When are ants going to take over the world?


Yeah, just curious to know your thoughts. When are ants going to take over the world? Will they have to grow bigger? More organized than they already are? What’s it going to take?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Will they have to learn how to use Google more effectively? What?

And indeed, when?


Um…the ratio for what an ant can pick up vs. what a human can pick up is like crazy. If there was a 150 pound ant, it could carry 750 pounds. And that’s up hill, both ways - like it was nothin’! Soooooo…It’s about us shrinking, not them growing. They’re patient. Waiting, waiting, watching, watching.


Yey yey!!! Cheers for this topic!


What about the water bears already seen in space. Maybe these cute lookers have a head start taking over the universe.


Holy connoli!!!


Cute huh?


I dunno…I never trust a smile…


That’s a great visual teehee vacuum spouted greetings


That has no bearing on the topic at hand. Focus. Ants. When? How? And if you’re an INFJ, why?

I believe this is one of the most pressing questions of our age and I don’t want to here dick about water bears. Water bears are space pussies.

And I feel confident in saying this since I haven’t Googled it yet. Nor, indeed, do I have any intention of doing so. I will not be sidetracked today by endless Google recursing.

I know. Google doesn’t. Ants. When, where, how?


Am gonna go sulk in corner:)


Erika, don’t shrink from the problem at hand. Stay focused. Stay positive. Stay alert.


Muahahaha! You think you have control here?

Ants are here to clean up our shit. They’re sick and tired of it too. I say, next supermoon they’ll rise. And rise meaning assemble. They don’t need size to overpower us or our government. And they don’t take prisoners. You wouldn’t believe what one said to me in passing. They’re jerks.


Water bears not too happy being called space pussies…:slight_smile:


Yes, I’d think you’d better.

And then when you’re done come back and get back to me on ants. Ants! Not space bears!

You’re not one comment in and you’re already off topic. Sheesh.


Well, they can take it up with me at their nearest convenience. In the interim, they can go sulk in a coalmine. Or wherever the nearest sulking receptacle is for the bulk of their kind.

Ants motherfucker!


There is only one solution:

Maybe they will take one human sacrifice. It could be me!!! Let it be me!!!


You might need to go do some morning pages Blake teehee:) (ducking behind a really big pile of space pussies)


Burning down the house works wonders. :fire:




A Radiohead concert?