The Sweetest Thing

What is it for you?

My granddaughter. My children, her devoted father who brings her to us, his brother and sisters waiting for their turn to hold and adore their niece, to care for her and kiss her. My husband when he talks to his grand baby. Her mother who comes as quickly as she can from work and grabs her up and squeezes her tight and tries not to weep.


baby skin and smells.



I have a few:

  • A loving community. Togetherness. Being around each other just because…we love each other. Needing/wanting nothing from someone other than them being near me and I being with them, pouring love into one another.
  • Being taken care of…just because. When someone hosts me in their space in a tender, loving way. When someone cooks for me.
  • Seeing large stretches of land/sea and not being able to see the “end” of it. My eyes seeing far out into the distance and not being able to tell where it ends
  • Good natural light. Early light. Sunset light. Light that sparkles off an ocean.
  • The first real warmth after a long stretch of winter.
  • A warm ocean breeze
  • A warm breeze from surrounding trees
  • The gentle sway of lush green trees
  • The sound of water/the ocean/rivers/waterfalls
  • When a person captures in words things that I only feel/know in my intuition and not in my conscious mind until they put words to it
  • Experiencing a person who lives with passion
  • Witnessing total surrender to artistic expression. Such as in dance, music
  • Sweet, genuine affirmations
  • Creating something
  • Acknowledgement of my creative work
  • When a friend interlinks their arms with mine while walking
  • When a friendship comes naturally, and easily
  • When someone affectionately touches my face
  • Hearing someone sing happily as they go about their day
  • Singing with others
  • Laughing. For real. For a long while
  • Soulfuness in others and in how they express themselves
  • When someone asks questions / dives deep in wanting to know who I am and what I am about
  • A song in a foreign language that I don’t understand but feeling connected/moved by the song anyway
  • Playfulness. In self and in others
  • The present moment being enough
  • The feeling of living densely, lush, and slow
  • Being moved to tears by something beautiful
  • Fe Flow
  • Tapping into a “truth” that helps me to live better
  • Sharing a “truth” that helps others to live better
  • Witnessing what was once broken, heal.
  • Self-reinvigoration. Starting again. And again
  • When someone genuinely tries to do better
  • Oral storytelling : hearing someone tell an old story that’s been passed down orally for generations
  • A good fiction book

All of these are delightful! Love when people cook for me.

I like the perspective of seeing this as sweet. I usually see it as the complicated oomph of effort in trying to pull myself back up by the bootstraps.
I’ll add another:
Smiling at someone and them knowing they have been seen and loved.

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Yeah, no shit. Shoulda called this thread The Sweetest Thingsssssssssssss

What’s the sweetest thing off that list? If you had to choose just one?

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I would have to pick two in one as the ultimate sweetest thing: A loving community + Fe Flow.


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awww this back and forth is the sweetest thing.


i’ve got a cavity.

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Sweet: daughter has trouble falling asleep at night. When we leave the room she carries her huge brother into her bed like he’s some kind of nap cat. We find them there asleep in some crazy pile. Sometimes he’s the one to climb into her bed after waking up. Again we find them sleeping in a pile.

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I saw this video of a deaf cat meowing at it’s owner and I just…


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It’s cute! I can’t baby talk cats, they’re too intimidating! But boy if I could, they would hate me!

A moment.
When I stroll around town and something caches my eyes I have a feeling of a sweet moment.
Like this one:


I posted this photo before and poor Blake thought it’s a picture of cookies. It doesn’t look like cookies really, right?
Because it’s The Sweetest Moment thingy!
An intuitive cooking.
You know, when you’re high without any reason and improvise these hearty vegan burgers.
Fe for you.
*actually I had a negative motivation reason *