When feelings think


What are feelings? I mean, really. People talk about feelings all the time. We know the names for the different feelings: happy, sad, angry, afraid etc.

But, somehow, what a feeling is seems to elude us. We can feel them. We can sense that others seem to have them.

In Myers-Briggs, the feeling function is opposite the thinking function. Thoughts seem more clear. A thought is this thing I’m having right now as I write this sentence.

But, what is a feeling?

Well, to get closer to it, I would suggest a word that already exists.


Similar to how instinct is the intuition of sensation, so an intimation is the thinking of feeling.


how about we get more literal?

you think with your brain. you don’t think with your penis right? Hahahaha well some say men do.

i think feeling is more associated with how your body “feel” something. like literally feel something.

the biggest dilemma I had was when a girl explained to me how “happiness” actually feels like.

i didn’t know people get warm fuzzy feeling in their stomach when you feel happy.

i found out when I was 19.

it made me sad. but I don’t think I “felt” sad.

i thought it. like ‘damn that sucks! I wanna feel it too!’

only time I feel a butterfly in my stomach is when I feel the drop in a Rollercoaster. and it feels good.

that’s why I must do extreme things to feel that way again.

when others can feel that feeling without doing too much.

for example. in some languages, anger literally translate to being literally hot. Like temperature wise.
and when a person is “heated”, or angry, the temperature of the body rises and makes blood hotter.

also stress and depression leads to part of your body doing some weird things and/or failing to function correctly.

from my observation, I noticed that many feeling type suffer muscle pain more than thinkers.


emotions in brain = thinking
emotions in body = feeling

emotions in genitals = horny


Are you saying like when a person is imitating someone else emotionally or physically, it’s them emotionally trying to “process” how something works?

Like how if you try to get “in character” you suddenly have a new set of information to know what that “character” is actually experiencing or thinking? What do you mean by imitation? lol

^ LOL whoops. you said intimations not imitations!


prax! he said intimation! not imitation xP


LOL reading mine own typos for so long have created problems


Hahaha since you got that out the way, now I’m curious what you’ll say about that.

how do you process emotion?
with your body? or mind? or both?
did I make any sense to you?


Intimations makes less sense because that’s even more subtle than an imitation.
Intimations sounds like the intuition of feelings, not the thinking of feelings, so I have to think about this more. lol

I process emotions through my thoughts first I think. Like when I try to work something out logically, but it doesn’t work, I can feel growing frustration or anger. It starts in my brain and eventually reaches my body.
I can most feel it in my body immediately when I “imitate”, but maybe that is the Feelings of Intuition. lol

When people speak about emotions, like butterflies in stomach, they do mean that their emotions become so strong that it affects their body. So maybe think of emotions as a “soup” or “air” that surrounds a person like an extra layer of skin. Some people have that kind of aura so thick around them that they are sensitive to everything. Teasing feels like pinching, and it’s almost like their own body feels a “pinch”, a tenseness when they are hurt emotionally. So depression is their aura closing in on them actually feels like it’s also crushing their body down.

I think my emotional air is much closer to my body, and maybe diffuse, so I don’t feel as much or as sensitively? Things usually pass through or I don’t even notice most things because my “detection range” is smaller. Maybe your emotional “aura” is very close to your skin or all inside of your body, so you barely feel emotions from the outside at all physically. It’s only when someone is trolling you or accusing you of something that it goes inside to Ti then it goes to your feelings, or when you physically are punched with Se that you can have your emotional aura “hit” inside?

By the way, this emotional aura stuff is something I made up on the spot thinking just now, but that was the picture I had in my head. haha.

So if this aura can “think”, I guess it churns around and the person feels a whirlpool in their emotions like a “sign” for something about to happen. Aura rumblings, etc. Maybe that’s the intimation.


Wow. your theory actually makes sense.
I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it definitely makes sense.

yeah, I think we thinkers feel emotion in our brain first.

maybe that’s why I crave food, sleep, and sex.
like my happy receptor is attached to my physical body.
so my emotions comes with Se.
because when I randomly feel really depressed, it’s 99% of the time because I’m hungry.
but then sometimes I don’t realize I’m hungry so I think of sad and negative thoughts.
and after I eat something, those thoughts disappear. like magic.
and I’m happy.

and like you mentioned, I get my Ti anger too. But my Se anger is worse.
accuse me of something. I’ll be pissed.
take my food. I’ll fight you.

Hmmm this is interesting theory.

i wonder how it works for INTJ.
how do you feel happy?


HAHAHA that is actually hilarious.
Wendy was telling me her ESTP friend is a firefighter and normally he’s very happy and in good mood all the time. But the ONLY time he’s grump is when… … he’s hungry.
So his ISFJ wife knows to always have snacks on hand to give to him when he gets that way. Then he’s back to being a carefree person. Everyone used to think he was a moody guy until she came into his life to help manage his appetite, I guess.
Maybe ESTP burn a lot of energy all the time so they can be grumpy or feeling bad pretty often. lol

I feel happy when I feel like I “did a lot of stuff!” or when “i learned or thought a lot of things!” hahaha. Very Te or Ni or Ti. So me sitting at home reading stuff “uselessly researching”? I am pretty happy. Luckily I also like getting things “done” and that also makes me happy, otherwise I could be a very useless person happy to do nothing all the time lol.

It also took me a very long time to understand my ISFP relative that “accomplishing stuff” does not make her happy like it makes me happy. I got into some arguments or tense conversations with her because of this. She’s happy just from having a nice environment or eating a food or being praised. It’s so different! So let’s say her feelings aura is pretty sensitive and big. It probably touches surrounding stuff even. Ugly messy house = ugly messy feelings.


THAT’S TOTALLY ME…I take the idea of hangry to a whole new level…my mother figured this out about me but it took a while…it was a large reason why I was such a troublemaker when I was much younger…

It’s interesting…is there a common thread between me and estp that explains this??


[quote=“supernokturnal, post:2, topic:183”]
only time I feel a butterfly in my stomach is when I feel the drop in a Rollercoaster. and it feels good. [/quote]

Rollercoasters are terrorizing. The feeling I get is horrible, agonizing. I get mad at my husband just for going down a hill too fast. It is a tight fist in my stomach, a rising spreading terror. I can’t do down little kid water slides without bracing my feet agains the walls if I can’t see the end. I do NOT like the rush.
When I get butterflies, they are sometimes so frantic they can make me ill. Sometimes just jittery. When I feel ‘in love’/the swoon, it is like being drunk. This morning I nearly cried listening to John Mayer sing ‘Fathers be good to your daughters…’

Very interesting implications here. And to feel, or not feel like I do for a day, seriously I wonder what that would be like.

My friend, was giving an account of something that made him really sad, and I cried, and as sad as he was, he was still not able to really cry about one of the worst things that had ever happened to him.

Yes. And I get tense. There have been times where the muscles in my forearms from being angry have hurt and been solid. Most of my body hurts now, all of the time. But curiously, my arms are softer. Go figure.

It does not feel as if there is a stop, or skin between. My husband has often said I have no walls.

Could be!

Even though things hit me like a planet with no atmosphere, I still think my emotions, or try to decipher my feels, I guess. I think much of it has set up house, I have as yet not worked through it all, or hardly any maybe. And I find it strange what can make me raging mad, and what I can abide [stuff down]. More and more as years go by, like I’ve built an immunity of sorts. Though having had all that grief and anger ravages the body.


@iamrl, I get hangry too, wonder if it is an Se thing. Even though it is in the fourth for me. It is even nearer for you.
I also need sugar, it would seem.

And when I was with the ESTP, I was at my slimmest ever. He ate, and took food seriously, but it did not seem we ate that much, and he had me fast, which I think is very bad for an INFJ having to keep up with an ESTP. I blacked out. I really need food. Even if I don’t appear to be moving much, my brain has to have it. I get faint, jittery and hangry, irrational and my thinking gets wispy and vague. Thinking about it, lol, my thinking goes offline and I panic.



i learned this before i was married. my mom noticed this about me.

i would randomly go

“mom, what is life?, what is happiness?, what makes people truly happy? am i happy?, mom, i just wanna die…(hits myself on furniture). FUAACKKKKK!!!”

mom: you need to eat.

me: this is NOT about food!!! i’m not a dog! i’m asking you a serious question!!!

eats food

me: hahahah wait, why was i screaming again? :grin:

mom: :expressionless:

i swear i get randomly philosophical for no reason when i’m hungry. it’s so crazy. (Ti)
it’s a sign that i’m hungry. hahaha
and then i start feeling lonely. (Fe)
and then i start thinking weird possibilities in the future. starts doubting everything. (Ni)

YES. maybe this is Ti happiness? i need to learn something everyday for me to fall asleep.

ohhhh wow. this kinda makes sense.
my wife hates a messy house.
she likes to clean and decorate to make it look nice. i wonder what that is. Fi?
but her Se is not so much food. it’s more physical touch she craves.

holy crap. what the heck

are you sure you’re not an ESFP? or ESTP? hahaha

no jk. but i wonder why this is…

you can practically take medical marijuana pill or smoke one and experience it.
i promise you. you will not feel emotions as much.
but if you are against drugs. then … xP

but when i’m high, or when i’m on cannabis, i get emotional instead.
and because i’m not ‘used to feeling emotion’, it’s too overwhelming for me.
and sometimes it will lead me into paranoia.
i get sensitive and butt-hurt about things i would typically not care so much about.

and it makes me think, ‘wow, i feel bad for people with so much emotions. it’s too much work!’

that’s why i don’t do drugs. i hate it. i love being me.

sometimes i want to feel emotion so i can experience super joy and happiness on my body.
but having emotion doesn’t always come with just good things.


Intimation makes sense to me if you’re implying —> something that brings to awareness…

Yeah that’s pretty much what feeling feels like… becoming aware of the changes in intensity and flavour of the internal state… I find it hard to categorise using words like happy, sad, angry, afraid… I’m never exactly happy or sad… my internal state is an ever changing mosaic… feeling is a moment to moment snapshot…

@supernokturnal @TinyYellowTree @iamrl

I get hangry too! I swear I could kill someone when I’m hangry…

Tiny, remember the mommie dearest convo? That’s how I lose my shit when I’m hangry… but feed me and I’m a pliant baby :angel:


@TinyYellowTree Hmm probably lool…you learn something new each day!!

@piggie Join the hangry club :kissing_heart:

Nah…I’m philosophical before I get hangry and then when I’m hangry I become a badass cutthroat :smiling_imp: So it’s kind of flipped from what happened when you got hangry…


Chicken - Egg
Thought - Feeling


Interesting and confusing topic, also in terms of the demarcation of “thinking types” and “feeling types”. It seems like it should be obvious, but is really not for me.

So, the intimation would be higher for feeling types…? I don’t know if higher is the right word here.
or is it the exact opposite?

Hmmm interesting. But by “internal state” itself you are referring to feelings/emotions or a mix of them, aren’t you? Are you saying feelings exist only if you are aware of them?

hmmm, I think I’d imagine the opposite. Like if one’s aura is thicker, it is a layer that aids in “not” being as sensitive or it takes more to pierce through that and affect. Like “thick skinned”, I suppose. Although I don’t really equate the aura to emotions exactly, just an energy.

hmmm, but “process” by default indicates thought and so the mind, isn’t it?
I wonder if your craving to physically feel an emotion, and the related “actions” is to do with being a sensor.

How I feel I think for me depends on the emotion itself.
I used to think that deep grief is a very “pure” emotion as it is a clear feeling. And fear, though depends on the degree of it. But I say this because it is easier to register these as “feelings”. Maybe the body always reacts, but without awareness of it, it does not register as a feeling. Like what @piggie is saying (in what I quoted of her).

So maybe sensing-feelers would physically “feel” the most, and intuitive-thinkers the least?

But moral or social emotions like guilt, jealousy, regret etc seem more ambiguous to me in how they are “felt”…or rather in differentiating the thought of it from the feeling of it. It seems like they could have a combination of behaviours like caustic remarks or subdued energy or physical restlessness etc.


I like the use of the word ‘intimations’ a lot here. I have mixed thoughts and feelings about MBTI in general because it seems to feed into a conception of a dichotomy between thoughts and feelings that is based on useless Descartian debris. Definitely, there seems to be patterns of preferences and behavior that are described by the types though. [quote=“piggie, post:15, topic:183”]
Intimation makes sense to me if you’re implying —> something that brings to awareness…

Yeah that’s pretty much what feeling feels like… becoming aware of the changes in intensity and flavour of the internal state… I find it hard to categorise using words like happy, sad, angry, afraid… I’m never exactly happy or sad… my internal state is an ever changing mosaic… feeling is a moment to moment snapshot…

Yes, my baseline is contented, occasionally happy but that doesn’t seem like a sustainable goal. Feelings seem like hints that I need to fix something, maybe a snack or a little exercise and it will pass without wallowing about trying to identify, analyze or express why I was angry or sad.


Hmm not exactly that they exist only if we are aware of them… Certain states can exist without us being aware of them too (i am thinking of repressed states buried in the unconscious… refraining from using the word emotion)…

But these internal states, like you said, register as feelings or emotions only when we become aware of them… “feelings” and “emotions” are names… Calling them by name is thinking about feeling, which is possible only after the registration process has been completed… The actual awareness of internal state is more organic and less distinct in a sense… For eg. when we say we are afraid, fear is not the only feeling present… But when we name it that fear, our thought process has acknowledged that fear is the most dominant hue in the current mosaic…

Interesting what you say about moral and social emotions… I tend to think of these as conditioned emotions and they are all offspring of the same parent - fear… Sometimes i wonder whether every emotion isn’t just an offspring of fear… Because that seems like it would be the most useful “feeling” to drive an animal in an animal world… And even things like satisfaction or happiness are usually telling you that hey buddy you can relax a bit because you did something that proved you are fit enough to compete for survival, basically for a bit, you don’t have to be afraid that you are closer to the lower end of the hierarchy (<— lol good example of how inferior Se works i guess)…

Yeah sometimes i think the MBTI Feeling is very different from the awareness of feeling… The MBTI Feeling seems very much like a thinking thing to me, except the focus is on structuring human state rather than structuring object state… It seems more like thought dedicated to creating the perfect feeling mosaic, either for self, or for others… It’s tricky territory to get into so i am going to hold back rather than say something i am not sure about :stuck_out_tongue: