What same thing am I seeing?

What is different? Like sesame street ‘One of these things’… I’ve put one in that is to me clearly different on one level, the only problem is, I know the different [yet yet] but I’m not sure if the other three are the same as each other, yet something is similar in all. Not necessarily looking for same sun. Could just be same highly placed function or id or what have you. Or not. But it’s pestering me. Appreciate any thoughts.
And this thread is for any group of artist ponderings. Kinda like Blake would have us guess, but I’m not going to come in at the end with justification, just maybe what I saw that I was wondering if other’s see.
Gods I’m always afraid I’m not being clear, so I guess have me clarify if need be.
Also reminds me of the song, ‘what’s the name of that song’. La di da di dah, la di da di dah…

Ooh neat.

They all do “that ENFP sound thing” that washes over with low amplitude, like gentle waves or pipes in a cathedral. U2 and Coeur de Pirate for other examples. And they’re all doing the visual equivalent-- the intent eyes floating through rippling space. Social rules suspended, how cool is that? We’re on the roof.

To me Feist stands out as having a piquancy. Light but pointed, in contrast to the main layer of heavyish immersion. It makes me think of Our Lady covering Rocket Man. There’s a clear difference in emphasis but I think you can see what I mean.

I presume it’s to do with an agile placement for Ni? Like maybe an ENFJ moon in Feist? I’m lancing a guess here.

There’s also an Ni/Se edge to the Bittersweet guy but it’s more like he has INTJ rising or something.

Oh Sparrow! More things I had not thought of. Thank you!
I need to watch more of Kate to see what is also the same and different in her. And will look up the pirate. And think about U2.
And I did see the hint of Ni/Se in Bittersweet guy but in his second song. In Bittersweet Symphony I was not seeing that because the thing that feels same was consuming my attention. The irreverence. So which irreverence is it?

Not sure what the exact spot the difference game is :smile: but at a cursory listen and view, what I felt was different is that Matchbox twenty seems most vanilla to me. In a very general sense my overall feeling is that Matchbox lacks a x-factor of depth, soul, insight, sharpness or rawness than the others. Perhaps there is an Ni/Se axis at play in the others.

There is something interesting and catchy in the other three. In the sound and/or video. That pulls you in want more.

Maybe some Fi play in there too.

Heya sacha, long time no see and I’m touched that you stopped to add your thoughts.
Yeah, it was Matchbox that felt a bit different of the three that I thought was feeling most similar. Some alikeness but a different… I want to say demeanor or energy or… vanilla could work, lol, in a way. But there is like this… I think… gods, to be able to get my fucking ducks in a row… I need to go watch another interview with him and keep researching a bit myself. There is a bit of self defeating/helplessness/inevibility in his other music too, that I’ve watched, but loads of feels!
The actual one that stands out as not the same is not so much for originality or wanting more, but for me, for an obvious difference that I think those I considered more same, had in common, but - aargh I frustrate myself- if I just spit it out I might make more sense-, but I was trying to keep it more open to interpretation for a while. I’m not particularly good at games. So…

Things I am seeing: A sensor. Feelers. Ni rabbit holes, which may mean Ni is less accessible? Considerable amounts of Fi but I don’t have it figured where.
@Sparrow, And Feist, -love her!- feels INFP to me, though I see your take on her moon, but then if kind of balancing between say @JaMisa who feels more similar if looking at confidence and style and both’s turbulence and @lunar in her bearing and lyrics. Like an energetically slightly awkward, yet compelling grace, filled with difficult realizations and so many questions [which I’m sure applies to all here, being human, but stands out so lunar like to me. Maybe it’s that pesky ENTP moon, lol.
Just so ya’ll know, this does all look like chicken scratch to me.

@TinyYellowTree I know what you mean about Matchbox, there’s a quality in common with (ESTJ?) artists like Steven Page, Andrew Lloyd Webber, …? Like a very boyish, shiny-faced, almost pleading tinge to the feeling. I think too of the actor Jason Segel (type unknown-- ISFJ? lol). I would still guess Rob Thomas is ENFP sun but I’m feeling good about assigning ESTJ rising.

A sensor, eh? I could buy MIA as an ESFP from those videos (don’t know her otherwise). Too many acronyms there. Or Richard Ashcroft (the Verve) as ISFP maybe. A bit of a Keith Richards thing going on. Coeur de Pirate has an ENFP vibe to her music but she’s probably ISFP.

Seems to be Te irreverence if we’re going with what’s in common.

Oo nice of you to say, didn’t think I’d be missed :upside_down_face:!
I’ve been pondering over some of the type me threads.

Haha, God I feel like this a lot, I hear myself and I’m like (to myself) ‘what are you trying to say woman, just spit it out, just say it; say what you’re trying not to say!’

Gonna think a little over the rest of your post cos I’m in bed now xx

This is what I think, yes.
Damn, I should just go with direct.
I gotta run fill my belly. Still need to look up a few things too.

I really wanna play.
All work and no play makes carley a dull girl.
I will be back to play damnit.

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No worries about time frame. It’s just out there. Even when I technically have time, my head space is often not cooperative.

This Feist girl? Total INFP.

Sometimes it’s hard to recognize INFP for me because my Ne is more stilted. I get really shy and embarassed about it, but in the music video I Feel It All, that’s a total Ne attack.

And then in Mushaboom, that felt like Ne in a Se context. Like she’s channeling this boundless and uncontainable energy, but it’s very much in the body. Covert Se. Se is that hardness, but that hardness is delivering that Ne bubblegum can’t be contained vibe.

I can see myself in her I Feel It All video. If I were to loosen up more and not have the reserve of my rising type keep me in check, I would probably channel this freedom more easily.

I feel like my Ne comes out more menacing and scary. Hm.

But her? INFP probably with Se rising helping make that Ne more accessible and temporarily lived in. Manic energy able to be harnessed and make what I’m so far calling, covert Se. Se that ain’t hard, but is soft. Or maybe a hardness about being soft. Like, “I WILL be a fluffy bunny!”.

It’s like an insistence on not having someone bring down your quirky and sincere vibe. OR, let me lose that softness and take you to task :smiling_imp:.

But she has some refinement in her presentation that could be ISFP Rising. I just see easily accessible Se so far. Se collapsing on itself from Ne giddiness.

It’s like Ne sincerity undermining Se coldness. Se wants boundaries and self containment, Ne bounds out and obscures and obfuscates those boundaries, and in the end there’s this weird crossover existing as both. Should be more messy, but is actually really cute and inspiring to take in :smile:.

Ok, those are my thoughts so far. I can see the crossover between me and her, it’s a compliment!

Yes, I was like oh okay:) cool.

I just don’t understand how I come across (presentation) and I don’t recognize other infps easily. My intp recognizes infps sooner.

Not to say I think she is infp. I can’t tell when someone is infp so that’s the point.
I would always guess enfp or isfp first. I think infps aren’t very public.

IKR? She cute.

Just callback to how people usually describe you or react to you on a first impression. Seeing what type goes with what trigger words could be helpful. Or so I assume :wink:.

Weird confession, I hear @schlopadoo in the back of my head saying “THIS IS JUST ALL SPECULATION” when I talk about subtypes. LOL, message received I guess :smiling_imp: .

But yes, I know you didn’t ask for advice. Why do I always give advice unasked? Maybe I have SJ moon after all, LOL. LET ME TEACH YOU. TAKE MY SENSIBLE ADVICE.

Like damn girl, chill out! Give people space!

Oop, whatever my subtypes are, one is mightily audacious. A gift and a curse I find.

Probably actual Scorpio Rising fuckery I assume. Conceal and reveal, don’t be satisfied either way.


But yes, Feist is cute. VERY cute :speak_no_evil:.

Yeah, I haven’t looked at her interviews and stuff. Comfort with Ne could be dom function of Sun type.

But, the fact its out there and observable, in this flashy way makes me think it’s a aux function. Cause she seems chill, till she ain’t. And there’s an assertion and lived in feeling with Ne that gives me Se vibes. Lol, my arguments just build themselves sometimes.

But I think we all see Fi at least :wink:. So we’re onto something!

I agree with this.

here I thought she looked more isfp than in her “performance”. curious what people think? she resembles someone I think is isfp wonder if it’s true or another of my false libraries.

We have listened to Feist for a long time but recently for my granddaughter I found this. This is where I first thought INFP.
I watched the interview. Would have to watch more. I am not sure INFP but sitting there till I see enough else.
On phone so will come back to this.

I have a bit of a stumbling block where I don’t know if infp can look like this. Lol.
I really don’t know what infps look like.


O yes babe I did send you that message via telepathic communication. :scream: O yes I did!

Your Poopy Baby with Si :poop:

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Male, but isfp, I think.

Like more of a direct delivery.

Here is an interview and I tried to think what it is that kept pinging me.

I narrowed it down to extreme sensing awareness of the interviewer. She’s always looking at him. Her eyes, they’re just ON HIM. So steady. Does infp look like that? I don’t know if infps appear to be looking at the person. Internally, as infp, I get overwhelmed by straight up looking, as if each glance gives too much information to process. But maybe I’m simply not aware of the amount of staring I am doing. Don’t know.

It’s true one time I got feedback about my “stare”. But I thought infp stare is harder to define. More like stolen glances. Secret staring.

Right? Yeah, for me too she’s the kind of person that initially confuses me and I go back and forth from ENFP to ISFP.

I don’t see INFP though. She’s too present and the way she talks is more to the point, when she doesn’t find her words she keeps repeating the same thing in short bursts, while I think INFP would have been lost in a never ending roundabout phrase. She looks more grounded and like she can talk intuitively about what her art means, but up to a limit. It’s about “the now”.

Something clicked when I saw the Sesame Street video above and the way she moves her body. I think she’s ISFP. Maybe a softer ISFP or with Ne in her rising type?

I think INFP stare would still look soft. Not there, looking AT something but THROUGH something. Staring into the void. As if falling from the normal floating state, but never reaching the ground.