What Type is Lana Del Rey?



I wanna say ISFP, but that’s just off the top of my head since she seems like a moody damaged girl. lol What I get from her music is that she seems to really indulge in being a victim of love/romance. Like a dangerous, needy, fragility. For me, this kind of thing is annoying and makes me wanna throw her in a garbage can, but there’s some kind of addictive quality to it that makes her fascinating to spectators. So… ISFP? lol


Haha! Yes, she loves playing the victim. Just a melencholy you could get lost in.


Yeah, but like in a destroy-the-other person way. Like “if you don’t let me play the victim the way I want, you will become the victim…” hahah. I think that’s like scorpio Fi at work.
I have have a not-sure-if-like reaction to her music a lot of the time because I can feel that it’s drawing me in, but at the same time I wanna shove her away. Like there’s a sticky cloying sinking quality to her aura.


Maybe. I don’t know. I think she’s quoted somewhere as saying all of her songs are about the same person. Someone she opened up to and lost for one reason or another. She misses and longs for the other person and goes through rollercoaster feelings about it. It’s so easy to get sucked into her music. So easy. For me at least.


Oh maybe! ISFP do tend to get really… REALLY entrenched in past hurts. there will always be that fresh pain in their memory that they can almost nurture, even if it’s bad. lol
I think someone like Taylor Swift on the other hand, even though she’s “known” for writing about songs of exes, there’s much more of a “forget them. burn their memories” kind of attitude of playing with her anger instead.
But I haven’t heard quite as many Lana Del Ray songs so I can’t say for certain. On the other hand… Taylor Swift plays at work constantly.


Oooo! Okay, cool!

I don’t like Taylor Swift at all. Not even a little bit. Just thought I would throw that in there.

Thanks, Prax! :slight_smile:


hahahaha your description is hilarious.

i think she is ISFP too. just by her posture and her subtle movements.
it’s very feminine.


She’s an INFJ.


Broken record lol;)

She reminds me physically of the one who wrote Fade into you or some title like that that you shared once.


Yeah, people are getting ISFP and INFJ mixed up. There is crossover between these two types due to Fi id of INFJ and Ni tertiary of ISFP.

I do see how people are seeing ISFP in her, but, she’s INFJ.

Yeah, like Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star (Fade Into You). Exactly, lunar.

Or Alanis Morissette. Or Katherine Keener. Or Linda Fiorentino. Or Lena Olin.

Dark Fi vibe to them. But, not ISFPs.

INFJ women.

Jennifer Lawrence?


Is that like a very high Se look? I can’t tell. Is that what you’re illustrating? I like this pic it looks like 2 things at once. Self protective and “back off” all at once. Doesn’t it? So interesting


Kinda looks like Taylor Swift in that picture. :innocent:



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OK, let me take a sec to watch the video lunar posted of Lana so I can see how INFJ she looks in this one.


Less so right?
I don’t “get” the video