What type is James Delaney (played by Tom Hardy)?


I am bad at typing people and amazed by the wizards who can see the forest for the trees. Wizards, do you want to play Type A Fictional Character?

Are you watching TABOO? Do you want to try your hand at typing James Delaney? Played by Tom Hardy, Delaney is very weird and intense and possibly insane. There are things he wants and intends to have or achieve, but he seems quite detached from humanity in general. And the things he wants or intends to achieve seem more like he is driven to them, he has to have/chase them, it isn’t something he’s choosing out of personal delight or preference. He has intense emotion about some things but in general is very stoic.

I think this trailer is spoiler-free (also full of mud and scenery chewing):

What do you think? I can awkwardly talk myself into ISTJ, but then if I look at other peoples’ thoughts about ISTJs on the internet, it’s too full of peoples’ defensive feelings about like “Not all ISTJs are emotionless cyborgs, okay!” and I talk myself right back out of it.


I haven’t seen that yet, but I am quite interested. My first take would be a perceiver and thinker. I need to see more though. And can’t view for a while, as I am leaving for a few weeks.


oh i can finally reply here!

i think the dude here is actually ISTP.

he gives me too much of Putin vibe.

i could be wrong. i can KINDA see an ISTJ too.

but ISTJs aren’t that adventurous haha


AH! Putin. Yes, that makes sense. I would buy ISTP.

So how did you perform this magic trick? Do you think about functions, or are you asking yourself questions about if a person is introverted, or sensing, or-? Or do you think you have templates for types in your head and you quickly cycle through testing a persona against the template?


ah! i love these questions.

because it helps me really think about how i think.

it’s almost like an instinct.
i don’t lay out functions and see if he has more Se, or Ti, or whatever it may be.

it’s kind of ‘vibe’ i guess.
althought ESTP is extraverted sensing. i can almost literally see or feel the vibe from what one is saying or doing.

maincharacter on this show gives me an ‘introverted vibe’ so i guess i’ll just rule out extraverts.
and too much action and the ‘threatening’ vibe he gives off. so definitely not a Feeler. just typically no.

INTP or INTJ definitely wouldn’t be doing things of that nature. it would be odd to imagine.

so i guess it only gives ISTJ and ISTP as an option.

ISTJ doesn’t like to break rules and do something out of ordinary. it’s hard to imagine ISTJ doing something crazy like that.

so it only gives me ISTP as an option, and then i try to compare other ISTPs that i know of.
and Putin is prime example to me.
and i think of the two, the way they talk, and the way they act.

of course, this fictional character cannot perfectly embody an ISTP, but it’s the closest to it.
at least i would say, he’s trying his best to act like an ISTP.


And what of Tom Hardy himself do we think?
Has he been typed here somewhere already?

‘Internet’ says INFP but I’d need more reasons than “he says he’s soft inside” to be convinced.


I liked Tom Hardy in Wuthering Heights.


Have you seen Locke?


Haha, I was looking for that last night to re-watch as it’s been a while since first viewing. I liked this remake of WH but want to see if he’s a bit OTT.

I enjoy watching him, but sometimes it’s like I’m watching him play a part rather than believing him to be the character which pulls you out of the story a bit. Maybe depends on the character.


Yeah, liked it, could watch him all day.


Yeah I definitely enjoyed that version of WU over the other movie version with Kaya Scodelario. That was a weird take. I wasn’t a big fan of the female actress in the BBC version. Dunno.


James Delaney is E8 ENFJ. A charismatic brute. The overall energy is unmistakable, don’t you think?

I see Tom Hardy as the same type.

Not an INFP, lol. :grinning:


Also, his early photos reminded me of Marlon Brando, another E8 ENFJ.

Googled it. Oh yeah.


I wanna give you an intelligent reply but all I have is ‘mmm Tom Hardy’. Sorry.


Mm. Marlon Brando.


That’s OK, my opinion is highly nonverbal anyway.

I know almost nothing about Brando, but Hardy is one of my favorite actors. So yeah, mmm.


This one is ENTP. :smirk:

Blake’s List or Continuum of MB types

He sure isn’t!


That link just sent me down a 20minute Hardy distraction tunnel. Worth it though.


Is dat a yes?