What ever happened to The Homeless Sexuals?

I just checked the website and realized I can’t find any THS articles. What happened? I haven’t gotten around to listening to all of them.

They’re buried under a rock in a desert. :grin:

Okay, blah. I’m here to elaborate.
Both Blake and I reached the point of not wanting to do the show anymore and I was the one who asked him kindly to take them down. He respected my wishes and took them down. Thank you again, @Blake! Sorry to disappoint anyone if they found them amusing and delightful, but it was a chapter ended. And it was a joint collaboration, thus making it within my rights to ask him to take them down.

If he made me sign a contract in blood that said anything we made was his sole property, I would not have a say. But I did, so there. :smiley:

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I think you can still access them on the Darknet.

I am the darknet, bitch.



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The password is :spider:

No worries! I gotchu :slight_smile: