Virgo Rising?!?! Pisces True Node?!?! Virgo Venus?!?! MERCURY AND SUN IN LIBRA?!?!?!



Hi guys.

I won’t belabor the minutia of what I’ve been spinning around too much. Instead I will humbly ask those of you with greater knowledge of astrology and maybe also greater use of your auxiliary function if, from what I understand of astrology so far, these are just really contradictory placements for an INFJ temperament, and why Fe is so stressful for me. Was I just designed to struggle with comfortable use of Fe? I always find myself sinking into this strange despair, this little cavernous space where all of my feelings live, hurting because I can’t readily get them out. But Libra is supposed to correspond to Te, right? And I have an air moon and midheaven… I don’t know. I just am not feeling all that great. Is it the astro or the looping? I feel like I was built broken.


Hello Sister

Regarding your questions in the title; I’m not qualified enof to comment on those things yet.
I think I know what you maybe experiencing though, could be called Chart Depression.
Apparently it’s a thing that happens when you start poking around in your chart in the beginning stages.
Probably more so depending on the age one starts such a quest. More to dig up… or things from so far back, you’d thought were dealt with.
But how did that come out? = chart depression, in waves or whatever, stirring the pot

I’ve had a couple of months going through this.
While on holiday for a month of it.
And came back to work as an Angel


I had to take a quick look at your chart again, but yeah, I think with Venus in 12th on virgo and it rising, this is probably a kind of “emotional constipation”. Your North Node in 6th opposing in venus is telling you that you SHOULD be working toward flowing more, perhaps as a service to other (like counsellor or consultant, very infj lol), but the opposition to venus in virgo means you are also quite stuck and “comfortable” in keeping yourself reserved.

Virgo is very related to the guts so… that’s why I keep choosing the word constipated haha!

Maybe your moon in aquarius also “dries” it a bit, so think of dried constipated feelings trying to get out! But you have a natural ease with the air in your grand trine between the moon, mercury, and jupiter. So your “flow” if you have it, will tend to be a more intellectual kind of flow. This will be a bit separated from your “passion” aspect between Venus-Pluto-Lilith.
Maybe it’s a warning about mixing business with pleasure (don’t fall for your clients or something?? Or maybe compartmentalize a little?? LOL). Do you find yourself trying to argue or intellectualize in your relationships too much? You have a conflict-prone mars! Mars in aries can make you a bit trigger happy, and maybe it picks on others and even your own ideals/romantic side. Leave mars to intellectualize/debate/write provoking essays and keep it away from your romance side. That maybe causing your blockages… that you don’t wanna live this dichotomy but you should. Embrace both sides as different but still part of you.

I don’t think this placement is that strange for INFJ, but virgo influences seems very common for the “troubled” ones (the ones one this site haha?). It inhibits flow because it can get particular and perfectionistic.

Have you consulted with Blake in the past about it? Did he lay out similar things?