Type my wife! What is an ISFP anyway!


What!!! Your wife not intp but isfp??? Wow those are so different !

Hey I can help you out here!!!

I am married to an intp. I will come up with some questions:) Tonight.

In which I ask Erika at least one question

lunarrrrrrrrrrr!! thank you!!!

from what Blake told me,

ISFPs can also come off cold to other people . and they don’t have time for emotional bullshit.

so. if that’s true… then i do have my finger on ISFP as well.

yes! please ask so i can validate what the heck my wife’s type is!

i can’t believe i don’t know my closest person’s mbtype… XD


That happens. I didn’t know my sister was isfj till recently. It finally clicked. Erika’s open nature was so educational I realized my sister couldn’t be enfj. It fell into place quietly and gradually. There was no aha moment…more like a delayed after the fact wonder.


Sometimes the fits are partial but once you’ve got the right fit will account for a really wide variety of observations.


My wife extroverts whatever she wants to, whenever she wants to. I would say that Fi dominance is more like every other function in every other attitude than it is like Fe. Haha. So that’s why I like to think in terms of those axis ideas. Fi experiences external reality as a reflection of its internal sense of ethics.

from my vantage point, my wife seems “needlessly” pessimistic. Experiences life in the negative. Notices What is missing. She communicates with her body things that she denies flatly when asked because she is defensive about being pinned down on something. She dislikes talking about how she feels more than anything. In negotiations, she’s zero sum. If wanting to sell a widget for $1000, and the buyer opens by offering $1500, my wife would counter at $2000, and if the buyer said he wouldn’t budge from $1500, she would probably walk away.

She creates art that is beautiful and marketable.


This sounds a lot like my ISFP family member, so yeah, if your wife is like this, @supernocturnal , it’s ISFP. (my family member had ALSO gotten INTP on one of those online mbti tests before I started typing her myself… lol).

But yeah, often our loved ones take the longest to type because we don’t see them as objectively due to being able to see all their nuances over long time periods. It just kind of blurs together sometimes.


How does isfp get intp??? :slight_smile:


I think because when they take online tests, they choose answers they think are “right” instead of what they actually feel. haha.

So if it’s like “I look at things logically and decide the pros and cons before making a decision” they probably pick “I STRONGLY AGREE!” instead of… in reality, they are guided more by their emotions on their decisions. Like they agree, but… it’s not what they actually do…
It’s like they pick what they aspire to (Te) instead of reality (Fi) maybe! This is how I one time got INFP? I aspired to be more moral and kind and doubted my logical capabilities so it bumped up my functions in the wrong directions! But maybe I am INFP after all, lunar… ;D


hmmmm… it doesn’t really ‘sound like’ my wife.

i made her take the test again the other day, and she got 49% Thinking. 51% Feeling.

and she’s enneagram 9w1.
so she doesn’t have a ‘clear’ identity.
she’s very go with the flow type.

i feel like i can kinda mold her into whatever i want her to be.
but still keeping her ‘self’.

she’s like IXXP.

anything can happen in the middle.

she NEVER annoys me. which is amazing for a human being. hahahha

i thought she was INTP because the ones i know, are pretty easy-going and always in their head thinking.

but i’m starting to discard INTP because she doesn’t like to do research like a typical INTP would.

when Blake first said she’s an XSFP is when he looked at her pictures.

me: you don’t think i made her come out of her shell and made her this bright?
Blake: no way you can make INTP this way. she doesn’t look like INTP at all.
me: she’s a product of my work! i made her this way!
Blake: no fucking way man!


but IF she is ISFP, it’s very unlike the others. because of maybe her being assertive?

idk… and thread is going off topic…


did you really get INFP as a result?

you must’ve been drunk XD


can u post a pic of her for just 1 minute:)?


Isfp can be super assertive. They are assertive when any Fe user would not be–when the rules of the room say not to be. The rules of the room are oppressive, and it’s not family it’s a bunch of strangers, so why would she ever give a shit what they think of her? Isfp makes decisions without regard to external rules. They know they are naturally ethical and moral and right so why argue it to anybody? Just do the thing. It’s gonna be the right thing.

Which often to me looks like lying. Like a lot of inaccuracy in retelling events and total inaccuracy in describing trends.


so why would she ever give a shit what they think of her?

ohhhhhhh shoot. this is actually accurate.
because she really don’t give a single fxkk about people.
like… i care a ‘little’ bit about people. but she really don’t.
ISFPs are like this? wow…

" Like a lot of inaccuracy in retelling events and total inaccuracy in describing trends."
any examples for this?


okay quick delete:)

first instinct is not intp.

and believe it or not she reminds me of someone i knew who got intp and i ended up thinking isfp:) i had forgotten about that!!!


I was probably sleep deprived drunk, as usual!

Wendy: omg
Wendy: just looking at super’s wife I know RIGHT AWAY she is not intp
Wendy: no intp would look like that EVER
Prax: but he said he MOLDED HER
Prax: yeah, that aint’ shady at all super
Prax: you keep tellign me you not shady but
Wendy: isfp are easily molded though
Wendy: so if she is isfp, it is really nice and good that she fell into the clutches of super
Wendy: and since he is kinda exciting she will probably love him forever
Wendy: this is also why they can have sex on the daily
Wendy: i don’t think intp could do this
Wendy: at all
Prax: i will write this wendy response to him
Wendy: fix my typos
Wendy: I am really heartwarmed. isfp can be so unhappy and kinda useless and inert and be really dark and needly but he has in fact probably helped to offset or diminish a lot of the negative trends isfp can tend to. she looks very happy in those photos. that’s so nice!


so… definitely not INTP?

why do they come off similar?

sometimes my Se does a trick on me.

i just ‘see’ something and assume that’s who they are sometimes.

very surfaced


Isfp Is not easy to type and does not want to be typed. It’s not an Se weakness of yours.


i can’t tell what facial expression she’s making ,

but that’s a cool background! where is that?


Okie, this is literally too much fun but thread is off topic. I’d truncate it if I knew how.

Is truncate the right word???

So too much fun can’t wait until tonight. This might help you rule out intp.

I have way less confidence than others in visual typing…

But first impression is not intp.

So if these things don’t fit you can rule out intp:

*) will kind of stop the conversation to clear up a definition… (I think isfps probably uh rarely do that?)

**) will be analyzing at all times even more than you can realize. like when you scratch the surface to look, they are analyzing everything, you, others, ideas, movies…

***) can’t watch a movie without analyzing it (not just the plot, but the making of the movie, the manipulation of the movie making, etc)

****) cannot consistently or speedily read your face in the moment and adjust in the moment. slow to comprehend your feelings. appears to use logic to define feelings then be able to deal with feelings

*****) cannot consistently take care of how they look and dress, house maintenance, bills, that kind of thing

******) will think “warm” thoughts about others and get confused and think that they shared the nice thoughts

*******) lost in the mind at times…(a bit like a professor)

So @supernocturnal ? what do ya think?


Okay removed my own posted pic. I’ll post one of eyes only a little later, pretty interesting I think


yes! let’s compare our wives! hahahahahhaha