What's William F Buckley Jr's type?


What’s William F Buckley Jr’s type? I’ve always wondered. He’s sorta a YouTube star.

Help type these YouTubers

The only thing I have to contribute here is I’m not sure it’s possible to type a narcissist/sociopath, maybe if one knows them inside out? Buckley was a very toxic individual, and a lot of what he presents is purely facade. I mean this completely separately from his philosophy and politics, a fair amount of which finds agreement with me.


He’s always seemed kinda NTP to me.


How so?



Wouldn’t certain types be more likely to be narcissists than others? The same goes for any other mental disorder tbh


lmao, you can’t take that article serious?

Buckley is a narcissist and horrible person because his son mentioned that he

  1. liked to change the TV channels all the time

  2. he moved his yacht from one location to another

  3. He only came to visit his sick son half way across the world after it seemed that condition would get worse.

  4. he had glassy eyes at Ronald Reagan’s inauguration


Just sounds like the behaviour of all old style patriarchs. My grandfather was exactly the same. Would dominate the situation / change things just so he’d be the one in charge. It’s not a fucking personality disorder, it’s just old man syndrome.


On a related topic it’s sad that Netflix have cancelled the Gored Vidal movie because the main actor was Kevin Spacey.


Regardless of the analysis in that article, none of that behaviour is normal and indeed in my opinion outs him as a sociopath. Normal people generally cannot appreciate the mindset of sociopaths/malignant narcissists and therefore they get away with a lot. There is simply no other way that events can be interpreted if seen together. You really have to put yourself in those shoes. It’s old style patriarch behaviour to dump your kid at his graduation ceremony without warning? This is his son remembering him, and he remembers him as a frankly horrid person even if one discounts a personality disorder.

Your interpretation of the arguments is absolutely pathetic and lacks any good faith.


This forum is supposed to be for type analysis, not what is considered right or wrong.

Your argument is basically, “This behavior isn’t normal because I say so, therefore this person cannot have a type.” What?


[quote=“fallot, post:10, topic:450”] It’s old style patriarch behaviour to dump your kid at his graduation ceremony without warning?

Lol mate. What sort of mollycoddled world have you brought up in? Literally none of those actions that Buckley did make him to have a personality disorder at all. A bad person, maybe, but this is a moral evaluation. I read that, I don’t think he’s a bad person. We must have different moral standards then. Such is life.


In general there’s too much cod-psychology in this world. People throwing accusations of ‘psychopathy’ and ‘narcissism’ around without care or determination.

It’s like people can’t deal with the fact that people are people and often aren’t nice.


If this guy was muttering an opinion about the San Antonio Spurs do you really think you’d still say he’s a narcissist @fallot? I can’t quite take seriously that your claim is “completely separate from his philosophy and politics” because I also do not agree that what that article describes counts as narcissism. I could tell every one of those stories from a different angle and make Buckley sound any number of ways. I can tell stories about my Really Fun Uncle who has run boats aground and almost killed his family a number of times. Stories about my Own Really Pretty Nice Dad who changes the channel this way and causes us all to look at each other and be like, oh! I guess we were all kinda done with that one weren’t we? at which point he looks around the room like “who are you all and where did you come from and how long have you been sitting here?”

And I don’t take it seriously when my wife says my kids are dying; I have heard It too many times. So yeah I’d finish out my trip.

Narcissist? I think he is probably more like, doing whatever Richard Dawkins is doing. Maybe INTJ?


Most people are neurotic assholes if you dig deep enough into them.


Just the first part of it. The person can and certainly does have a type, but how much can you tell about their type from how they present in media, through writing etc. when they have a severe personality disorder is my thrust.

It’s simply my opinion that this is highly abnormal behaviour, if anyone doesn’t thinks so that’s their right, but I think it is quite clearly dysfunctional, the reasoning above is good, and I look into this sort of stuff a lot so you pick up patterns that just aren’t right. The reaction by ordinary people is also very usual (“lol you dont think people can be horrid?”), this is how these people tend to get away with their activities.

Regarding Buckley’s philosophy/politics, I fall firmly on his side of things though it seemed like he preferred hobnobbing with elites more than anything else. Me finding out about his other issues is entirely incidental, so I thought I’d let others know. I think my work is done.




As opposed to a narcissist/sociopath. You did the same thing again.


Don’t you find it a bit creepy that you’re condemning someone as a sociopath by a second hand article?