Types Who Will Have a Great 2017


Found this gem at the antique shop. Got me to thinking… what types do you guys think are constructed to do well in today’s world? And, of course, you have to say WHY.


Wow I’m having a weird response to this. Is this supposed to be satirical? Is this like 1963 Onion?

Sometimes I am bad at recognizing humor because everything to me is possible real perspective.

What's your enneagram?

I don’t know how to answer this because it depends on what “doing well” means. If making lots of money is doing well, then definitely STs are constructed to do well.


I find it a charming and old fashioned way of saying if you’re not too self-absorbed and do some things to help others out without making a big deal over it, you’ll make your own life richer and more fulfilling too. It could be any type, we all have different abilities and can complement each other.