What do INFJ women look like?

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INFJ women look like
Angels in nightmares
A promised heaven
That turns to hell

I’ll take the drugs
INFJs are too hard to please


Simone de Beauvoir, Camille Paglia’s intellectual comrade.


Keira Knightley, the physiognomical comrade of Natalie Portman.


Or Sheila Vand, the vampire.


Or the beautiful Emma Ruth Rundle.



Or the alpha lobstress.



Yeah, they all strike me as INFJ on an initial impression. I don’t know enough about any of them to be sure though. For some reason I had long thought Keira was some sort of ISFP displaying a more Si-iddish (or Ni-ish?) feel…basically a more tame and subdued ISFP…unlike Beyonce for example…but yes at some point I saw similarities between her and Portman (in terms of looks) which also led me to consider INFJ…I guess I got the ISxP impression from her very stiff acting from one movie of hers I watched 10 years ago…Pretty biased impression I know.

But excuse my ignorance but who is alpha lobstress?


It’s Jordan B. Peterson. :canada:


You are not joking, right?

To be honest I actually thought it was him…

But how? When did this happen?


Yes and no. :slight_smile:


Do you speak Russian, @Ignas? Can you give some examples of Russian speaking infj females? Sorry for asking for this in ENFJ thread…

ENFJ Woman = The Bad Witch, The Villain, or the Temptress

I rather not. Very poor skills. I can read and listen, but I’d like to get a better grasp of it.

Anna Akhmatova surely seems like one.

Who else? No idea… I don’t know too many Russian women. :relaxed:


Thank you! It’s interesting. I was a big fan of Akhmatova as a teenager. I literally knew every poem.
Why do you think she’s an INFJ? Because of her writing? Face features? Biography?


Everything. :relaxed:

I only know this one poem.

So, I haven’t really read her. And still, I hear INFJ sirens wailing.


Ok, here’s another.

Sabina Spielrein.


Thank you, @Ignas!


Millie Bobby Brown



Winona Ryder


Also, they look like a hot Asian leaning from a stripper pole in a bralette.