Wanderers Tales


Inspired by a suggestion from @Ankh, it’s about time we had a place to share our stories, photos, and experiences from our travels to exotic (or simply different) places.

To start things off, here’s a selection of photos from my own globetrotting:







Yesterday and today


Cool! Thanks for starting this thread, @Stewart. It will be a great way to show off our fun travels AND get some travel tips from people who have “been there, done that”.


Where at, @Impossibletobe?


Lake Como (Lago Como), Italy and Lucerne, Switzerland


Oo, you’ll have a great time! I have family in Scotland and Ireland so I’m defo gonna point you to Southern Ireland (beautiful scenery amazing accents, friendly fun folks lots of pubs lock-ins where you can get to know the locals and witness pure raw musical talented folks, no postcodes, lots of mozzies- get some Avon Skin so Soft dry oil moisturiser)

Scotland - all obvious cities but venture northwards Isle of Skye way for pure scenery, nature, wilds heather and lochs.

Ah. Let us know your plans as they unfold!!


And my five photos were of Florence, Agra, Cusco, Florence again and Bologna. Here are some more:


You take such good pictures—I am bad at that. Where is the sculpture coming out of the bushes?


Thanks, though some were taken by my partner, including the large sculpture, which can be found in the beautiful Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy.


The photo by the lake was taken in June last year, on a glorious day spent cycling through the wooded eastern suburbs of Berlin.

Photo 2 is Berlin’s famous Brandenburg Gate.

The steam locomotive and train are from the West Somerset Railway in southwest England. It is the UK’s longest heritage railway and runs for over 30 miles through glorious countryside to the seaside resort of Minehead.


The religious fresco is inside the exquisite Santa Maria Novella basilica in Florence, see photo 2 in my opening post for a nice view of the exterior.


And the old stone house is Fyne Court, a hidden gem in the heart of the Quantock Hills in West Somerset (near the steam railway) The estate was the home of the Crosse family who lived here until the house was destroyed by fire in 1894. A charming and idyllic spot to explore the wild garden and discover pieces of its history hiding in the undergrowth. Or simply relax with a nice English cup of tea and yummy cake and enjoy the tranquil setting.



I have to go!!!

I saw his stuff in Chicago in 2006. Good times.


Our original plan was to go to Scotland. But we’ve since changed it to Ireland. I think my mom was worried there wasn’t going to be enough to do in Scotland.

We’re driving the whole perimeter pretty much, Northern Ireland included. Our itinerary is already mapped out, but if anyone has any suggestions or must-see, quicky trips, please tell!


What makes you think there’s more things to do in Ireland than Scotland?


Please video blog your journey like her (somebody type her, I cannot).



I didn’t think that, my momma did. And yes, I actually call her momma.

I’m excited for the weather alone. I hear it rains a lot and is mostly dreary. My favorite!



Wow. I said no before watching the videos. Answer is still no, but wow.

She’s fun though! Annoying, but fun!