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Since I stink at mbti typing I was looking for references I could use for typing in real life, and I want to verify these with you all because I wouldn’t be surprised if I accidentally thought an isfj was an intp or something else completely wrong…

The video on this forum that started my recent mbti obsession, Vase Face:

Are her labels of everyone correct?? I believe her when she says she’s infj, and the guy in the video above does seem kind of intp, but I really can never say so for sure…







If you got all the way down here…thanks for watching all of these videos :blush:


God, these videos are all fucked up. From the typological perspective, certainly. But, also just from the sheer dumb babbling viewpoint as well. For one thing, go back through all these videos and just fucking count up how many times EACH person in each video says the word “like”.

OK, the girl who does all these videos is cute enough, but, she is all fucked up with even being close to accurate on Myers-Briggs types of herself or her friends.

Starting with the first video (INTP and INFJ), it is patently obvious that the (insufferable) dude in this video is not an INTP. That should be pretty obvious even to someone who has casual acquaintance with the basic functions (like Ti) and how they manifest in a whole type sort of deal.

The guy in the first video is pretty clearly an ENFP. And insufferable. Listening to his bullshit makes me want to kill someone. And how he thinks he’s an INTP. I mean, while the guy is describing himself in the video, it doesn’t match up at all with INTP. And matches up perfectly with ENFP. For example, how he says that he doesn’t really care about what he’s saying just as long as he gets to say it with a smile and keep his friends. All the while, he likes to pretense that he is seeking some form of truth.

And she (Miss Vaseface) is obviously not an INFJ. That much was clear from the first video. But, I think this would be slightly less obvious to the casual observer. I eventually determined through further video watchage that she is an ISFJ. Tricky to type, just like INFJ. There is a certain indefiniteness of impression. I got a whole range of impressions upon watching her in the first video. It went something like this: "um, yeah, not INFJ. OK, what? Hmmmm…INTP, ENFP…no, not quite…hmmm…INFP? Yeah, sort of kind of…um, no…ISFJ…uh, OK, let me watch some more. Cringe.

I’ll briefly go through the remaining videos in a commentary fashion (I watched all these videos almost in their entirety).

2nd vid: ISTP

Guy is definitely not an ISTP. That much is certain. First guess would be INTP. Second guess would be INFP. Beyond that I don’t care. Not an Se aux. thing at all going on with this dude. I couldn’t watch too much of this vid. Got bored by the guy right away. The girl is pretty entertaining in all the videos and I can see why you would like her. However, she knows dick about what she’s talking about.

3rd vid: ENFP

This one may be right. Her best friend may be an ENFP. I’d need to see more of her friend.

4th vid: INTJ

Nay, a thousand times, nay. This fat phlegmatic girl is not an INTJ. Not even close. It was pretty clear just upon looking at the cover of the video she was either an ESFJ or ESTJ. That’s what they look like. Her.

Upon listening to her talk in video, I got the impression she was probaly an ESTJ. And this video was supposed to be an INTJ-INFJ interaction. Not even close. I love how they are talking about Ni as if they both had strong Ni. Not even close. They have no clue what they’re talking about.

5th vid: ESFJ

Dunno what this guy exactly is except to say, yeah, he might be an ESFJ, but, he could also be an ESTJ. I’d have to see more of him and I don’t want to.

6th vid: ISFJ

No, Vase Face is the ISFJ and her roommate is an ISFP. Duh.

7th vid: ENTP

Nope, this dude is definitely not an ENTP. Here is my range of thoughts for him: “ISTP? ESTP? Hmmm…some Se over Ne thing…ISFP?..Hmmm…he might actually be an INFJ…”

At this point, my phone cancelled all the videos and gave me a message saying it was cooling down.

Yeah, me too. Holy shit.


Hmm. I kind of enjoyed listening to him.

I remember thinking that he is a bit “radient” for an intp but did not think it further. The b.s. I attributed to the topic of human interaction lol. And I just figured he wasn’t using Ti in the conversation lol. <----great logic lol. Didn’t question intp:)

He’s got a kind of “squeaky clean” thing going on. When I get the chance I’ll rewatch him. It will be a blast after your comment:)

She reminds me of a mellow entp I know. But I think my entp friend gives off more vibe of unusual thinking, what comes out of her mouth sounds awesomely original.


Ooooh, ENTP, that’s it!

Yeah, I think you’re right lunar. Mellow ENTP.

Gold stars acoming your way!


Pretend that bag of money is full of gold stars.

Or pretend its full of money.

Whichever feels better.


Vase Face girl reminds me of this type of ENTP girl.

This girl is a Scorpio with Capricorn and Virgo in her Sun-Moon-Ascendant positions.

There is definitely something of a similar nature going on in Vase Face girl’s chart. Like Scorpio with some kind of earth placements.

Mellower and more deep and introverted type deal of ENTP.


Yeah. Because she typed herself as infj and made a whole channel it freaks me out to say she is entp lol. But there is a resemblance that it seems you know what I mean. Remember thinking about my mellow entp friend when you said they can be like infj and vice versa, because she is quieter, really lovely company (empathy), she is a counselor (she was in anthropology first). (Edit: Vase Face is getting a masters in counseling.)But she is for sure an entp which is obvious from the lyrics of the songs she writes. So then I was wondering is Vase Face an entp passing for infj or an infj that looks entp.


Yeah, well she ain’t an INFJ.

And the funny thing is (ironic) that the guy in the last video @iamrl submitted does seem upon further inspection to be an INFJ male.

So, she got it switched around. She’s the ENTP and he’s the INFJ.

Below is the video I looked at to find out more about the guy in the 7th video (who was the most interesting to me).

So, Face Vase girl does two more videos with him (in addition to the one in the car).

Here’s one of those videos. This dude is an INFJ. And she’s an ENTP like you said lunar.

And they have chemistry. They have that kind of long-term “over time” chemistry. Because in the 7th video she was describing how at first she didn’t get him. That’s how INFJ-ENTP relations go. At first it’s a bit awkward and quizzical. But, if they stick with it these two have the best overall compatibility with each other. They’ll be entertaining and discovering new and interesting things about each other for years.


I could agree on the face face girl being entp. It’s pretty easy as an entp interested in mbti to imagine you know what introverted intuition is. I’ve always found it easy to divide all my cognitive function a thousand ways and frame almost every impulse in the context of the mbti style I was then “test driving.”

Entp only sticks for me because all the shit I hate most about ENTPs is undeniably true about me and I can’t shake it. Generally speaking intp makes more sense to me … But the thing that effs with the intp diagnosis is the lack of fit in functions 5-8.

I Think probably entp is a pretty rare thing and with the benefit of like, some favorable environments, the entp can become the sort of smart sort of person that an entp thinks is worthwhile. So then the entp is likely to have a hard time accepting that 1) he’s this badass Personality that is in actual fact really smart, smarter than most people, and 2) he’s a rare personality type.

Because the entp thinks that if someone is super smart they will win. And the entp isn’t winning today. Not on the day that he’s deeply imbedded in mbti. Because when he’s successful he’s not burried in books, he’s mixing with people too. Okay so then the entp discovers that the mbti world is owned by INFJ, this obviously bright and visionary figure who is also rare but makes up for it by being fucked. And there isn’t anything to read about INFJ that isn’t a bit relatable. And the downside of Infj isn’t as threatening to entp as the downside of entp because it isn’t comprehensible really. The entp imagines the downside of Infj and is like “yeah I’ve been in the dark place.”

Meanwhile the real downside of entp is hardly documented by the Infj owned world of mbti. The alleged problem with entp is like “sometimes talks to much and doesn’t finish everything.”

Nah, the real downside of entp is closer to psychopathy. It’s that the closer you are to them the more likely they are to lie to you, that they don’t have any internal sense of ethics, and no real appreciation for it. Like that they’ve never actually truly felt bad for doing something until someone told them it was wrong and they would get in trouble for it. It’s like, my wife wanted to watch black mirror on Netflix, and said the first episode was about making a politician fuck a pig as a ransom for release of a kidnapped cultural icon, and that the episode was too gross and dark for her to watch again … I watched it and Thought “this is why I should never write for television – I don’t want to create a show like this and this is precisely the sort of show I would create.”

Psychopathy like a sort of antisocialness, like whatever is considered social, doing the opposite. If Ni is about nothingness, Ne is about everythingness, and it never ceases to surprise me to discover how short of the edge most people’s imaginations extend.

Fuck my 9 paragraph responses, the thing I was saying is she looks a little entp to me too because of how her eyes move when she talks.


Will watch it:) something new to learn here all the time. I love it.


She is an ENTP that resembles INFJ (or even ISFJ, her typological opposite) and he is an INFJ that is ENTPish. Got a Ti thing going on and in the second video of him, I do see a bit of Ne quirkiness. But, make not mistake, the dude is an introvert and kind of shy, sad, and sensitive underneath his on the quirky upbeat side demeanor. And I think this deeper side of him comes out more in the video I just included above.


Awesome. :slight_smile: so glad others see it:)


We see it lunar. You on the money! I knew you were right as soon as you said it. It just didn’t occur to me for some reason.


She has a video talking to an infj saying how entp bugs her. I forget what she said I think something about jumping in to quick with a list of points that dismantle before she has her words out. It gets interesting all these videos.


I miss my entp friend so much she lives so far away it just freaking hurts.
So the resemblance just shocked me it’s like woah she has a twin.


Aw, well now you have Face Vase to take her face place.


Isn’t it a little coincidental how they have a sky space pic in the back. Could you be more fitting.


I know! It’s like they’re in the planetarium of love.

I know Face Vase said she had an ENFP boyfriend in one or more of her videos (which due to her track record so far, she is probaly wrong about), but, she needs to be getting all involved with this “love in the observatory” vibe she has going with this ENTP-ish INFJ dude.

ENTPs are typically clueless in matters of love.


They make a very cute and cool couple. I could see them happily married for years.

Someone needs to go on Youtube and tell her this.


And when I watched black mirror I thought "when I’m prime minister of England and someone does this and I get briefed and shown the tape, I’m gonna turn to the advisors and say ‘should we call his bluff and say we don’t negotiate with kidnappers or should I go find a pig?’


Interesting I don’t remember that title nor the show and yet so definitely remember that pig blackmail.