What type is James Delaney (played by Tom Hardy)?


Dude, you paid me to answer this for you in the wayback! Remember?


I would if I had. Believe me, I didn’t.

James Delaney (Tom Hardy) is not Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) :slight_smile:



Jesus! Well, it all looks the same to me. Same diagnosis. Looks like a E3 ENFJ playing E8 ENFJ character. Both Fimmel and Hardy are very similar to me. And the trailers for their respective shows and characters. Very, very similar type thing going on.


Great. I’ll include him into the list.

The reason I thought maybe Tom Hardy is also E8 is this. Whereas young Fimmel resembles Brad Pitt (E3), young Hardy is strikingly similar to Marlon Brando (E8).


Yeah, I see that. Definitely. But, for some reason, upon watching Hardy for longer and longer times, he seems just to look the part of E8 ENFJ, whereas Brando seems to look the part and be the part. I think Brando is an E8 ENFJ with E8 ENFJ rising. As it stands now, I’d say that Hardy is an E3 ENFJ with E8 ENFJ rising. He doesn’t actually seem definitively either one of them somehow, like he is kind of a compromise between those two types. Weird. But, yes, definitely on first blush I get a strong E8 ENFJ impression from Hardy such that one would compare him to the likes of Brando. I see that.


I’ll list him as that.