Virgo INFJ’s


Hey hey hey,

I’m new to the forum and just wanted to ask how a sun sign or birth chart determines my Id function. Is it a sun sign you talk about as being an Id function??
Also, this is kind of an unrelated question. But for the evolved INFJ’s, is it possible to control or protect that inner baby that seems to lash out and want revenge from this world?

A lot of the articles on the site, showcase the negatives of being an infj, which I’m aware there are many. Are there any upsides?


Hi Abhaya,

It’s been… months later!

So, from my understanding, the Sun is generally linked to the auxiliary function and the Moon is linked to the id function.

Prax made a handy dandy chart to help with the astrological connections that has been made to MBTI on this site.

It should help you kinda see how your Sun or Moon would affect you as an INFJ.

All in all, the birth chart doesn’t determine your id function. Your MBTI type does! So, with you being an INFJ, you automatically have Fi id. I believe your Sun and Moon sign would mitigate your type to a certain degree. Like, Virgo Sun is linked to Se aux of ISFP. So, I believe this would enable you to be able to coexist with your Se inferior a little more easily than the next INFJ who doesn’t have this placement.

MBTI type has 75% strength and the natal chart has 25% strength. The MBTI type wins overall, but the birth chart can temper some aspects of the type.

Here’s the link to the chart!

I’m an INFP, so I can’t offer any personal experience on how to deal with Fi id. What I have picked up from scaling this site up and down is that MBTI types are encouraged to use their auxiliary function to help with the id and any other problems with one’s type. Um, it kinda just makes everything else flow.

As for help with your id, Blake had talked about INFJs using their Fe aux. a lot. There’s a whole section on Stellar Maze!

Here’s the link.

Just for a quick short hand. Blake recommends writing three pages a day each morning to help engage Fe. Um, also a water fountain was recommended.

As for the whole revenge thing, I believe there was a thread on here about that.

Here it is!

Blake comments on it as well, so that should be helpful for you.

I believe you can glean the upsides of INFJ from perusing through some of the threads on the forum and from some of Blake’s articles and its comments.

Here’s a feel good INFJ article:

Being INFJ isn’t all doom and gloom. Just engage aux Fe. It’s magic :grinning:.