Type this guy: Michael Moschen

Saw this last night and my mind was blown. This must be SO HARD to do

I see INTP and ISFP as flash first impressions. Been thinking a lot about the Se/Si dynamics, would love to hear others thoughts.

Apparently he gives an in-depth talk on the physical processes involved, gonna watch and will post later.

That link is not taking me to anyone specific.

Sorry I’m on my phone rn and I’m bad at it. Will try to fix hold please

I am wondering if this is Si over Se? There is something to the memory and repetitiveness that lends that impression, but dunno. I am going to have to watch an interview with him.

I just need to have an opinion. It’s in the air.
First impression from the performance video: INFJ. Skimming through an interview, the impression was confirmed. His smile reminds me of @Stewart
Don’t ask for reasons, just obsessed with visual typing atm, but I think the INFJ database is pretty solid. My monkey brain can’t spend more than 20 seconds on it nowadays. :woman_facepalming:

edit: Maybe ENFP rising?
Someone please make me shut up. PLEASE.

I’m a mess with visual typing, really don’t trust my skill with it at all. Don’t trust my typing skill much in general, beyond glimpsing certain functions. BUT any of the N doms would be hard for me to see as possibilities due to high level of sensory skill. Can low S be developed, or at least circumvented, to this degree?

Here’s the ted talk. It’s a little tedious for those with short attention spans (I watched it during dinner) but he does get into how he interacts with objects and build skills. There’s a bit around the 21 minute mark that feels useful for diagnosing S.

He has pretty good Fe. A little cheesy.

Yeah that’s why what’s I was thinking! Specifically tertiary Si with really developed Se superego. The whole thing feels very Ne to me, the spatial awareness.

It gets me wondering about Si id tho, how it manifests. I’ve thought about that a lot before but I didn’t get very far (in understanding).

I really wish I had clearer thoughts. I know it can look sensory-based, but it’s an art form. He speaks about it in abstract terms, interested in the process, “I want to explore skill”, “visual music”, etc.
I don’t have the time right now, but I’ll come back and watch more. Regardless of type, I’m intrigued. :slight_smile:

Yeah I see what you mean, I’ve been grappling with it too. I think it’s an Ne thing? Would love to hear your thoughts whenever you get to it.

So this is weird, but watching him in an interview, he reminded me of John Malkovich. Very strongly. They way his eyes moved when he was thinking. It was not that long ago I was watching an interview with Malkovich.
Earlier, watching an interview in bed before getting up, I was thinking he felt like a thinker. I was considering the possibility of ISTJ. But then some of his photos make me think of an ENFP.
I so don’t know, lol. Feel like I am scrapping a bunch of notions and opening wider of late. Patience. Patience.

Ok, I went back and watched the videos properly.
He’s obviously very skilled, but what I find even more remarkable about what he’s doing is the flow, the ability to take the spectator along on his journey. It’s not about the skill, as I would expect it to be the case with ISxP types, where the actions speak for themselves.
He’s talking about “creating something representational of a moment”. He seems genuinely invested in making the public understand his process and he is a very good teacher (Fe-Ti): “let me put you in that area of learning that is very insecure”, making jokes etc. not because he needs the people to like or to validate him, but because he wants to create a pleasant experience for them. Damn, he got me watching an hour worth of talks about juggling and I can tell you I don’t care about that stuff!

I think we can agree it’s intuition. Now, he uses the word “exploration” frequently and I can see why that could be seen as Ne. However, the impression I get from him is one of control. Isn’t juggling a controlled mess? I’d say what he’s doing is rather an “experimentation”. He’s playing with space, rhythm and movement, but the purpose is to deconstruct it all so that he can understand the patterns (Ni) and express them through his artwork (Fe).

Now I don’t know what to say about Ne art, but I’d assume it happens more accidentally, you go with the flow and see where it takes you. Ne doesn’t have a vision or a goal and it needs total freedom. Trying to control it would shut it off. Maybe that’s more specific to Ne in the auxiliary, but I think it still applies to all NPs to some extent.

Oh no no no, Ne is like a restless blind person constantly bumping into objects and figuring out space from there, more or less. :grin:

Now I know we can turn this talk about types and functions around in all possible ways and the things I just said are totally subjective. It’s not like I observed the pieces who led me to INFJ. I saw INFJ first and now I’m just trying explain it. You can call it confirmation bias, but sometimes it just feels right, the type seems to fit and there’s clarity despite all the possibilities. It seems to come with experience, gathering enough instances of a given type that one is able to see that something that is there despite all the differences. I see this especially with INFJs, there are some of them who can seem worlds apart and yet they are so similar. I think this “professor-like” demeanour is one of the patterns that stands out. Maybe I’m totally off, but this is what I’m seeing for now.

I decided to embrace the subjectivity of typing (not like I have a choice anyway) and I think visual typing is helpful in reminding me to think in terms of the archetypes/whole typing first, despite the haphazard mess that it can become. For some reason, I find pictures very helpful for being able to see still all sorts of expressions, without the noise of the straying impressions. I also like watching interviews where I can see someone interact with other people, it says so much more. Maybe it’s better to just focus on sun types, for now. I decided I’ll look at moon and rising types only for people that I know well. It makes more sense. Even when the rising is tempting, in your face and so damn annoying! :unamused:

I also think he’s INFJ! :upside_down_face:
But I should really, really follow your example and keep the possibilities open!
Well, the answer usually comes anyway. Sometimes it manifests itself and some other times it comes after bumping my head against the door. As long as it still opens…

It’s Se, supported by Ni.

Operating at this level of dexterity requires absolute present moment awareness to track the position of the balls and place one’s hands and body in the right positions just ahead of the balls movement.

It’s a deeply meditative process to perform this type of physical magic, so Ni is also involved; to calm the mind and anticipate the next move.

For this reason, it’s not unheard of for INJ types to be able to pull this off. I’ve learned a few neat tricks over the years to access the higher levels of my own Se (though nothing like the guy in the video!).

I get huge amounts of pleasure and satisfaction from using my Se skilfully; all the more so because it doesn’t come easily or naturally to me.

That was cool @Nur.

I bet Stewart would have that kind of pleasant vibe, playfully relaying his thoughts like that. There was a part where he (the juggler) talks about how he links to all these disciplines to hone his skill. It’s sort of jovial and light yet integrated explanation. I could sort of picture Stewart talking like that:) his gemini moon maybe:)

Anyhow, I can’t say if that guy is infj lol.

It’s funny because I think Stewart actually stands out among infjs as truly quite light and playful. His writings always have that vibe :slight_smile: no matter how entangled or cuckoo the threads become and so do his profile pics ha.

Hey @Nur, I was going to go on and explain in more detail why Michael Moschen could easily be an INFJ type, but then I scrolled down and read your analysis. You’ve covered everything I wanted to say and more:

This is exactly what Ni-Se-Fe-Ti looks like in a performer. The fact that he’s keen to explain the concepts behind his art, and is very good at explaining his process to others in an entertaining yet informative style is indicative of Ni lead/Fe supporting functions.

As you pointed out, he’s a very good teacher. Many of the Se-skills I referred to earlier (as having developed some facility with) were learned from people just like this. As an INFJ myself, I struggle mightily with learning physical skills without someone to explain to me the internal aspects (mental state, focus of attention, specific visualisations etc).

Once I’ve learned the essential inner aspects to a skill, I then need to closely observe someone putting it into practice a few times. It doesn’t take very long at all before I then feel confident enough to give it a try. After a few attempts, I’ve usually find that I’ve already gained a basic level of proficiency in the skill. Even better is how quickly and effortlessly I’m able to learn new skills by following this process!


We did it again @lunar!

I was typing my comments just as you posted about me…

reminds me a bit of Garfunkel


OK I took it all this in it’s gonna take me a lil bit to sort my thoughts and I want to go look into some things brb

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Well I got sidetracked “looking into some things” so I better just start at the beginning and loop back around later.

My first impressions. INTP wasn’t really based on anything I saw in the (first triangle) video per se, though I can project a little of it. There’s a little bit of Ne in some of the body postures, and the goofy curly hair. It was more a theoretical experiement, trying to test the Ne/Ti impression I got from the mixture of mathematics and rhythm within a specific type stack. I get functional impressions before anything else, rarely whole type impressions, unless I’m visually typing or the person is an obvious example. But I always thought of rhythm as more of an Se thing, which means it can’t be Ne I’m seeing, so hence, could it be Si? “Perfect” Si would be necessary, so tertiary, and not INFP, it was too rigid/structural for INFP. An impression to examine.

ISFP was a visual impression from the way he moves his body. A kind of speaking beyond speaking, a flow and control. I keep coming back to the Christine and the Queens thread, though just an impression, no details. He doesn’t really have the expressive Fi flair tho, just the physical control.

I do get a thinker vibe, though I’m not sure I trust it. It’s in how formal he is, how practical. I think Ti, not Te (though not inhibited Te either), precision and practicality working together. I don’t think ISTJ, but I can get a whiff of it. Something wooden, something off in the Fe. The Fe feels very practiced, not very natural.

Before I get into all the stuff from you @Nur I need to air some thoughts on perception, and where I’m coming from in quantifying the concepts. Open to debate as always. It will help me explain (at least to myself) why I got stuck on Ne. And then the question is not if I am seeing Ne, as all types have all 8 functions, but where, and how can I track the nuances of functional position in future typing.

ANyway, perception. Perception is interaction with being (presence?), where judgement is ordering of being. S functions represent the concrete world/physical plane, where as N functions represent abstract world/imaginal plane (or plane of possibilities). Space/time are defining factors of the experience of being. Extraverted functions deal with time as subject to space (space dominant), where introverted functions deal with space as subject to time (time dominant). Sorry if that is confusing, it is kinda confusing to me too. Another way of putting it is Se/Ne explore the experience of space where Si/Ni explore the experience of time. Subjectivity/objectivity start to specify in the nuances of an individual’s preferred (conscious) and shadow (subconscious) perceptual axis, and their functional placement. SO VAUGE ah sorry please lmk if this makes sense. I’ve hobbled this idea together through my very meandering study of MBTI. Meant to read Blake’s article on perception functions to see if how I conceptualize it holds any water over here, but I’m logged out and for some reason that was enough of barrier for me to get distracted. I shall revisit before the next round.

To be more specific, Ne=abstract (the idea of)/objective (existing as-is) space as quantified by Si=concrete (in the body)/subjective (personal experience of) time. Okay, starting to confuse myself by wanting to dig in and fragment more, I’ll stop there. The point is, I was asking myself “Is the conscious interaction I’m seeing engaging space as an abstract, or as a concrete?” It’s easier to start with space than with time, cause time is just more wiggly to me in general.

After all of that, I have to agree that I am seeing Se/Ni. The space is concrete. Literally concrete, an actual fucking huge triangle. The time is abstract, flexible, being manipulated. Still see Ti rhythm. Hell, still even see Ne, but pretty certain it is in shadow at this point. So that brings me to your INFJ assertion, and Stewarts perceptions.

Insert page break, long breath.