Type Comey and Mueller! :0 FBI intrigues!


Just finished reading this article about ex-FBI directors Comey and Mueller (Comey recently fires for not dropping the Russia-Trump investigation, and Mueller recently appointed as new investigator). The article details their relationship and some of their achievements.

I am thinking that Jim Comey is perhaps INTJ, forward looking with his own brand of integrity but tactical and therefore seems shady, and Bob Muellor is maybe ISTJ, very straight-laced and black-white thinking with huge moral backbone.

I just really liked the heavy documentation culture that both take up. A couple of nerds hard at work. I’ll get to quoting interesting article parts later!


I’m a bit enamored with James Comey myself. I read last I night of an associate saying Comey had had reservations about another person who is now involved, someone Comey said he respected and hadn’t seen anything sketchy from. But Comey said “but he’s a survivor, and you don’t survive without making some compromises.”

I’m intrigued by the idea of a guy who potentially hasn’t made a ton of ethical compromises. I suspect if he hasn’t that he feels like he had a pretty fucking good run.

I also suspect he’s an intuitive because I think he conducts his business without a lot of ethical judgement. Like I guess I would say he seems interested in doing his job and that he isn’t all that moralistic. Like the kind of guy who would say “trump can’t be said to be reckless with classified information the way Clinton can. Because trump is the declassifier. Clinton was not.” And actually genuinely believe it.

Why do I feel like sensors are more judgemental? That’s probably not true. Huh. Maybe it is. Maybe intuitives are more likely systems thinkers and thus more cautious assigning ethical fault.

Like, I would enjoy being a defense attorney because I would enjoy trying to defend anybody and find the optimal scenario for any client, regardless of how guilty they are. I think it’s a super important part of a functioning society to have attorneys defending the guilty and the innocent. And I can imagine working with prosecutors who are the Comey type who may be like, in the backroom making some deal and like obviously not morally wrapped up in the crime, just determined to land at the optimal spot for their side. I’d love working with a prosecutor like that.


Oh, I think he was talking about Rosenstein, the new uhh… deputy AG was it?
People seem to vouch for his goodness despite his position and “letter” about Comey that Trump used to throw Rosenstein under the bus for. Ros did appoint Mueller in the end after all, so maybe there is some play happening.

Yeah, SJ-types tend to be fairly moralistic because they hold tradition in high regard. NT tend to be a bit looser or at least more machiavellan when it comes to applying “best practice” , weighing the pros and cons more. But that’s what makes them get stamped for being shady instead of upright lol. I mean, how many times have people kept nailing Hillary Clinton on defending a sex offender even though that was her job?

I have been asleep for a few hours so I wonder what hijinx has transpired since then lol. So many news drops happened today that I keep reading instead f sleeping or getting other things done.


I like Comey’s integrity. But he favored proving his non biased values over confidence in making the right decision. But I love how, during the Russia hearing, the committee tried to trick him into showing biased views, but instead they got frustrated and flustered with him because he wouldn’t. Lol. I agree with the Intj typing of him @Prax. Don’t know of Mueller too well to type him.


What do you guys make of this Julian Assange? Mbti type?