Thoughts on Hypnotism?


I have no first hand experience, but Scott Adams (the Dilbert guy) in his book How To Fail At Everything and Still Win Big says some very interesting things about hynoptism, being a trained hypnotist.


For some reason I missed this thread when it was first posted. Which is kinda ironic, since I actually do know quite a lot about hypnotism.

I’m a fully trained NLP practitioner, and on top of that my NLP trainer started out as a hypnotherapist before discovering NLP himself, so he was particularly strong and experienced with the hypnotic techniques that form part of NLP.

I strongly suspect that he is also an INFJ, which is also said to be Derren Brown’s MBTI type. This is surely no coincidence as the INFJ typological stack probably makes us the most naturally attuned to the language of the subconcious mind and its mysterious workings.


There’s a strong correlation between Ni and hypnotic states too. In fact, I’m of the opinion that one cannot access Ni without entering a hypnotic state to some degree. One of the more intriguing learnings from my own NLP training was just how easily and frequently I am able to dip in and out of light hypnotic states. I had not even realised this was what I do until it was pointed out to me by a number of highly trained NLP practitioners.

Firstly, this makes it almost impossible to hypnotise me against my will, as I am quick to recognise the subtle signs that this may be happening and can choose to shake off the effects and return to “normal” consciousness.

Secondly, I am able to easily and effortlessly guide others into hypnotic states and have probably been unintentionally doing this my whole life. The first time I attempted a hypnotic induction on a fellow trainee, I sent him so deeply into trance that he had no memory of it whatsoever once I brought him out of it!

I was immensely surprised when he told me that, as up until then I just assumed that he had entered the sort of light, semi-conscious state that is so familiar to my own INFJ mind.