What good is mbti?

Seriously! What good comes from all this analysis and understanding :frowning:
We can’t change fate! Whatever has to happen will happen, no matter what!

Someone please tell me, what good is mbti … or for that matter anything else!!!

It is interesting to think about.

I see! Never thought of it like that, hmmm… interesting :wink:

(Sorry about the sarcasm … INFJ here, stuck somewhere in the Ni-Ti loop and not having a very good time just now :frowning: )

If you’re going to be sorry about it, then don’t do it. As for me, don’t worry about it. It won’t bother me.

Are you doing Morning Pages?

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I like this question. (Though I doubt my answer will bring you any help)

Essentially you’re asking what good is naming, framing, and labeling. It’s such a loaded question, first we have to define what is even good? The age old question of philosophers with too many debates.

Why are we even?

See, I find that if we follow down the rabbit hole of why, we tend to become more and more lost on the insistence of an answer. So, I suppose my answer is, we like frameworks because it simplifies life.

Personally, I agree with thought that we are simulations. Essentially, we simulate our personalities through a biased narrative which attempts to weave together and form a cohesion of our faulty memories. I don’t believe in souls, in the sense of an eternal permanent and beyond materialism. Though, I wouldn’t say I’m a materialist either.

Why MBTI? Well, I think mbti is a seductive system where the barrier of entry is quite low. It’s seduction also lies in with the lack of authority on who gets the final say. Is it Jung? Is the MBTI institute? Is it Blake? (This isn’t a slight, I adhere to prior mandates)

Why are we seduce? Because we need it, we need to be named, to be understood. We need to words to describe our behavior and thoughts to others in order to feel. All it boils down to is belief. We provide ourselves with theories in order to sustain survival in a chaotic world. We need spirituality. We need god as Nietzsche so aptly pointed out, but more than that, we need spiritual concepts. Even death, is a spiritual concept, we must believe that we will die in order to live. How else can we bear such a condition as life? (This is from Lacan, and not me).

I guess, the question is more, why do YOU need MBTI? Why are YOU here?

Abstracting to the entirety of humanity isn’t going to absolve any personal feelings, whether they are congruently collective or absolutely individual.

But if you’re deemed good enough by our so-called collective than maybe you can monetize these deep painful feelings. It’s like fe, or whatever. Though, it didn’t seem to make those other INFJs feel better either.

Shuggie. Dude.

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Not doing morning pages as of now, but I should. Will start soon.