Using Tarot explore synchronicity and introverted intuition


I will probably disappear for a bit as my subscription lapsed, but wanted to plug this really gorgeous application for tarot on iOS.

I’ve been using it a while and doing an exercise to introduce myself to Tarot and, I think, to introverted intuition, which is just trying to focus on one card each day and then noting patterns through the day that play out in a context that has sharper clarity on account of the themes of that card.

It’s been powerful for me and has also helped me understand how astrology can be powerful too.

It’s powerful because it tells me that “reality is principally of your own making, in accordance with the patterns you follow and the meaning you choose to ascribe them.”

It’s powerful because it reminds me that there are 70+ different ways to thematically understand a plan, an event, an experience, a challenge, or a choice, and there are–it follows–therefore infinite valuable perspectives on a single object/space; it’s taught me already that there is a quality and value to noticing these things and it has taught me there is additional value to keeping them private. Because they sprout kinda slowly.

A couple of examples of how I have been doing this, and keep in mind I’m a beginner so if you know a lot more about tarot it might seem odd or off, but I bet not:

On Monday I drew seven of swords from a physical deck our friend had. We were staying at her house. She is a 45 year old hard lived ESFP.

An image of th meaning per the book I was looking at then:

And now an image from the iOS app I reference at bottom of this post–I did not draw this card digitally and the meaning is given slightly differently but no matter:
Image from the application:

Images of the database I have Been recording synchronicity in:

Some is the things I recorded that day, in the context of the card:

We were housesitting in house that we realized later the friend for whom we were house siting was basically full on Squatting in, a solitary home in an abandoned lot of 70+ homes that was foreclosed on by USBank after the housing crises a decade ago. Our job was to keep the Cats inside so the eagles wouldn’t eat them. But when the bank showed up for the first time since an auction of this property failed, and spent three days removing the overgrown shrubs from the massive region, the hAwks were having a hay day because of increased visibility.

A panaromic of the house where we were squat-sitting

Notice hawk above house

What I loved this day was the way the cArd of the day gave me permission to recognize the danger that does exist, because so often I take a more optimistic route but end up in an undesirable position, flat footed.

This epiphany of real danger I summed up like this (referencing the theme I gave the day, “protect your things”):

It is a dog eat dog world after all.

Speaking of

Day two of tarot week:

I drew

Here’s an image from the app I like. Less traditional but great stuff.

And the images of the day speak for themselves, I don’t need to even paste my thoughts–we were hours away from an 8 hour cruise into the San Juan islands

The day was so full of violence and play.

Here it is chronologically

At Friday harbor being shouted at by her parents to come back from a drop she was peering over:

I might write this month at

If you want to learn a little tarot look this app up.

Her philosophy:


it’s really nice seeing you tapping into spirituality again.

that’s awesome bro

if you need to renew subscription but have negative funds, well. you know the rest :wink:

cuz I would like to see you share more of this


I love tarot! And I’ve been meaning to dive into it again. This is timely–thanks for sharing.



I am tempted to download this app now, but I don’t like my phone being plagues by so many apps.

I used to try out doing tarot readings, but I like them more as a meditative tool to focus on different aspects of things too, much like astrology. I should really dig out my old book where I wrote down the spreads I got. I wonder if any of them “came true” lol.

The cards you get help you seek all these different angles. The cards are generally linked astrologically and elementally too, so you get a whole buffet of permutations to just ponder endlessly on.


I’ve been in the practice of drawing a “Card for the Day” from my Tarot deck for years. It usually works exactly as you describe, highlighting aspects of reality that give you alternate perspectives on the day’s events.

Occasionally, though, the card manifests in a more literal way, and I love it when that happens!