Welcome to Stellar Maze Discussion Forum


Welcome to the Stellar Maze Discussion Forum!

The content on this forum can be read by anyone, but only Stellar Maze subscribers (Starlings) can create topics and post responses to other subscribers.

The only exception to this is the Blake Space category where Blake is the only one who is allowed to create topics. In order to see any of the content of Blake Space, you must first subscribe. Blake posts new things there all the time, so be sure and subscribe to see his lovely mind at work. He also asks many important questions, which evolve into interesting community discussions.

If you find what you’re reading interesting and you want to participate in discussion or you want to see and respond to Blake’s new posts in Blake Space, please sign up for a Starling subscription.

If you already are a Starling subscriber, then start fucking rocking!

This is your community, so speak up and make it great :slight_smile:

More guidelines will be forthcoming in the fullness of time…

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