What do INFJ women look like?



This was sweet and made me feel good.



Also, regarding their common portrayal as angels, angels are actually freaking scary. The non-Disneyfied Christian ones at least.

Imagine this shit appearing in your living room:

I’d run screaming thinking this was the work of the Devil.

Or this:

“According to Genesis, two cherubs were assigned to guard the tree of life. In Ezekiel 1:5–11, we get a full description of these guardians. According to the scripture, the cherubs have an overall human form but their legs end in the hooves of a calf. They have four wings that hide their human hands and four faces. When they move, the faces never turn. The front face is that of a man, the right face is a lion, the left a bull (or ox), and the rear face is that of an eagle. Each cherub glows as though on fire, and Ezekiel further describes them as serving as something of a living, sentient chariot for God. In his vision, God rides in a chariot with cherubs serving as the wheels. Four cherubs stand together, representing the strength of the lion, the freedom of the eagle, the weight and girth of the bull, and the wisdom of man—God’s greatest achievements, all rulers of their respective realms. Each cherub covers its body with one pair of wings and stretches the other pair overhead. The wings were covered in eyes. That’s about as far away from cute little naked babies as you can get.”



The girl in this movie is an INFJ.

This is also what happens when you do not invite a vampire in.

Wiki: Typings By Blake

Also, since we’re on the subject of INFJ women and what they look like, they do not look like (or remind one of) butterflies or the girl up above riding the impossible beast. That is more INFP and ENFJ (enneatype 3) respectively.

Here’s another INFJ woman in the same vein as the girl I included in the clip above. There is something mysterious, barely audible, tentative, internal, introspective, ethereal, and barely extant. At least, this is one version of INFJ woman, the Fi id kind of INFJ woman.


That just made me cry :frowning: but then again I am pms’ing :slight_smile: - Edit: Forum noob here, my response was to the clip from Let the Right One In.


Yes, it’s beautiful. Absolutamente.


Moar versions of INFJ women pleez, to satisfy my ego.

What about Ti-heavy or Te-tortured INFJ women?

Sylvia Plath? She is an Aquarius Rising with Scorpio Sun. Her writings are crystalline and spare. Not voluptuous. Fe dressed up as Ti, but the heart is totally Fi - tortured Fi, that is.

She lacks the soft, out-of-focus, diffused look. More penetrating. Sharp. More together, grounded, and earthy, despite her messy self behind the curtains. Or she’s not INFJ. But I’m convinced she is based on her writings.


Yes, you are right.

OK, at the other end of the INFJ women spectrum, we have someone like Camille Paglia. More Ti type of INFJ woman. ADHD INFJ woman. More NTish type of INFJ woman rather than the two sort of ISFPish INFJ women I just included above.

So, yes, we see a bit of the range that can be had in one type. And INFJ, in general, has a lot of range.

Also, yes, I agree with you about Sylvia Plath. She must be an INFJ. What else could she be?

And Virginia Woolf.

And probaly Emily Bronte too.

Wuthering Heights, indeed.

I mean, just from the title alone, I sense INFJ.

Wiki: Typings By Blake

Holy shit, @Blake. I’ve read Paglia, but I’ve never seen her speak. Incredible. I love seeing/hearing the different types of INFJs. I think I identify with her more than the others.


Yowza. “Tenderness is for later.” :kissing_heart: :sweat:

It’s funny, reading Sexual Personae I was sure she must be INTJ, because it was soooo Ti and her take on artists usually struck me as just a little off, alien-detached, like she was straining to empathise and couldn’t quite do it. I was going to ask why INFJ, but then I watched the video-- sexy sexy Fe, what a pretender!


I just re-watched the excellent “Portrait of a Marriage” TV miniseries from 1990, portraying the real-life love affair between Vita Sackville-West and her childhood friend and novelist Violet Keppel-Trefusis, against the backdrop of post-World War I England.

Their affair was a torrid, intense and extremely passionate relationship. Vita herself wrote candidly about it a memoir that was collated and published by her son in 1973, also under the title Portrait of a Marriage. In the memoir Vita sought to explain both why she eventually chose to stay with her husband, Harold Nicolson, and why she had fallen in love with Trefusis in the first place, using metaphors from nature to present her account as truthful and honest while at the same time calling her life a “bog” and a “swamp”, suggesting that her personal life was naturally unappealing and unpleasant. Vita’s own words are strongly suggestive of the dark, Scorpio Fi-Id of an INFJ type.

Sackville-West also stated she had wanted to explain her sexuality, which she presented as being at the core of her personality, as in the future “it will be recognized that many more people of my type do exist than under the present-day system of hypocrisy is commonly admitted”. This gentler tone could be an expression of the higher Pisces side of her Fi-Id, and I suspect her enduring affection for her husband (who was also bisexual) was also derived from the more compassionate Pisces Id or auxiliary.

Vita was a classic introvert ,who struggled throughout her life trying to reconcile external pressures to conform and behave as a demure English aristocratic wife, with her rebellious, creative, intense and more masculine inner nature.

Here is a classic photograph of Vita, to give you a flavour of her complex personality:


I thought if she is infj wonder if she is Aries infj. From this video you posted you can see she gets into a good discussion with gusto and a kind of ?impetuous? Energy. I know an Aries infj. Looked it up Paglia is an Aries. Well that was fun:) weeee even if coincidence it was fun for a moment. Am trying so hard NOT to post :zipper_mouth_face: but is this a case of sun sign being clearly visible. I don’t remember if the rising sign is supposed to be more visible


Yeah, it’s the Sun that is more visible, and particularly Aries Sun women. I had a thing years ago with guessing a string of Aries Sun women in row. There is something very noticeable about this position in women. The Sun is strong in Aries where it is considered exalted by position.

Yes, Paglia definitely shows this strength of the Aries Sun woman. She also shows the strength of her Libra Ascendant with her strong interest and work in gender. Man-woman nature and relations.


I am not familiar enough with Astrology, so do not understand this being Aries. Is that the strength and boldness? Paglia is very strong and passionate. The quote above applies to myself as well though. Why is this Libra Ascendant as opposed to INFJ? Because I understand her and in many cases, agree with her. I don’t know how I have not prioritized her, but I will soon.
Do other INFJ’s not have the same gender/man-woman/relations obsession?


OK, first of all, the quote you are referencing from me about “strong interest and work in gender…” is not about Aries, it’s about Libra. So, let’s not get those two things mixed up because you are mixing what I said about Libra with Aries. Libra is not strong and passionate. Those are the Aries qualities.

The gender interest is a Libra thing. That’s all I’m saying about Libra.

Then you go on to say

Because the genders (male, female) is really what the sign Libra is all about, in essence (to me, at least).

That really has very little to do with INFJ in particular. Plus, it’s a little bit like apples and oranges. Libra is a zodiac sign, INFJ is a Myers-Briggs temperament. They are no equivocal really. And even if they were, Libra is a sign that an INFJ has some of the biggest trouble with, so, even from that equivocal point-of-view, no, INFJ and Libra concerns aren’t very similar.

So, this sort of leads me up to answering the final question you have

No, they don’t. I would not say that an INFJ in general has an obsession with gender and gender politicking and all that.

Actually, I would say INFJ, generally speaking, is pretty indifferent to this issue.

Unless they are heavily Libra-influenced in some way, especially having Libra rising.

Camille Paglia is one such instance of this - an INFJ with Libra rising (Libra ascendant or ascending, however you like to call it).

She is also an Aries Sun, so, that’s what lunar was referring to in her comment. Aries is the opposite sign to Libra, so, it tends to be pretty indifferent, and even rude in regards to the Libran issue of gender and equality between the sexes and all that. Aries is a very male sign, unabashedly so. So, many women that are Aries are pretty strong and aggressive for women, and also for whatever Myers-Briggs temperament they may possess.

I’d even say that many Aries women tend to disdain women and women’s issues and prefer to compete on the same grounds as men. But, they don’t want to politicize the issue so much, they just want to go out there and get it on in the world of men.

Libra, by turns, tends to want to politicize the issue and level the playing field between men and women.

INFJ really has little to do with either of these signs.

If we had to pin a zodiac sign to INFJ, I’d label it with Scorpio.

Now, Scorpio is sort of like Libra in the sense that it has to do with something taking place between Man and Woman, that is, relationship, but, it is very different from Libra in that it is nobodies business what takes place in that meeting.

With Libra (being an air sign), it is more of a social issue. Or a political issue. Or a categorical issue (what is man, what is woman?).

With Scorpio, none of that matters. Call it what you like. Let it look like whatever it looks like to the rest of society. It doesn’t matter to Scorpio. Which is part of the reason that Scorpio is a very secretive sign. It is nobodies business what happens between two people behind closed doors.

It is only desire. That is the only law.

Libra attempts to find out what the type Man is and what the type Woman is. Categorically. In a thinking function sense.

Scorpio could care less. It doesn’t need words or names or thinking to guide it in this realm.

And so, I think INFJs in general tend to be indifferent (if not actually antagonistic) towards the idea (or concept) of Man-Woman in the social-political sense.

In the personal or interpersonal sense, INFJ tend to be interested in particular people of the opposite sex regardless of the equality or inequality of such relationships.

Libra is really about gender equality such that there is a perfect balance between the male and female. This could apply to actual people, but, it really just applies to the concept of gender (male, female qualities) wherever it is expressed, which, potentially is everywhere, but, esthetics or art would be one such place where it is of obvious concern. So would politics and the Left versus the Right as another example. The Left is more female in gender and the Right more male. This is true even outside of politics. The left side or direction of anything is considered female and the right side or direction of something is considered male.

Actually, INTJ would have more of this Libran concern of the equality of the sexes and as such it can be a key to identifying INTJs versus INFJs, for example.

ENFJ Woman = The Bad Witch, The Villain, or the Temptress

When I talk about gender/relations/man-woman in terms of my own interest, I am far more interested in the differences and similarities of the sexes and why we behave as we do and how we interact because of our physiology/cultures than politicking or trying to even the playing field.
When I speak of INFJ obsession, it is gender in terms of personal interest. In my case, the difference is mesmerizing. But I also want to understand in a very archaeological way, how we play together over the years.

As humans we are much the same. As different sexes, there will be physiological differences, and cultural, and then there will be astrology and typology for both sexes to mix it all to a giant bowl of confusion. Yeah. My brain is overheating.
But I believe you have talked about INFJ writers and writing about sexuality. Though Scorpio says that what goes on is between those that are participating, if you are going to write [publish], it is not going to be private anymore. So maybe the struggle then is overriding Scorpio to self express these interests and desire in art? Because Paglia expresses and is being considered INFJ and therefore Scorpio.
Jeezus I hope you can pull some sense from this.

Desire is the law, yes. I think INFJ submits and understands the law of desire as needs/wants/takes/gives.

Isn’t Ti categorical? Would not INFJ be inclined to consider the differences or similarities of the sexes, as we are in fact very interested in desire, domination and submission? I think so. Perhaps this is not the Libra but something else. That is what I was trying to find. Where my interest/views meets Paglia’s, but I guess I won’t know till I get a chance to read her.

Maybe Scorpio does not need names or agreed upon words to move in this realm, but there are contemplations on the matter. There are questions and understandings that because we are part of a culture, are compared and contrasted. We have our biases from parents with certain views. We have our culture mangling and misunderstanding the fuck out of the concepts of feminist and equality, as examples. Tangenting…

I am very frustrated with my inability to get what I want out. Please anyone ask for clarification if needed. Where is the smiley that beats its head against a wall? I need that one all the time.


Camille Paglia is my favourite type of feminist.


Chelsea Wolfe is definitely an INFJ (of the femme fatale kind): https://youtu.be/5vioEkO1_Ew

She also made a cover of Nick Cave: https://youtu.be/0eEmy9_AqYg
And also has a song about Virginia Woolf: https://youtu.be/-h5cHKBXElE

All INFJs.