What does it take to trigger your Id?


Is it illogic? Is it people daring you to a challenge?
I think with Fe-tert, you have a tendency to want to showboat around.
For ExTP in general, but maybe ENTP wants it more for their clever ideas and ESTP more for their personal traits?

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I think of the Id as both a self-defence and masturbatory function. Not always completely productive for you to use, often negative an experience in the end, but boy do you have plenty of energy in it!

For me, it’s usually some form of illogic. If I can follow a train of logic but suddenly it is railroaded by something red-flaggy or STUPID to me, my Id revolts. Usually leading to disengagement, but sometimes will head into Te or Fi territory where I am yelling or “doing” something decisive and/or mean.

Which Scientist stole your lunch money anyway

What it takes /- good question for this unemployed ENTP!

well I think that I’ve evolved a lot since I was a kid. Who hasn’t but I’ve probably evolved a little more than the average intuitive because of psychological safety within family of origin that enabled me to be not really at war with myself. I got in a bit of trouble but really never got put down for NeTi behavior. And then I was such an obsessive little judgemental fuck and yet was not very ethical. There were moments starting in like, 5th grade, where I looked back and thought “oh wow I was a real jerk.”

I guess I wonder If I kind of “escaped” most of my id by healthily living it out in low stakes kid environments.

It’s reasonable to think that in these forums the idea of Id is overrepresented. Because if there are any INFPs who believe they are infj, that will increase the amount of Fi that is described by supposed INFJs. this would also bias the id concept toward “unharmful” and “useful” even while it’s still decsribed as “negative” but said INFP/INFJ. Of course Fi is in the negative by default. It’s feminine, it’s concave, it’s chthonic, Subzero. Feels “negative” and all that. What I mean is that if I am INFP and think I’m INFJ, when I describe Fi id, I’m probably mixing Dom Fi and id Ni. And probably thus kind of thinking “hmm,. some of this Fi id stuff isn’t inherently harmful.” becuase it’s actually dom fi.

So I’m gonna say that probably most of what Entp gets from Te id is not the thing I’m looking for to get work–to get enployed. ENTP doesn’t probably HAVE to take Te action to get in gear; getting work can likely come from ne/ti/Fe/Si with emphasis on doing some Si shit.

Te id really only gets triggered when I need to act to preserve myself or my sanity. It’s kind of only triggered when somehow Fe won’t do.

Like this time when I lost my shit at a superior. It wasn’t Fe. It was like, I shouted, “because we all agreed three separate fucking times that…aghhh!” Entp stands up in glass walled meeting room, throws computer in bag; superior gets all Bullshity like “where you going?”

“I’m leaving”


“Because I’ve only got maybe another 50 years on this planet and I’m not gonna waste any more of it putting up wth your bullshit.” Throws burrito in garbage can (regrettably), leaves room, shuts door quetly, all of office is looking up like Holy Shit.

I remember I was on 100% autopilot because I was so out of options. Id explained to this guy the plan a hundred times and it was the moment I realized that he just wasn’t smart enough and that until I got him fired we wouldn’t be able to succeed as a company. But I remember being surprised how articulate I was through the rage. The CEO and COO, also present in the meeting, both confirmed to me that they felt it was a very good moment for me. Haha. I was nervous later that I’d probbably offended CEO (INFP), but COO was like, “No, it was good, he saw the real cost of other guy on your psyche and recognized how the continual bullshit that he puts up with is going to drive you out of the company.”


Also maybe in scenarios firing people and stuff where I know what has to happen. And judgements of people that rise up and bubble up inevitably based on their competency or lack of competency. I can be pretty dismissive of people who are not talented or not smart or not unique. Like, I don’t automatically assign human value to someone just because they are alive so I don’t find it hard to decide between two hard choices or whatever. Like should we fire this one or that one? Which one is better for the future of the company?? We’re not gonna even get that right half the time so let;s use the data we have and act. Someone says: well the other one is so hard working and stuff. I’m like shrug. Well the other one has a family and won’t make an easy transition to another company. I’m like, you mean they are objectively less talented given the direction th market is Going? That makes it easier. Let’s fire that one.


If it requires logic then it takes time. If it doesn’t then I can act pretty instantly. So Te does instant stuff sometimes for me. Also maybe helps me not take offense to things; lack of Fi basically means I don’t feel people should respect me as human until I prove I am. I wouldn’t hold it against someone if they tortured me to death for example.

Or say I was in the movie Saw having to make a decision where like, I have to choose which three of 6 people die. Randoms. I’d be like, 123456, okay, odds live, evens, better luck next time.


Splitting: a psychological coping mechanism through which INTJs ignore uncomfortable complexity in humans by separating them into different stereotypes. And dividing threads.


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Wendy: “uncomfortable complexity” also known as “going off topic”

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I know I just joking

I can tell we are both going to be offended at our interaction here and sort it out through careful Fe ing.




OH MEMEME I have nother example

Motorcycle accident:

1am, 60mph, canyon highway, headed north, vehicle is stopped at stop sign and turning onto highway. He is turning left to head south, so he has to cross my lane.

at this point it’s a three lane highway; two going up hill and one going down.

I’m in the left lane going up, so the center of three lanes. I instinctively float to the center white line to make sure he isn’t ocnfused about my single headlight( presumably – it just makes sense to me to get as head on to him as I can at first, incrsaingy likelhiood that he looks left and sees “A light coming right at me so I won’t turn right fucking now.” ) He starts easing out, the way you do when you want to freak motorcylcists out lol.

So at this point hte next part happens in the space of about 6 seconds.

  1. I think “he’s going to ease out and I’m going to stay to his left; he’ll see me and stop coming” So I mirror his nose coming out into the right lane by floating slow to the left side of the left lane

  2. He doesn’t slow but contineus to roll out and i lean to the left for a milisecond before reocognizing he is accelearting and I will TBone him, so I lean hard to the right

  3. After leaning I straighten out pointing straight at him and apply brake hard; I’m not a good enough driver to be braking and turning at the smae time so I sacrifice turning for slowing at this point; plus I imagine he’s going to stop when he suddenly sees me, and I need to be going slow as I won’t get around his trunk in that case anyway

  4. As he continues to roll straight across my lane I release my brake mostly and lean hard to direct myself as far to the right side of his car as possible, and once my weight has shifted that way I throw the brake on hard and squeeze without any more turnign

  5. I see his gas cap is at about headlight location when I hit him, but then I’m in the air, and I think "I need to tuck a little or I’m gonna land poorly

  6. I land on my butt with a lot of forward momentum on asphalt having done a front roll over his back window, so I didn’t hit my head on the frame of his car where it was higher; I’m thinking “There is a semi truck that I passed ten seconds ago who is going to run me over so Iwill need to get off the road”

  7. I roll over my shoulder two times and come up running, but almost fall because of leg pain

  8. I can’t run because my legs feel like they eachjust got punched in the thigh and are “dead” and aching; so I straddle hop to the shoulder, where I stand jumping up and down; I can see there is just a little blood on my legs (wearing basketball shorts) and I check the back of my neck below my helmet for blood, isn’t any

  9. I watch the guy get his car to the other side of the road, step out, looking confused, look at the crater in the back driver side where his wheel well is, look out into the road, sees nothing (black bike, light shining but opposite direction), then we can see the bike come into view as the semi’s engine brakes are thrown on full and he comes to stop in front of it like a fucking train or something

  10. Sense of just total “frozen” in car drivers body because nobody can see anything besides a crushed bike (where is the bike rider I see him thinking, and I’m like, excited to be the bearer of good news)

  11. I shout over from where I’m jumping up and down probabaly 30 yards down the highway “I’m okay, I’m okay” and kinda wave my arm like a kid asking coach to put me in.

The thing that felt Te about it to me was the intellectualizing of “what to do” like I was operating at a very “if this than that” level for 6 seconds and able to process a ton of info and make decisions very easy. Fear level was zero, and feelings of confusion, concern, frustration, etc, were totally zero. I didn’t have a single feeling of frustration or fear or concern. Had a lot of access to information that I don’t really know I ahve. Like I knew not to turn hard and brake; it was me utilizing Si sense of road and stuff, I’m sure, and Si sense of space, like where Semi was—just putting everyting to use fast and without any concerns.


There is so much going on in the above post that I can’t even tell where Te-id is truly, but I guess it’s just decision-making extrusion process for you haha. I like the word extrusion. I learned it from my chinchilla’s pet food:

Ramming in a bunch of things so it comes out in a streamlined and focused paste or solid of DECISION lol. This is a great image because it’s colourful and reminds me of Johno’s candy-filled brain (which is not quite as candy-filled as ENFP or INFP, mind you, but still!). It would have been more accurate if the extrusion was a brown goo.

What also triggers my id:
Getting presented by so much information I feel obligated to read it or at least skim it only to realize it was A HUGE WASTE OF MY TIME AND ALL STUPID and then I get mad at that person. lol
When presented with info to absorb, I am always kind of looking for absurd/logic breaks, my decision tree kind of looks like this:

… / … \
…If Informative, keep reading … ABSURD
…agree? …disagree? …Fi-check
…Fe-check…Te-explain…funny/like it…IT’S STUPID/anger
silence …mirror agree (Fe)…exit…Ne-engage…agree (Fe/Fi)…yelling/mean (Fi/Te)

This format may look messed up. looks like this:

As you can see, most of my reaction will come only from times of disagreement or when it looks “stupid” to me.


Haha “candy brain” for Ne. Really, Prax? Lol.
Actually that’s an excellent picture to paint for Ne methinks.


For some reason, this thread reminded me of these funny descriptions of the types as RPG characters:

ENTP: Wizard.


Ultimate magic skill. Has special ability to locate invisible treasure, and can identify items for free. Always 20 levels higher than everybody else in game, and has double experience bonus for every fight. Special ‘Provoke Argument’ skill can be used to make opponents fight amongst themselves. Can use thief and machine skills if situation calls for it. Only magic character that can equip guns, clubs, or blunt objects.


Appears and disappears entirely at random. May appear for part of a fight and then leave, taking equipped items with. When returned, items that were equipped are gone without explanation. Sometimes can be found on both sides of the same battle, turning on player for no apparent reason. ‘Provoke Argument’ skill may randomly affect player’s party instead of enemies, or even the ENTP themselves. Some players will not have ENTP at all, in the entire game, or think that they do, but find out later that it was a frog. Can be kept around by equipping “Obligation” leg-iron, but this halves stats and eliminates magic spells. May fill entire screen with dialogue, for the entire game, preventing the player from seeing where they are going. Banishing the ENTP from the party will likely result in combat with ENTP later on, which is not recommended.

INTJ: Assassin.


All attacks include poison. High agility, low visibility. Only character capable of “single hit kill” skill. Can suck the soul out of enemies and absorb their experience and skills. Can learn “Octopus” attack and permanent “invisibility” skill. At highest level, a special menu command ‘Make it So’ becomes accessible, allowing player to select any NPC they want to ‘be eliminated.’


While stats appear high, there is an automatic 25% decrease when battle is begun. Actually working for Evil Boss Badguy, and may, in fact, BE evil boss badguy, just biding time. Will not attack when told – “attack” command makes them “defend.” “Defend” command makes INTJ attack. Easily killed with white magic spells. Heal 2 should finish off an INTJ that has maxed levels. When hitpoints are low, has risk of going into “Rage” skill that halves all stats and unequips all gear.


And here’s the INFJ one, out of fairness:

INFJ: Hero.


Low stats to start, stats grow to insane levels as game progresses. Only character that can use Legendary Sword of Hero-ness. In final battle, immune to boss attacks. Size grows by 5000% when HP reduced to critical, due to special “Rage” skill. When in “Rage” mode, enemy stats reduced by 5-25% due to Scowling.


Refuses to earn experience with low-level fights. Attacks final boss in first 5 minutes of gameplay. Dies immediately. May mistake other characters, and possibly the princess, for “Final boss”.


This is weirdly accurate for me, both in games and real life.

I take forever to get started, spending an eternity or two researching, preparing and learning “the rules”. Always planning for the end game, so have worked out in advance exactly which prerequisites to take and in what order to achieve ultimate awesomeness.

But this usually means starting out weak and ineffective, so need good diplomacy to attract allies and disarm the bad guys until I’m strong enough to hold my own.

Highly chivalrous due to strong Fe values. Gets into all kinds of trouble when Fi-Id is triggered by flagrant violations of code of honour ('cause world is hard and cold and no-one cares about chivalry any more).

So may fly into rage and intervene when sees strong and thuggish types bullying the weak and helpless, only to get beaten to pulp by thugs 'cos I’m completely outmatched and outnumbered.


Wow I vote this for funniest description of ENTP ever. I loved this. I disappeared from this thread after choking it with words so this is the first I have seen it.


All these descriptions, wow, very good. Are there a full set somehwere? This is really funny shit man


PraxiMatic I never saw this beautiful image but yes I think you’ve got it.

I totally disappeared from this thread so I missed your amazing decision tree too. SORRY I cannot even believe we’ve been friends after I didn’t Fe adore your tree. HOW DI YOU SRUVVE THIS LONG WITHOUT VALIDATION.


I have done some thoughts on Te lately and

Since my earlier ones are So shitty I bet I could do better with another stab at it


They can be found here, on an MBTI blog by, natch, an ENTP:



And, true to type, the ENTP blogger got bored back in 2011 and disappeared from sight…