Timothée Chalamet Type

Anyone seen The King yet?

Timothée Chalamet as king Henry v watchable and made me watch some of his other recent movies:

Call Me By Your Name

Miss Stevens

Hot Summer Nights. Yet to watch Beautiful Boy. Might watch Lady Bird Again. That was good. Saoirse Ronan’s good.

Couple of non movie interview style clips -

Thoughts on type?

I’m getting ENFP for some reason just from watching these videos.

Oo interesting, I hadn’t considered ENFP. I was thinking along the lines of more introverted INFP/INFJ/ENFJ. I dunno, he seems very sweet with a sinister sensuality running through him which is confusing me, lol.

At first I thought INFP, then I watched some of the Emma Stone video and thought, never mind, ENFP lol. But, me personally, I don’t see a sinister bone in this guy’s body lol.

Ah! No not sinister, sinuey -sinuous- lol! That was autocorrect, hadn’t checked my post before posting. No, I agree no sinister-ness at all!

And I meant sinuey in a positive way, just cos he’s so skinny and lythe! Not gonna check my spelling.

I’m also quite sinewy and lithe, but I’m glad you think that’s positive :grin:

:laughing: yup, guess it’s how you use it that counts!

Just catching up on your vids on other thread, pretty funny stuff :+1:

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Thank you! Lol I appreciate that

Also, extra brownie points if you ‘pony nudge’ à la Tim along with you lytheness. Something very endearing about that.

Hmm I’ve never heard that expression. What does that mean exactly?

In the Graham Norton clip Saoirse said he was like a horse or pony cos he does that thing they do where they nudge you with their head.

Ooooh lol I do more of a head bang than a head nudge :joy: