Thoughts on Hypnotism?


Has anyone ever been hypnotised? Like for treatment or for fun? Can anyone do it? What your thoughts on NLP? Is Derren Brown a FAKE?


Once a flock of gypsies tried to hypnotise me but failed. I don’t know. Maybe I appealed as a poor student for them and they didn’t try properly. Maybe I’m not prone to be hypnotized. Maybe they liked how I friendly pointed out the way towards nearest post office. As I have read lately that’s the most common question to start hypnosis.
My father-in-law is a psychiatrist. And he used hypnosis in his practice for treating addictions.


Once, in Mexico, by an expatriate, or maybe just another traveler, dunno. It worked for both me and my friend. He became sick as he had been as a child, sweating and miserable. I became angry. It came as a pain in my forearms like all the fury I have ever needed to voice was stored there. I was nineteen. Today my arms hurt all the time, along with the rest of me. Not from then, took some time to get hold of me permanently, but I am now aware of where the pain originates. Stuffed anger for an inability to release control, to suffer the impulse I see in others, that releases them but brings strife. Perhaps healing too, but that is less visible, or so it seems to me. That energy has to go somewhere. Neither in nor out is without pain.
I find it cosmically appropriate that my friend, ESTP, became helpless and afraid and I knew fury. It was directed at my mother during hypnosis. One of two guesses why is that she as mother was a controlling factor for a person that does not like to be controlled or suppressed, even as a very small child. Teaching me appropriate Fe.

By nineteen, I’d had the chance to be angry with others but it culminated in my mother who I am pretty sure is ENFJ. When it is said that ENFJ are angry, I know too well what that feels like. So the other thing to consider is that I am an empath, and it may not have been my anger… or hardly at all. And that may well also be the case now. Much of it is not mine. I look back at myself, and most of the times I have been really angry was when I was with someone else that was angry, whether they showed it or not. I don’t usually feel like an angry person on my own. It takes some doing to get me angry, like being a really selfish user asshole [It does happen, I am not blaming all anger on others]. Otherwise it doesn’t stay except as pain, though I seem to have buttons that bring whoever’s it is to the surface. Because when it does surface, it can sometimes feel foreign, residual more than something of my own. And it has done no good to keep hers or anyone’s or mine, because there is always more to be had. Taking it in, keeping it in… there is no end. And throwing it about as people do, just creates more pain and more anger. Perfect. Lovely world. Lovely. Awesome design. More on my cynical views another time, maybe.
I am still having a helluva time sharing, but you stayed, so…
And this feels like Deja Vu, so I either posted about this before or tried and didn’t. I can never be sure because my memory is bad and I often spend 45+ minutes perfecting something only to delete and walk away.
I would try hypnotism again. I think it can be useful. I don’t know about your other two questions. NLP sounds familiar? but I’d have to look it up and I have run out of time.

I much prefer your humorous take on this @Irene.


God, @TinyYellowTree, that sounds striking. Thanks for not deleting this story. I get you with your constant editing and deleting)) That’s my typical behavior here and elsewhere. Language issues prevent me from being very talkative also :grinning:
But… have you both asked him to do hypnosis? Or you haven’t even suspected this?


I don’t remember how we came to be there. My friend found him I think, probably just talking, cause he liked to talk. I think it was just offered and he had me join. ESTP was charming, probably just talked himself into an experience. I don’t think we paid anything. Being Mexico in someone’s living room, we went under at the same time as far as I remember. He reacted far more obviously than I did, literally sweating and shaking. Now that I think about it, I think the guy woke me because my friend was not doing well.
I’m not sure what you mean about not suspecting this?


I mean, you haven’t asked him for hypnosis.


Probs, but not me. Haven’t tried it.

Maybe. But it seems there is a specific type of person that is susceptible to it. (?)

Why is this topic interesting to you? You wanna hypnotize your tinder dates? Or you want to get hypnotized? Have you been? What say, you phantom conversation starter you?


I was hypnotized when I was a child because I had a deep cavity in a tooth, and the dentists didn’t have Novocaine in those days. So, he put headphones on me, and a voice was telling the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Now, I was probably 10 years old, which is too old to be interested in that story. However, the headphones were also making a sound that he told me was “white noise,” like the hissing of rain, surf, or wind. I listened to that story, and he drilled down to the root of my tooth, and I felt no pain. In fact, I remember being annoyed when he finished doing the filling and took off my headphones before the story ended!

So, hypnotism is real. It works. But why?

First of all, I am impressionable. I have an open door in my mind. You have to trust the process, and you have to want it to succeed.

Secondly, they chose the right method for me: I love sounds. Rain, wind, streams, surf, birds, frogs, crickets. Also machinery – like diesel or steam engines – low-frequency drones with repeating noises on top, similar to percussion. Also I love (and make) electronic music. And I especially enjoy listening to soundwaves that go in and out of phase (the way some Tibetan monks can sing).

Perhaps the headphones employed a number of these sounds. I willingly allowed it to take over my brain. It was quite pleasant and relaxing, like deep meditation.

I’ve seen people put under hypnosis for entertainment purposes, and I would never subject myself to public scrutiny that way.


We did want to by hypnotized and said so, and were open to it. It wasn’t like he could do it without our cooperation. We lay down on rugs and followed his voice.


Yes, this.

Though drills, yikes!!!


Yikes, I know. But I swear, I didn’t feel any pain!


I do frequently try embedded commands. Will start anchoring on the next date.


Are these several questions one by one that demand positive answers?


You can give negative answers.


Positive or negative but they should be the same in a row?


My father did his PhD and postdoctoral at Harvard university in psychology by hypnosis for pregnant women who went into labor earlier than they should have,
and had successful results.
He told me once about a woman who considered the possibility of naming the baby by my father’s name!
His name means life, like Liev Schreiber.


I’m confused. Is this some deep meta-NLP stuff you’re pulling on me?


Lol, I haven’t noticed that my questions were so NLP-like.


Absolute madman!