Tony Robbins: Te or Fe dominance?

<Moderator’s preface to Lunar’s post: Tony Robbins has been typed as E3 ENFJ (1)(2) by Blake, but is he really ENFJ? Or is he an ENTJ? How do we differentiate between Te & Fe dominance in ENxJs? Read the discussion below! >

It’s pretty terrifying to post after recent history that I created out of my own doing (I’ve done the work I had to do though).

But I’m just here to learn so I think of this as “picking brains on the internet” (yikes). I will be disciplined about why I’m here.

Here is a link to Tony Robbins helping a depressed man:

I’ve been looking at him lately and wondering if he has Te or Fe.

He has a lot of empathy, as in this video. If you think of entj as your typical shark, then guess he can’t be entj. But I’ve been listening to the things he says in the million interviews and they seem to have a lot of practicality. Practical, worldly solutions. And the places he tries to get people to are your typical Te considerations. Te notions of success. Not sure why I picture enfjs more mum on what people should actually do to fix their lives in the sense that enfjs seem to have a more nuanced approach and what would look fucked up by Te standards could be just fine by an enfj.

On the other hand, an enfj that is on would have this charismatic influence they could pour into you if they wished. Is it the intense influence that conveys enfj. The deep caring??

How can we tell if it’s Te or Fe? I get confused between the two. I’ve seen the emo intensity an intj can have, but wonder if an entj can have that too, or that’s just too upside down with Fi inferior.

With whole typing, you could just say, but Tony Robbins is not a shark. Done. Must be enfj not entj. But whole typing doesn’t work for me (I don’t see the whole type).

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts to add.
Done for now.


well almost done for now.

found this on

"Others, decide to bounce back with such positivity and optimism and become the self-help gurus to end all other self-help gurus. Tony Robbins comes to mind. These ENFJs are likely to be superhumanly positive and resilient. "

So I wonder if him getting all in this guy’s face would be an example of “monster in reverse”. If you think of enfj monster as the monster enjoying guarding the gates of hell. You’ve got this guy on the precipice. And Tony Robbins is literally looking like a giant monster and telling him to turn back.
Hmmm. That sort of works.

Weird and cool. But um. Brain.

Now done. Just still curious if there is a way to see this is Fe.

With the little I know of him I think he is Fe dom with good use of Te as role function. When I say “role function” I mean the 8th function seamlessly supports the dominant function and kind of shines through as a foundation, but isn’t being consciously manipulated. I’d need to watch more to be sure tho.

Glad you’re back to posting, and that you’ve worked through what you needed to. I hope you know you are very brave. You voiced some undercurrents here that were long overdue to be heard, and the way they were addressed made the nature of the situation very clear. Overall, I think what you started was a net positive for the community, the new shape is just still settling.

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That makes sense.

Was brainstorming for reasons that point to Fe versus Te. He is very effusive which seems a bit much for entj.

In his workshops he treats people like their personal stuff is everyone’s business which I guess Fi would have trouble doing. Lessons for everyone to be extracted from everyone’s pain. I don’t know if that’s Fe but it’s not Fi.

I know it’s probably a mistake to try to do functions separately like that.

What @batshitty said!

One thing I’ve learned from years of typewatching is the ways in which the two introverted judging functions (Fi and, perhaps a little surprisingly, Ti) often serve as a moral/ethical compass for both individuals and communities. This also applies to any MBTI type who is sufficiently attuned to or proficient with one or both functions.

In practice though, the role of group conscience usually falls to IXFPs or IXTPs, whose dominant orientation to Fi or Ti doesn’t afford them the luxury of ignoring the “inconvenient truth”.

Which is kind of ironic really, as many introverted judging types prefer to keep a low profile and operate quietly “behind the scenes”…

Tony Robbins looks like someone who could appeal/relate to almost anybody. Just thoughts.

As for Tony Robbins, I agree that ENFJ is a good fit.

Robbins practically shines with the hallmark ENFJ energy, charisma and concern for others. The latter quality strikes me as genuine; Robbins has stayed consistent to his original mission to help others improve their lives for many years.

I know a few folk in self-help circles who have attended some of his high-power training sessions. They all report more or less the same thing: the man is a dynamo of positivity who is exactly as his PR paints him to be (a rare thing in our current age of spin and “snake-oil” salesmen). His charisma is sufficient to inflame an entire stadium of devotees with enough positive mojo to light up a small city for several days…

Even though huge crowds and relentless Rah-rah positivity aren’t really my thing, I would probably attend one of his sessions out of sheer curiosity, should he ever make it to NZ.

A couple of years ago, I discovered his website and now receive a regular torrent of email messages and articles from the Robbins school of self development. Much of it is too stereotypically American and overblown for my British sensibilities, but I can’t bring myself to unsubscribe simply because, hidden amongst all the flim-flam and hype, are some genuine pearls of wisdom in his writings and insights.

Robbins is also incredibly generous (as only the super-rich can afford to be, but that may be just my inner cynic talking). During the COVID-19 crisis, he has risen to the occasion and served up a huge amount of material to help support people through these tough times, much of it completely free.

The less-cynical part of me believes that Robbins has probably made a positive difference to the lives of many, many people over the years, and that’s hard to criticise!

I have the same impression. He wrote a finances book recently because he was upset that the culprits were bailed out. All the proceeds go toward feeding people.

I think his emphasis on how he “creates” who he is seems very Ni. He said as much in an interview that he had to create Tony Robbins because he used to have a really tough childhood.

And then he has a wet effusive dog quality that seems ENF.

The way I think he wouldn’t be entj is that even though entj can be good with people, they have a lopsided heaviness to them which makes them clumsy. Tony Robbins isn’t clumsy and he can be seen interacting with all sorts of people and he is able to establish rapport effortlessly.

I’m impressed by his organizational abilities.

The only way I can think of just comparing Fe and Te is that Te is lopsided against Fi.

Fe is also the shape-shifting function par excellence, especially when allied to dominant or auxiliary Ni. Perhaps the Fe/Ti combo leads to a more fluid and transient sense of self than Te/Fi?

Many NFJ types do seem to share the peculiar ability to re-invent ourselves on a regular basis. This can be in small ways, such as subtly modifying our personas to better reflect and relate to the people around us. But our go-to strategy for bouncing back from life’s crises is firstly to reevaluate our fundamental priorities (and make any necessary adjustments) and then secondly to give our entire personalities a dramatic makeover to better match our renewed perspective.

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