What do you give a FUCK about?


this video summarizes so well.
Um. about how I view the world practically.
I wish I had the ability to explain my thinking process like this girl but I just don’t give enough fuck to do it.

oh. I’m not totally back yet btw. don’t have enough fuck budget for this forum. priorities somewhere else for now. I just had to share this because I think this is a wonderful practical application.

yeah. because I obviously give some fuck about people on this forum.

go ahead. comment what you give a fuck about and what you shouldn’t give a fuck about anymore.

okay. Peace out :v:


Hey, @supernokturnal! I love this video. Fuck budgets, fuck bucks, fuckbergs… awesome.

This speaks to me because I do A LOT just because I feel obligated, not because I actually want to. Today I have to go to someone’s birthday party at a bar. My husband works with him. Do I want to go? Nope. Am I going to enjoy it? Nope. There will be a bunch of cops there, so the ONLY way I see enjoying myself is if they handcuff me and take turns on me. But that won’t happpen. This is what will happen: I’ll be the designated driver for my husband. He’ll forget to introduce me to several people, so I will have to introduce myself, which makes him look like an idiot. He’ll apologize about it later. There will be chicks there who have already formed tight clicks and look at me and ask, “Do you have children? Well, you’re still young.” Then they will proceed to talk about how little johnny won an award for being the brightest kiss-ass. I will look bright and bubbly, because I always do. Asking questions to sound interested and to keep it loud enough so I can’t hear the voice in me that says, “you’re unhappy”. At some point, my husband will probably leave me because when he gets into “network” mode, it’s all about him. So at some point, it will eventually feel like I went by myself. Then, I will drive us home. He’ll either apologize for the whole night or he’ll ask why I didn’t have fun.

Shoulda shared this video a month ago before I committed to this thing. But thanks for sharing it!! I plan on applying it to my life! I need to learn how to say no. And I need to learn to say - because I don’t want to.


There is only one thing in life that actually matters, worth giving any fucks about and this(drum roll, please…): Love, or more specifically, L.U.V., which is an actual real thing - the the stuff that makes up and binds the entire universe - which is just a web of info-energy, LUV is the connective tissue that binds and transports that. There.


I agree, I could groove on that!! That, and respect :stuck_out_tongue:


Tell me about LUV. :poop:


Update!!! I told my hubby I’m not going cause I don’t want to!!! Yayyy!!!


Wooohooo!!! Go you!! You are on FIRE!! :fire:


Yeah… I made a compromise… gotta go to a picnic instead…oy! But tonight… I LIVE!!! Lol!



wow! already applying! GOOD JOB! AWESOME!
you go!

i love that. taking action immediately!


Alien Luv ~ 1983 (Terence McKenna)

LUV = “not ‘light utility vehicle,’ but love that is not like Eros or not like sexual attraction,” something “almost like a physical thing,” “a glue that pours out into this space.”

Sorry, this is kind of long, but is good if you can hear the whole explanation. I
would put link markers down for the important parts, but too lazy today.


Ooo! He mentioned Persephone. My homegirl. I’ll listen as soon as I unload my trunk.


Thanks! Now, where’s my treat?


I’m still listening… I love this. So when was this recorded/presented? Late 60s early 70s? I’d love to go back in time and smoke a joint with this guy.



Lol. Yeah he died of a brain tumor I think back in 1995 or 1996, can’t remember, but in the mid-late nineties.

He’s known for the coining the term “Self-transforming Machine Elves” to describe the appearance of the aliens he would encounter. But I digress…


LUV - love it! Or should that be LUV it?

That’s pretty much how I see it too; the connective energy thst binds everything to everything else. I feel it can be tapped into by the higher forms of Fe and Fi, and is the foundation of magic (see my ramblings on the “Magic is Real” thread).