Unable to access the site


I get this error:

Access denied. Your IP address [] is blacklisted. If you feel this is in error please contact your hosting providers abuse department

I think it might be something to do with my IP being blocked by wherever stellarmaze is hosted?

Or is it from my side?


how did you comment just now but you got this message?

oh btw, I took your advice and created a topic for INXJ if you haven’t realized


I mean I’m unable to access: https://www.stellarmaze.com/

Yes, I did see it!.. and the discussions it spawned, haha. But I only re-subscribed a couple of days back…


would like to hear your thoughts! on everything. hahah


Can you take a screenshot of what you see when you try to access?
I can’t really do anything, but @Blake might have to show it to his webhost.


Hi Spice,

I’ve opened a support ticket with my website security provider regarding this issue. We’ll see what they say.

Also, are you still having this problem?

One user reported this happening before, but then it resolved itself of it’s own accord.


Hi Blake,
yes it seems to have resolved, works now.


Cool. Glad to hear it.


Since this morning I’ve been getting the same error as well, I’m unable to access the main site on both my phone and computer. Is there a way to resolve it? Does anyone know why this happens?


It happens because Bluehost (the host of Stellar Maze) keeps performing unscheduled maintenance on the server and/or they keep needing to whitelist the IP addresses of my security provider’s firewall, which all web traffic to Stellar Maze goes through first.

Personally, I find it infuriating as I’m the one who has to deal with resolving it.

No one can access the site and it gives a dumb error message that people misinterpret as thinking I have personally blacklisted them from the site which is not at all true.


It looks like the site is accessible again. Confirm if you have access.


I have access again, thank you :smiley: