What Myers-Briggs types are your parents?


I’m curious if their types specifically had an impact on you growing up.


My parents obviously had a major impact in my upbringing, but maybe you guys can help me type them.

Bubbly, always positive, great with planning and anticipating people’s needs (she’s an executive’s assistant), she has a lot of friends, likes painting, church goer, loves her garden, reads a lot of paranormal murder mystery books, stayed married to my father for 20-something years for the sake of my sister and I so she’s a persevere-er

Quiet, very regimented, likes to be alone, you cannot just drop in and see him - need to plan a visit with him, likes his corvette and taking it to car shows, used to be an alcoholic, has a deep depression in him that was rooted from childhood that he does not talk about often, likes scary movies, has dial up internet and a “stupid phone”, put down the childhood dog and texted everyone a day later about it, not suitable for family living, goofy - likes 3 stooges and Austin Powers

Just a few things to get started


Ok here’s my instant-off-the-cuff typing of your parents:

Mother - ISFJ/ESFJ
Father - ISTJ/INTJ


My mother: ESFJ (my guess). Very smothering and needy. As soon as I graduate I’m out of the country.

My father: unhealthy INFP (my guess). Extremely negative all the time. I don’t believe I have heard a single positive thing come out of his mouth in the last two years or so. Same goes for getting the f*** out of the country.


Mum istj, a Dad intj.
They did good. Problems were just weird things of the universe.


@Ankh Your mom sounds like esfj and your dad Istj.

My mom is Isfp and my dad istp.

My mom had a big impact on me. Both positively and negatively. My dad not so much. My parents were divorced from as far back as I can remember.


Mum is an ESFP and Dad an INFP We had our family dramas, but nothing to do with their parenting skills - my brother and I were very lucky! Here they are:


My mother is an INFJ, and my father in an ISTP. My mother has had the biggest impact on my life. She is an amazing human being. My dad, I keep my distance with. He likes to argue, and pick at people’s patience. He has grown a lot being with my mother, she’s got an endless amount of patience and love for her family. My father loves his family just as much, in very different ways. My father and I butted heads a lot as I grew up. He is a very, very hard worker though and has a few admirable traits and wisdom. Overall I’m very thankful and great full to have them both as my parents. I absolutely love my mother though. We are very similar and understand each other very well.


I agree with ESFJ and ISTJ for Erika’s parents. That’s what I initially thought as well.


My mother is ENTJ and my father is ESTP. It was, uh, a strange environment for an INFJ.


I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have an INFJ parent! I’m glad it worked out for you! :kissing_heart:


Yes, she’s been a great emotional support for me. Our relationship hasn’t always been so bright, it’s been the last few years that we’ve been able to have more of a close relationship. Now we are able to confide in each other and have more of a friendship.


Did your extroverted parents turned you into a rather extroverted INFJ?
My parents and siblings are all introverts and I’ve wondered if that’s what made me a very introverted INFJ.


My dad is istp and my mom is INFP. I would not recommend an INFP mom for an INFJ. My istp dad was cool until I became an adult and couldn’t explain my life’s decisions in a way that made logical sense to him.

My environment was very introverted and bubble like–I was totally unprepared for the world.


My dad is an ESTJ and my mom is an ISFJ.

I don’t really know the deep impact their types have had on me. Them being sensors probably says it all in my case.

Maybe more later after I give this some thoughtful contemplation.


Interesting question. Yes, I think I’m a more extroverted INFJ than most. I for sure get burnt out if I’m social for too long, but I can last longer in social settings than most of my introverted friends. I’ve also REALLY TRIED to work on being more social because it doesn’t come naturally to me at all.

How introverted are you? Could you describe? Is your family very introverted as well?


Why isn’t INFP mom + INFJ child a good combo? Too squishy?

Oh man, I feel you on the “logical” thing. It’s like I have to translate into ENTJ/ESTP language my life choices because they don’t think in the same terms that I do.


Let’s say it’s to the point that even after reading about INFJs being awkward in social situations, I still manage to beat myself up and convince myself that I’m probably the worst INFJ ever in this regard. Unlike you, I haven’t put much efforts in being more social. And that’s maybe it: I didn’t have a model in my family that I could try to emulate. It takes me a lot of time to open up to people and then I tend to stick with the few close friends I have.
ISTJ mother, INTP father (strange pairing). Very quiet family.


My family was actually a hindrance to me opening up to people, if you can believe it. The way I approach people isn’t the way they approach people, so I was never able to model myself after them. It was only through jobs where I had to interact with a ton of people on a daily basis that I forced myself to be more social. It’s still painful, but a lot less painful now. I also discovered that I was funny, so I use humor to my advantage.

Yowza, I find it really hard to connect with ISTJs.


Mh, workplace, yeah. I’ve been buried in a library for a few years now, doesn’t help!

Yes, ISTJs are maybe the worst for us. I’d like my mother to acknowledge that it’s as difficult for me to adapt to her as it is difficult for her to understand me.