What's Up With ENFJ Cognition?


Hi guys!

I’m curious about enfj cognitive functions and in particular how to tap into aux-Ni and avoid Fe-Se loops and too much Ne-id…so actually I just really want to learn how to become a better human being lool. It’s not a tall order at all! :stuck_out_tongue:

:kissing_heart: Stay real!!


Projection of personality :stuck_out_tongue:

Get into drama club yo! I think you’d have quite the flair for dramatics, even if you feel like you are shy or have no charisma (I beg to differ)…

Or student debate… my sister has a Type 3 ENFJ friend (who refuses to accept that she’s ENFJ because she wants to be ENFP —> wants excuse to get away with what she thinks is being goofy/awkward… has no idea that actually, she’s fuckin magnetic)… anyway, that girl is amazing at this thing called MUN or Model United Nations… she told me it gives her the opportunity to strongly express her opinions without feeling “guilty”…


this made me think.

i think when people say “i’m not good at this” when they actually are, is because they expect more from themselves and they know they’re not reaching their own potential.

especially when it comes to their dominant function.

for example, when i dance (Se), i know i can do better than what i just did, so when people think i did good, i think to myself ‘but you don’t know what i can actually do’, so i tell them “no, it wasn’t that good. it was alright”

so in a way it’s like an inner confidence + potential.

idk what Ni Aux is, but from what i see, ENxJ’s think they’re always right. (especially ENTJ)
but it’s very affective when they’re giving a speech. because it makes them come off very certain.

so i guess when they use Ni, they can project it to other people like it has already happened.


Eww don’t mention math to me…projections, what projections?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Heehehe this is a good suggestion…I’ll try it!! Also thanks for the sweet compliment…even though you’ve never met me in person I’m still smiling at the kindness of the fact that a stranger over the Internet has confidently complimented me…

It’s too much effort to be concise and clean with arguments though lool…

Oh!! One of my undergrad friends did this in high school…it did always sound like something I’d enjoy :smiley_cat:


That’s such a good point…I definitely agree…I feel like if I put in enough effort I could be the Illuminati queen with the strength of my will alone…but of course I’m going to be a dutiful follower of science instead :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t take this the wrong way, but this just sounds super hot.

ENFJs are so freakn’ cool. lol.


Have you thought of volunteering @iamrl? Something like Big Brothers Big Sisters? I think ENFJs make the best role models! Especially ENFJ women in science! Hell yeah!


Haaahaha I’m the baby of the family though why should I mentor anyone!???

I’ll look into it :kissing_heart: