What are you reading?


Post it, fiction or non-fiction recommendations.


i’m reading.

Your Mind.
Your Thoughts.
Your Intentions.
Your Body Language.
Your Vibe.
Your Facial Expressions.
Your Emotions.
Your Soul.


ha, good luck finding that.


what. are you a ginger ?


just incase if you were wondering


Sort of if I’m out on the sun enough, if it starts growing back in wintertime, I trade it in for cashmere socks. Thanks for link, should have known a book club on here.


but we can start a new one since that one is dead.

found this at antique shop in middle of nowhere basically.


i really wanna recommend you some books but they’re too controversial and i can’t post it in public places like this.

but here’s a non-book stuff.
your husband sounds like he fits in the real-man category.
maybe if you read this you’ll appreciate him more? hahaha


I appreciate him most highly. We are soul-less mates. (He traded his for the perfect running shoes).


what does this even mean ?!?!

what’s your definition of soul?


My two favorite authors are Haruki Murakami and Milan Kundera.

I think Murakami has a good selection for anyone, but my favorite is South of the Border. West of the Sun. His super popular ones are 1Q84 and Norwegian Woods, of which I only ready Norwegian Woods. I prefer SBWS to Norwegian Woods. It’s rawer in my opinion, but the other one is more refined. Since you like cats, maybe Kafka on the Shore, it an atypical coming of age story revolving around the Oedipus complex with talking cats. How could it possibly go wrong?

For Milan Kundera, “Unbearable Lightness of Being” is really good. Probably something an INTJ would enjoy. It’s more distant in analytical with lots of fun concept like Nietzsche’s doctrine of the Eternal Return.

I wanted to post some quotes I like, but I feel like that will ruin the books.

Sylvia Plath’s Bell Jar if you’re feeling depressive.

Also, Wuthering Heights, if you’re into intense romance. Man, that Heathcliff. He is the definition of obsessive love.


Here’s some


I’ve read Kafka at the Shore and Wind-up Bird Chronicles(also a cat in it). Wuthering Heights long ago. Will look for Unbearable Lightness of Being. It’s a movie from the '80s with Daniel Day Lewis too, very sensual, very good.


so you guys don’t like jazz, blues, or R&B?


I got no soul, got no rhythm, but I do like it.

Occasionally, I get the blues.


It’s me, I’m Cathy!

Hahahah! OMG THIS IS GOLD! I don’t know how I’ve ever existed before this. Geneva, you clearly have superior music taste.

It’s just so theatrical, where I’m like, she doesn’t get it, but then I’m like, maybe she really gets it!


:grin: yeah, sort of a quirky song, glad you liked it!


I used to love Shel Silverstein books when I was a kid. Especially “The Giving Tree”. Kinda deep for a children’s book.

Discovered Douglas Coupland recently. I like “Jpod” and “Hey Nostradamus” from him.

I usually like psychedelic or dark shit like Hunter S Thomson and Bret Easton Ellis books for fiction.


i am finally starting “the story of the lost child,” the last volume of elena ferrante’s neapolitan novels. i loved the first three-- her narrative voice, the character she embodies, is so vivid. have you read any of knausgaard’s “my struggle”? i found these to be a profound counterpoint, a feminine interpretation of similar questions.

also working myself through robert sapolsky’s “behave,” a multidisciplinary tour of the human brain/ body/ … behavior. it’s fascinating.

@anhydrite oh, these are all great recs.

i also loved “the giving tree” as a kid, but it is a different, disturbing read through an adult’s eyes. the tree repeatedly sacrificing herself-- literally-- for her selfish, ungrateful boy? ugh.


Amen. The kids a selfish dick head, for sure. But also, Trees are fucking pushovers. No wonder they get cut down so easily. :evergreen_tree: