Whatever you want


Still can’t figure out the Reddit comment.

I’m just as confused by this as everyone else. You’ve triggered me and found my vulnerability…I saw distorted flaws in a system and unconsciously I couldn’t resist tuning them up…but you win. Along with whoever else manipulated me unconsciously.

Do you only lack a soul in your fantasy world? Not attacking you personally it’s kinda leik a Metaphor.


Lacks specificity. What Reddit comment?


Could it be this one where the doggo strikes with ferocity, homeboy?



Looking back in that thread, damn @RumDawg your internet reach is insane. That bothered Sammy for a week…


There it is. You the man. Took me out.


Got you. :wink:


I meant Rum Dawg. But I’m sure it was thanks to you too.


I meant that is in “I got your back”. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Keep forgetting a lot of people on here are international.

Will adjust.


Got it. Brain still fried.


What bothered you so much about RumDawg’s comment, Sammy?


Which one? It was the negative energy mostly. Not into people making others feel less than.


I feel you.

Don’t let people on the internet get to ya, the doggo probably wouldn’t say it in real life. :wink:


:pray: amen


At least you’re not a channer? hahahah stares judmentally at everyone