What do INFJ women look like?


That nick cave cover film was intense. Liked it.


I’m late to the party, but Paglia is an INTJ, through and through: her eyes are thoroughly NT, like Anna Wintour’s eyes.

In comparison, actress Jennifer Beals has NF eyes and she looks very INFJ to me.



There’s a connection between personality type and someone’s eyes, I also believe between personality type and fenotype.


I think Paglia has a type of spunk (punk?) that I can’t imagine in an intj but if she is intj well it will be an exciting debate!


She’s expressing her healthy Fi (she’s Aries, so that plays a part too), which is what’s being perceived as spunk. I do agree that INTJs don’t express it often.


No, they aren’t. Her eyes are not NT. Wrong.

Looks like Honey needs to listen a little more before being so eager to voice her opinion everywhere. Especially, if she is, as she says, late to the party.

In short, yes, it would be pretty obvious to consider Paglia an INTJ. We’ve already done that. And with good reason, have arrived at INFJ instead.



Also, when I say we, I mean me. Mostly.

So, if your main argument is that Paglia has NT eyes, then I disagree with that. Why do you think she has NT eyes?

What about them makes them NT eyes?

Are you sticking around Honey? :yum:


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just cuz her spunk is so delightful, sharing another long video of her:

isn’t this 2 infjs talking to each other?


JBP – I’m definitely a JBP fan girl~


Yes! I think so. Interesting, I ran into this video like 2 days ago. Just to find out what Jordan B. Peterson was all about. He’s definitely at the “T” end of the INFJ spectrum but not ADHD-like like Camille. Here, he seems much more thoughtful and quiet. But he can speak with a lot of power and persuasion in class lectures. He’s quite heavy and intense, much more than the impression I get from Camille.

I find it interesting, the things Jordan B. Peterson says. He is an INFJ with Gemini sun (latter half). My impression from my very brief search of him is that he had one of those many INFJ-head banging moments of sadness and depression and yadayada, and he learned to fight it by extensively developing his Te superego-muscle. He seems to draw a lot of ideas from Nietzsche. And how much he emphasizes the importance of creating order, of meeting practicalities in life, and of taking responsibility in the seemingly meaningless of life! And how important that is to one’s mental health. This is the impression I got from briefly skimming a few of his videos. @anhydrite, perhaps you can start another thread to share some other videos of him that you like?

For some reason, JBP reminds me of another INFJ with Gemini sun in the latter half! He’s also all about order and planning, as if one’s own life depends on it…and I get the sense that he (the guy I know, not JBP) is like that because he knows his little Achilles heel, and his potential of being undone in some way. So he squashes the hell out of his fear by exercising his Te muscle with steel-iron discipline and very little leeway for failings. And this is not Te aux because I saw it in action. It is clearly very strong but is unnatural and stressful. A bit different from JBP in that sense, as JBP seems a lot less neurotic; he must have really mastered his Te superego.

Sorry for the minor derailment.


he reminds me of male infjs I’ve seen in academia actually. they have this great way of keeping a humanistic tap on what’s going on. The ones I’ve seen in math and physics sometimes start to look intp-ish but they always keep a rounded perspective. Peterson has this slender vertical face that looks infjish to me like for ex Daniel Day Lewis




The first 6 minutes of this video, that’s all I’ve watched, and I just am pretty overwhelmed by Paglia’s energy. I think I can understand Se inferior better listening to her. Mannn, what a powerful personality in you INFJs. Ugh. Wow. I feel I will have to reread some of what I’ve read of her, as much as I marked it up, ahha, with better understanding ofh ow she speaks when she isn’t being like, interogated.

This is a good interview because she’s not being interroggated so it’s the first time I’ve seen her go go go


Isn’t she amazing?


absolutely brilliant. Sometimes I have this sense of like “oh I’m so glad this person is not dead yet” like, how cool, she’ll still be writing in 15 years at age 85


This discussion of Paglia & Peterson is totally brilliant. They’re on my list now.


Is Rania Khalek an infj? or what type?


JBP is Ni dom which is even more apparent in his biblical series, Paglia has a gleeful spunk in enjoyment of playing with her recipe for sacred cow barbecue that suggests something else to me.


Hold Israel accountable? How about we hold Putin/Russia accountable.


I’m not so sure Paglia is an INFJ, but I can see how she could be one. Her method of explaining is contextual, setting the scene. INFJs do that a lot.