What's Your Beauty Routine? like, omg


So, I just finished getting ready for my sister’s birthday gathering, and I was thinking about beauty routines.

What do you do when you’re really trying? I ask “really trying” because most of the time, I look kinda granola. If I’m just hanging around the house, I usually smell and look like a homeless person. But I clean up pretty well, gotta admit.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Shower
  2. Hang out in my robe while I do the next steps…
  3. Put a serum thingy on my face that is supposed to make me look younger. Let that dry.
  4. Put a primer on my face. Let that dry.
  5. Maybs some eye moisturizer.
  6. When shit is dry and ready, I then put on eye-shadow primer.
  7. While that is setting, I put foundation on.
  8. Then I put on my eyebrows! This is tedious because I want them to look natural. I have a cream thing and a brush. So, I kind of paint the hair then shape them.
  9. Now eye-shadow! Yay! I put like 3 colors on. First a shimmery one. Then one that is a little darker on my crease, then one that is even darker on my lids and under-eye.
  10. No eyeliner, cause I suck ass at it. Besides, I think it may detract from some natural beauty. Yeah, that’s what I’ll say.
  11. Then, I curl my eyelashes. That’s fun. God, the weird shit chicks do to look kinda okay…
  12. Mascara.
  13. Contour and blush.
  14. Highlight.
  15. During this time, my hair has been wet, clipped back, sorta air-drying. -Which is necessary to give it some air-dry time because I have a lot of hair!
  16. So now, I’m kinda warm and I know I’ll get even warmer with the blow dryer, so the rest I do naked.
  17. I comb my hair.
  18. Put some oil thing in it. I don’t even know what it’s called. I only bought it because it had a unicorn on it.
  19. Then I dry my hair in three sections. Round brush.
  20. Then I plug in whatever heat torture I decide on that day. Most of the time I do loose curls. Today I decided to straighten it. If I let my hair do it’s natural thing, I wouldn’t be married…jk…but for real, it’s crazy!!!
  21. While the heat thingy is warming up, that’s when I brush my teeth, put on deodorant cause I forgot, and put on some perfume in fun places. I like roll-on perfume.
  22. So now the hot thingy is probs ready.
  23. Then I do whatever I need to do in three sections again.
  24. Then maybe I’ll put some more unicorn oil on my hair…depending.
  25. IF I decide on lipstick that day, I save it for last. If I put lipstick on, it’s a special fucking occasion.
  26. Then I put on clothes.



I didn’t understand 80% of this… But i like your sense of humour…


I don’t have a beauty routine. And it mentally hurts to try to see how I can make myself beautiful and last time I thought I could was when I was like 12. I don’t clean up well. But a grooming routine is handy. I brush teeth lol


Beauty is srs bns. It deserves more than ellipses. So yeah. Here’s mine.

  1. Jump right in and then right out of the shower because I procrastinated becoming beautiful because I just do.
  2. Blowdry hair and straighten it because curls make me look too young and I’m an adultz errkays? I shouldn’t be carded as a grad student.
  3. Put on clothes. Oh and I forgot deodorant.
  4. Slather concealer or foundation. Or both. I still don’t really know the difference.
  5. Powder my face because that’s what you’re apparently supposed to do if you don’t want your face to melt.
  6. Define my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and then coat my brows with eyebrow mascara so I don’t have to spend ten minutes trying to draw individual hairs.
  7. Put on eyeshadow. Generally I stick with neutrals.
  8. Quickly rim my eyes with gel eyeliner. I have a few in bold colors like blue and emerald but I’ve never tried them because I’m scared of indulging myself. But I like to think that one day I will.
  9. Swipe some mascara on. I don’t curl my lashes because when I did that once in high school, I plucked about half a dozen hairs out of my eyelid by accident.
  10. Brush on some blush and hope I don’t look like a clown at this point.
  11. Accidentally break the lip liner pencil about three times before filling in my lips. Then slather on a generous coat of lipstick if I feel like it.
  12. Spritz a dash of perfume.
  13. Dash out of my apartment five minutes late. Hey it gives me that nice windswept hair look.


This is awesome! ha


This is my kind of topic @Ankh :slight_smile:

The above is my skincare routine! I use all Asian products…I’m a huge fan of the subreddit r/AsianBeauty. If you invest in the community enough, it can replace your dermatologist. No joke. I’ve done a lot of research on skincare and have come to the conclusion that Asian (and especially Korean products) deliver the best quality results for the most attractive price points. My routine is as follows:

1.) Splash face with warm water
2.) Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence: Supposedly a cheap ass dupe for the “famous” SK-II facial essence. I honestly think that essences are just a genius marketing invention designed to make Korean/Japanese companies $$$ but I use it for an extra layer of hydration because my skin is dry. I will be switching this out just for a hydrating toner though b/c I don’t see any of the touted effects (mostly brightening).
3.) Apply CosRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF 50: This stuff smells really good! And is not expensive! And I’m a sucker for understated fragrance :stuck_out_tongue: I also like to be efficient, so I prefer a 2 in 1 sunscreen/moisturizer. I’m VERY picky about sunscreen…I hate the sunscreen “smell” & ghoulish cast so I avoid most American sunscreens…this one was seriously a winner though!

1.) Remove makeup with Heimish All Clean Balm
2.) Cleanse face with Deve Honey Face Wash - I subscribe to the “double cleansing” method in which you use a cleansing oil or cleansing balm to remove your makeup, and then a water-based cleanser to clean the rest of your face.
3.) 2-3x times a week, apply Naruko AMPM Total Brightening Renewal Treatment Mandelic Acid 5% - My chemical exfoliant of choice. It is an AHA…I use to use Paula’s Choice BHA but wanted to experiment with AHA’s because I have what I THINK is slight hyperpigmentation/mysterious redness on the sides of my face…(if you have no idea what the acronyms means…feel free to ask me!)
4.) Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence for hydration.
5.) CosRX Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask - This is my nighttime moisturizer. I like it because it is very hydrating and contains niacinamide, which is a key ingredient I look for in night creams.
6.) 2-3x times a week, use TonyMoly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub - I mainly bought this because I thought it was adorable! It’s in the shape of a red lip, if you can’t tell from the picture :slight_smile: My lips also get super super dry & cracked, so this is a must along with Chapstick!

I hate to sound vain, but I do not leave the house without makeup on. It’s more out of habit rather than some deep seated shame about my naked face though. :yum:

At a very minimum, I will have on foundation + mascara + a little blush + done eyebrows. If I were only permitted ONE cosmetic product for the rest of my life…it would be Anastasia Brow Pomade. Eyebrows define your fucking face, yo. Like you @Ankh I prefer natural looking brows, so that’s why I strive for the Korean eyebrow look (not a picture of me, BTW):

Eyeshadow - I have two eyeshadow palettes. Urban Decay Naked2 Basics which is FAR cheaper than the actual Urban Decay Naked series, and a great go-to for the “everyday” look, in my opinion. I also have Ciate London x Olivia Palmero Smouldering Eye Palette which I picked up on sale and I think is good for special occasions.

Lipstick - I’m a lipstick junkie. Bold lips, neutral lips, and everything in between. Just no blue or green lips, please. @Ankh @iamrl are you gals more a bold lip or neutral lip type of lady?

And are there any particular cosmetic brands you really like? Do you go for high end, drugstore, or somewhere in between?


I’m really low maintenance about my hair because it’s VERY thick and naturally curly…I already waste so much of my life trying to tame my thicket of wild hair with my flat iron & some good old BioSilk. I’m thinking of investing in keratin treatments because I’m so sick of dealing with my hair. I think products (shampoo, conditioner, or leave-in conditioner) with argan oil are really bomb though, especially if you have frizz. I rarely color my hair, but I would like to start experimenting! I’m fascinated by the gray/lavendar/pink ombre look, but don’t think I’m daring enough…I’m thinking of doing something slightly more conservative, like an ash brown color.

I use to invest in manicures from time to time but haven’t for a long time since I have to save money for graduate school, but I do file & clean under my nails regularly.

Lastly…Japanese facial razors ARE LIFE!!!


Awesome, @lml!

I love this!! I need to try some Asian products. I’ve read about how awesome they are.

Nah, doesn’t sound vain. I do the same, unless I’m headed towards the forest.

Um, like omg - I use the same product. I have blonde eyebrows. They’re baby fine and you can barely see them, so this stuff is gold to me.

Tehe. I don’t have any blue, but that’s on my list. Or like a purple. I like that. Fun pop of color! 90s punk/pop look. But like I would pair it with a nice outfit. I like doing that - mixing things up… wear something nice with something that is more grungy…or something that is grungy and put something nice in there. I don’t like to match perfectly. It doesn’t clearly reflect who I am. But yeah, I would so go the blue/green lipstick route, I’m just waiting for the right color and for my balls to drop. I have a lot of Kylie cosmetics matte lipsticks. Well, like 5. I consider that a lot. I don’t usually wear lipstick. I usually just put a chapstick on or I have this lavender balm thing that I put on my lips as well as other places like elbows. The colors I have range anywhere from a darrrrrrk red/burgundy to a baby pink. Again, combine different themes…light lips look awesome with dark eyes…dark lips look great with light eyes. When I say dark/light eyes, I’m talking about makeup. So like, if I were to wear dark lipstick, I would keep my eye makeup at a minimum. I’d probably only wear mascara. Let the lips do the talking. Ha. It’s like a black dress. Pair one memorable accessory with a black dress. Could be your shoes or a purse or jewelry or makeup. [quote=“lml, post:6, topic:207”]
And are there any particular cosmetic brands you really like? Do you go for high end, drugstore, or somewhere in between?

Only drugstore beauty products I use are makeup remover wipes and face wash. The rest is mid-high end. lol, is that a thing? So, let me check what’s in my drawer…Too Faced, Urban Decay, Bare Minerals, and Anastasia.

Yeah, for a little while I had a very nice white/gray blonde thing going on. But that was really hard on my hair…really hard. I like pink. I’m thinking about it. I like the color fad that is happening too. I wish I could do like blue or green, but I think a light pink with my blonde will pair nicely. Still thinking about it. [quote=“lml, post:6, topic:207”]
I use to invest in manicures from time to time but haven’t for a long time since I have to save money for graduate school, but I do file & clean under my nails regularly

I get my nails did every two weeks. I get the no-chip manicure. Right now, I’m wearing a black. I like to keep my nails long-ish. Not too long, cause I have to type, but long enough to make it known that I am a fucking WOMAN that has claws. Haha. With my nails, I usually stick to black, red…last round I had this pink/purple/shimmer thing on because I watched Clueless and was inspired by the 90s look. It was funny. This last time, I sat down and the girl was so pumped to show me all the new spring colors. And I was like, “nah, black.” And I made everyone laugh…I didn’t know I was being funny…lol. It was gloomy that day and I wasn’t feeling normal.

But yeah, I’m weird. I can do the makeup/beauty thing when I want to. And like I said, I clean up well. But I can also be the slobbiest slob thing you have ever seen or smelled. A little while ago, I forgot to put deodorant on one day. Decided not to put it on when I remembered too. I work from home, so all good, but I became fascinated with the smell for a little while. Like, whoa, what did we do before deodorant? I guess just dip ourselves in perfume.


Really?? Recommend me some!! I always get so overwhelmed by beauty stores and blogs that I don’t know what’s good or not…

Also regarding the lip color: I usually go bold since my eyes are more neutral…I also like my lips…they’re not that full but they have a pretty shape :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


this thread makes me feel stupid. haha. it would take me a whole summer to think up a routine. like Blake’s Se minimum…I should probably learn something. ahhh. eternal procrastination.
For now Se-minimum done at minimum.


See!!! And that was beauty products/makeup stuff are for!!! Enhancing your best features! I get compliments on my eyes a lot and yeah okay I guess their cool. So I focus on those. Drawing attention to those puppies.


I am super granola. Making shampoo bars today, I also make soap, do oil cleansing, have dabbled at cosmetics, but still mostly conventional for that. T. LeClerc powder, concealer if I need it, and lipstick only basic for most days. I like the look of liner and contoured eye shadow and used to do it more. Don’t have much occasion for it now and my eyes get irritated easily anyway. I don’t do much with my hair either; it’s long and gets pulled back or up or braided.


It’s fun! I love that some chicks are here to talk about chick stuff like this. It’s weird though…I’ll pay attention to beauty stuff and do what makes me look good or makes me feel good…but I can’t go toooooo far…Like the chicks on instagram. I don’t have an instagram, but I see them on pinterest…let me find a photo for an example.

This is tame. I’ve seen more done up chicks… But like look at this chick…I don’t think I would ever try to replicate something like this. It’s too much for me. I would however look at this photo and take some things away from it though. Like the way she did her eyes. The eyeliner. I would not, however, go that far out with the wing.

This next pic is probs more my speed and yes, I would so do the heart thing…Actually, I think I saw somewhere that there are stamps for this sort of thing… I wouldn’t do the red eye shadow though. I don’t think that would look good on me. But I love the hearts and the lips.


Awesome!! Show us a pic when you’re finished?


Regular beauty routine:

  • maybe wash my face or use a facial cleansing cloth. the end! i used to apply moisturizer but I got too lazy for even that
  • shower every 2-3 days
  • when showering, use head and shoulders shampoo and then whatever conditioner
  • comb through hair while it’s wet and apply some leave in conditioner
  • i do not deodorant or shave my pits anymore because they hate me and will rebel (luckily my body odour is low to compensate?)

LOL i ain’t really got anyone to impress so i am generally bare-faced and full of acne/scars (my skin is really sensitive so I try to not fuss too much with it)

When I am trying to get made up??:

  • moisturize
  • find a foundation that maybe or maybe not has already expired
  • some eye liner pencil or some eye shadow but I am not good at using them anyway–sometimes i do this in the wrong order and have to start over due to smearing up face
  • blush?? (orangey pink, so corals)
  • lipstick (i tend to like coral pinks, but more on the orange end of the spectrum? like my natural lip colour but more saturated, I guess)
  • maybe paint nails?? nothing fancy. my nails are always cut close and more round-shaped and i don’t like any long-nail manicury things on myself

I spent a couple of hundred on make up stuff like a decade ago because I thought “oh, now it is time to get with the program and learn to use make up” but that was short-lived. I have so little interest in using it and the pain of washing it off that all my stuff is expiring. lol

BUT I AM STILL YEARNING WHEN THEY WILL MAKE RED LIQUID EYELINER A THING!! Like RED red. Scarlet! Not any of this berry/purple red. yuck.

Apparently electric blue eyeliner is “in” right now (as are electric blue lips), since I am seeing it show up in Sephora (I don’t go very often, but yesterday I went with my ISFJ and ISFP pals):

This is cool, but I don’t think would work too well directly against my skin tone. So I am waiting until RED is in, in. Probably will be after GREEN or something. I’ve been waiting for years for it to be readily available. The right tones of coral is also hard to find. They usually are in weird art deco oranges or very pink ones. I get pretty frustrated. But I’m happy all these intense bold colours are finally breaking in to the mainstream.

Something like this could be cool, but I’d have to experiment for whatever look I had in my head lol:


Yes!!! I’m with you!!! I tried looking and couldn’t find anything. HOWEVER…I found good smudgeproof lip liner that does the job!!! Try that! Kat Von D has some good colors for that. For lips…nah, eyes. You could so pull that off, the red eyeliner thing.


I can confirm Lml’s words. I am also a huge fan of Korean cosmetics. I’ve struggled with skin issues smth about 15 years. Changed several dermatologists, who almost killed my skin with unnecessary medicine. Then I did my own research, that led me to double washing method mentioned above. Here is my daily care except self made cleansing oil and vitamin C serum (I use it instead of moisturizer).


Ahh where can I get these products!? My skin gets really dry in the winter but my T zone is pretty oily…also have acne scars :stuck_out_tongue: And I’ve only been using soap and water to wash my face so far lool…


iHerb? They have Korean Beaty section


Thanks!! Would you recommend the products shown in your pic??



  1. Avène Cleanance Gel (cleansing).
  2. Mad hippie vitamin C serum (moisturing). Caudalie Polyphenol C15 is good too. Holy Land Cosmetics C The Success Millicapsules are great but pricey.
  3. Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream (as moisturizer/make up/sun protection). Lumene CC Cream was my previous favorite.


  1. Cleansing oil/balm/cream (washing). I used DIY hazelnut oil + polysorbate + BHA. And Holika Holika Daily Garden Green Tea Cleansing Cream. You can try cleansing balm recommended by Lml.
  2. Avène Cleanance Gel or Beyond Pore Expert Fresh Facial Foam (contains AHA).
  3. Instead of night cream I used Secret Key Multi Cell Night Repair Ampoule. Now it’s over. And I am looking for alternative.

Additionally I use 1-2 times a week Missha Super Aqua D-tox Peeling Gel.
I like also Avène and La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water as toner. It’s cooooool in summertime especially!
For dry cheeks/oily skin I can also recommend La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Fluide. It’s light enough for pores and moistures pretty good. It’s ok under eyes as I know.

You can find Avène and La Roche Posay on Amazon. Some Korean products are there as well.

It would be useful to start something like beauty routine diary. It helps to observe how your skin reacts when you try new product.