what are you smoking?


@Ankh what kind are you smoking?

hahaha I’m glad someone brought this up.

i actually like smoking cigarettes

i used to watch this guy’s video while smoking Hahaha

right now I’m smoking American spirit yellow pack

I’ve tried about half of it that’s on the market

here’s what I recommend (although I shouldn’t recommend anyone smoking)

American spirit yellow /orange /light blue
i like that is additive free and last so long.
smoking one American spirit is equal to two Marlboros
doesn’t leave the chemical after taste
and it doesn’t make you wanna smoke as often.

btw. I like cigarettes because it saved me from committing suicide.

if you don’t mind the chemicals
i like
Marlboro gold and red
camel gold and silver

for menthol
Marlboro nxt

for feminine cigarettes,
Capri blue
Virginia slim gold

Newport taste like shit. i can feel the cancer in my mouth
Marlboro menthol gives me a headache

how often do you smoke? and when?

my favorite time is after meal.
while driving.
while chatting outside

i like that it makes me wanna poop

anyways. I’m planning on quitting again. maybe soon.


Ha! This is what I bought. The “mellow taste”.

I don’t think I could smoke the girly smokes. Too thin. I’m sorta a man in woman’s body, so anytime I can let my man sing, is greatness. What am I saying?? Maybe I’m not getting enough oxygen…


I’ve quit for two years and a trip to Italy got my curious back up. coffee and cigarette! no lie. it was pretty freaking delicious.

they have images like this on every pack of cigarettes there it’s pretty funny

and Canadian cigarettes are so clean.
they actually don’t sell flavored cigarettes in Canada by law

and what made you pick out American spirit yellow?


All my friends smoke it.


Why do you want to start now if you don’t already smoke!! Why!!


It is called self sabotaging.


Is alcohol self-sabotaging?

what about my tattoos? self-sabotaging?


I don’t see tattoos as self sabotaging, personally, but the other four, yes. Can be. I suppose there are some for whom tattooing would be self sabotage, in your case, I don’t see it. Perhaps the degrees of damage are subjective. Depending on type and Enneagram, maybe more…
I suppose sabotage depends on what would hurt oneself and the degree it is done, to hold oneself back, or distract.
I self sabotage all the fucking time, so may be I am projecting [though it felt like recognition], but I do give a damn about you, and so I said it.