The Transcendent Function


I thought this was an insightful article and correct in my experience. Se is the function that gets me out of my head and is integrating. Movement practices, spending time in nature, physical tasks are grounding and help me change polarities, then when Ni turns back on it stops spinning it’s wheels and starts spitting out epiphanies. It seems simple and adaptive that Se is transcendent function for me

I’m curious how this works for other types though. For non-INXJ especially, what is your experience with inferior/transcendent function as far as balancing or integrating your personality? How does this work if Si, Ni, Ti, Te etc. is in this position?


My wife’s Ne switches on sometimes with a burst of “let’s rearrange all the furniture!” or a burning (Leonine?) determination to attack some household project. Or it bubbles up with an oddball gift or gesture towards someone, something that is sort of out of left field in its intensity but creates a social opportunity perhaps. At a smaller scale it’s a whimsical impulse towards images or myths. Determinedly silly conversation. Certainly all things that feed back into her physical and social environment and jiggle the Si stasis.

The social version is particularly interesting, it’s sort of like she abruptly creates a bubble of non-judgment, a little pocket universe with a touch of faery about it.

Se does things for me like hitting a home run in Grade 9 gym class, an act which at least one guy still remembered at the end of high school because it was a surprise coming from my spindly little body. I have to imagine that won me some physical respect and maybe made high school a little easier. Or it drives my car while I deal with something alarming (i.e. a spider). Your descriptions all resonate here. Occasionally I let myself in for some physical adventure or mild ordeal, and my body gets worn out and I have stunning dreams.


I can also “manifest” an Fe-tinged Se, like projecting an electrical attractiveness or an incandescent anger, to serve some necessary purpose. It’s a little more conscious than “not-me,” but it seems to come from beyond, and I can tell from other people’s reactions that they experience me as if I’m a different person. Kind of like Gandalf and his “Do not take me for some conjuror of cheap tricks!”


oh yeah
this article was truly gold

for me, I need goals or purposes to keep moving with my life

frequently I’ll set specific goals
I have a need to have purpose and goals in life

the recent article on introverted intuition is a good description,
basically when I perform Se, I need reasons. why am I doing this? for what purpose?
without my transcendent function, I’ll be an animal living on instinct.


your take on Ne is so cool. Yeah this happens for me all the time but I can’t think of how to explain it and I forget to recognize it. All my interactions with strangers are in these little pockets. All the thinking I do about anything serious lives in a pocket like this. In the pocket is no concept of time, no clear concept of self vs other, no kids, no past, no rules, no consequences, no shame.


Yeah, I can do that at times. It feels pretty damn good to shine like that, wish I could do it more often!


may i ask: is there any parallel or connection here to the meditation experience? i am new to the language in this space, but this article put me in the mind of that experience of non-self-ness we may encounter in meditation-- in which we become aware that the part of our awareness/consciousness we identify as “the self” is only one aspect of our existence-- a greater, “impersonal” awareness. for many practitioners i understand that this involves a sense of transcendence of the body, but for me it seems to manifest as an embeddedness in-the-physical or in-the-world, an embodiment. & the more i practice, the more this state becomes available in my life, unfolding in those moments when suddenly the centrality of self falls away & i experience myself as part of the world, part of a timeless energetic unity.
it does seem a polarity to the closed-inward, disembodied/dissociated mind (always struggling against time) that is my usual state. but i can only ever create the conditions for this “non-self” experience; i cannot bring it about via will.

sorry for lack of comprehensibility, lost to insomnia. though trying to find words is an interesting challenge


That’s part of what I was wondering about with OP. I’ve gotten best results with physical Se/practices as far as feeling calm, connected and closer to a state of flow. What practices do you do @liminal -seated meditation? if you’re INFP, I can see how breath focused meditation might be Te.

Was talking with my ENTP friend about it too. She attends Catholic church weekly and says rosary as a practice. It seems sort of out of character for her, but she says she finds it very calming. Si was one I thought seemed strange as a transcendent practice, but maybe these traditional rituals can be.


I had to think about this one and why purpose and goals might be Ni rather than Ti/Ti.

Like an underlying map connecting everything that you can keep yourself and Se oriented with? Are there practices or things you do to activate this function?


Your wife’s Ne sounds charming. Sounds like it’s pretty spontaneous and subconscious, such is Ne I suppose.


I think I might do something similar, but more annoying with Se/Te- crisis, ultra-bossy move move move fix fix fix mode, generally I’m more laid back and contemplative.


because Ni is future oriented and asks why
so that sounds like purpose to me
or at least that’s how it works.

not so much connecting everything,
I don’t think that’s how it works for me at least.

i often used to think 'what’s the reason to live? why am I here?'
not because I was depressed or anything.
walking in the nature often made me think of my own existence and meaning of it.

that’s when I found God and decided to live in harmony with his guidance.
I was 9 at that time and didn’t know how to read well, but it felt like universe was telling me what to do. guiding me.
it was like a conscience that was beyond my own.

like strong spiritual force telling me if I’m doing something wrong.
and I didn’t know any doctrines or were into any religion at that time.

and later i found out many things that I was taught by nature was in the Bible.
‘oh shit, I literally knew this before I read it!’


I think you’re INFP


yeah, sacred texts can certainly spark epiphanies, and I can see how reading and interpreting them (as well as philosophy) for yourself, rather than looking to experts or authority figures to tell you what it means, is Ni.


I’m not sure if I’m a runner or not, on and off thing, but training for a 10K end of month right now since a friend talked me into it. I think zoning out and running is pretty grounding for people too much in our head as well as a natural sport for introverts.

Kids still young? No wonder you’re tired :grinning: Kids are great teachers of living spontaneously and authentically; mine are growing up, every stage brings something new. Jung did teach that we benefit from working with shadow functions and even our own inner darkness. I think all the functions are valuable and there’s no hierarchy of which is best. It’s interesting to me how different practices, spiritual and otherwise, work for different people and was wondering for myself if there’s a pattern to this that correlates to MBTI. I’m certainly not an expert in any of it, but have gotten a lot from Blake’s articles. The one called Play INFJ (something like that) seems like good advice even for non-INFJs (which you could be too, I don’t know).:relaxed:


Uhhhhh…how do I use Ti??? Looolllololll :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It means I flirt with learning programming every now and then I guess…but I never do it…


Thanks, Ti seems like an odd one for a transcendent function. Do you enjoy learning programming? Do you feel like it soothes/resets your Fe?


Or alternately, perhaps transcendant Ti is more about mental stillness and tranquility, like certain types of Buddhist ideas relating to achieving an “empty mind”?

Not that I have the slightest notion of what that might be like, with my ferociously busy Sagittarius/Gemini brain, but the idea of quiet mental stillness is very appealing, regardless…


Sure, but how would you use Ti to get there? For me, Se is can be sort of a state of flow or short cut to short term samadhi, so the article made sense to me but not sure how it would work for other types. I’ve tried sitting and waiting for my mind to quiet, it’s like waiting for a day with no breeze by the seashore.


Well I never did get around to learning how to program so haa!!

*insert mic drop here :sunglasses: