What Each MBTI Type Cannot Stand


What Each MBTI Type Cannot Stand

Is this right? I inverted each of the types’ bottom functions to determine their shadow functions, and thus, perhaps, their particular and incontrovertible IRL hates. Grouped together those with functional deficiencies in similar realms. Very rough, but let me know what you think.


As an INFJ, I like a certain amount of routine around repetitive tasks that require Sensing, whether its Se (for domestic chores, say, such as washing dishes or cleaning and tidying), or Si (for more mental tasks such as form filling , or doing my timesheet and invoicing at work). Once I’ve set up a reasonably efficient system for executing these tasks, it then goes onto autopilot and my body happily potters away doing the job while my Ni is free to meander the “Windmills of my Mind”.

What I can’t abide is:

a) Being micromanaged or monitored while doing routine tasks.
b) Constant micro-revisions or new prescribed “shoulds” and “musts” by Si/Te beaurocrats, such as at work when the Quality Police add yet another pointless and inefficient step to a Standard Operating Procedure, just 'cos someone somewhere else on the planet made a mistake, or the Health & Safety Nazis do the same (not out of genuine concern for the health of workers or the general public, but to avoid the risk of being blamed or sued if some idiot scalds themselves by drinking boiling hot coffee or tripping over a step). I am one of those idiots, thanks to inferior Se, but I would never dream of blaming or sueing someone else for my own incompetence, unless there was a genuine hazard that needs fixing to protect others from doing the same.

c: By far the worst of all the things I can’t abide is bullying and angry criticism, especially if it involves one of these Si/Te areas I already struggle so hard to cope with and comply to sensible rules (I am quite an orderly, law abiding person by nature). I’m fuming mightily as I’m writing this, in case you couldn’t guess :astonished::triumph:, after being harangued by my ENTP partner for leaving pots in the sink overnight (he told me to!), then yelling at me when I was removing said pots and clearing bench spaces) for not being fast enough (I don’t have superspeed like Quicksilver of the Flash), then blaming me when his muffin jammed in the toaster (I’ve been saying its a crap design for ages and that we need to rrplace it with one that actually works), then barking at me to go shower and dress cos we now have to drive 30 minutes away to the hardware store to buy a new one. All because I asked him to make me a decent coffee with our shiny new coffee machine (he still hasnt shown me how to use it - it makes fab coffee but is incredibly Heath-Robinson-ish) in design and the manual is next to useless!). So now I’m angry, caffeine-deprived and furiously venting here instead of showering as ordered, due to my own ornery stubborness). Sigh!


How fun!

I agree with Stewart that “enforced routine” is probably the wrong phrasing, but the right gist. Having some minimal routine is very comforting, especially for INFJs that easily get overwhelmed. Something that helps us manage transitions and keeps things going so our brains can wander. I find people with Si in the 3rd function position very comforting to be around and I could easily live with an INTP–3rd position being not too much and not too little.

However, stagnantly living a routine life solely based on repetitiveness is soul crushing and uninspiring. Maybe “following useless procedures” is better? probably only an INFJ would argue this…

@Stewart–I’ve noticed that ENTPs actually do have routines, kind of in the same way that I workout or meditate to balance Ni. They don’t live through them like an Si dominant, but they adapt and develop them to balance out Ne and use them to manage their need for new experiences…I’m butchering this. Maybe call it “chaos management routines” Like a routine for airports to enable them to constantly travel, settling into a hotel, morning routine that allows them to explore a gazillion news websites in 20 min, first hour of getting to work and what you accomplish (or how you create chaos) routine.


You nailed ENTPs perfectly with this description.
Despite our occasional clashes, I wouldn’t swap my ENTP for anyone else ever! The only downside is due to the communication misfires when inferior Se collides with inferior Si!