quite a collection of fun games to enjoy.

We’re going to be spending the Christmas holidays there and won’t return to Auckland until mid January. The whole area is a scenic wonderland with forests, mountains and fabulous beaches to explore.