When would you go?


If you could go back anywhere in time, where would you go?


Initially my standard is before guns. If I could go and go, I would go first to caveman days. I might even go there if I could only go to one time.


Standing on a bridge, watch the water passing underneath
It must have been much harder when there was no bridge, just water
Now the world is small, compared to how it used to be
With mountains and oceans and winters and rivers and stars
-Dave Matthews


1950s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Might as well try out the whole repressed suburban housewife thing à la Betty Friedan :wink:


Ooh, where to begin? First off, back to ancient times to see the wonders that have been lost to time; the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Colossus of Rhodes, the Pyramids of Egypt and Central America in their heyday, when they were still decorated on the outside. The lost library of Alexandria (but only if I also had a translation device LOL), who knows what arcane secrets were lost when the Arabs (and others) burned the library.

Where else? Ooh how about seeing if there really was a lost city of Atlantis? Then I could return to the present day and “discover” it, ensuring my name is remembered for ever after. Maybe then someone from the future will come looking for me in a time machine?


Can I go with you?


Yeah, I think it would be especially fun to go with Stewart. That box looks big enough for three, maybe more…


Of course haha the sun god would have to fit too.


It’s the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) and as all Brits who love Dr Who know, it is a time-travelling spacecraft created by the Time Lords, an advanced extraterrestrial civilisation. A TARDIS can transport its occupants to any point in time and space. The interior of a TARDIS is much larger than its exterior; no-one knows exactly how large - it could even be infinite!


Then let’s all go!


Yey - the Stellar Maze finally lives up to its name!


I actually think right now is the most incredible, insane, and interesting time we have ever known of. Can I go into the future instead?


We can go anywhen in the universe too!!! See stars being born!!!


Perhaps. How would you prepare? Would you bring anything?


I want to see all the advances and technology of the future. I’m just so curious to see how this all plays out. If I had to make a shot in the dark I would say 200 years should be enough to answer all my questions.

Also by then I hope we will have come closer to solving some cosmic dilemmas like individualism versus collectivism, freedom versus security, and of course, that all boil down to the big one of wether or not there is any validity to free will, which I think is the underlying dilemma of this universe.

Wow that was heavy and not fun. Sorry, can I change my answer? I choose France right before the French Revolution. To prepare I would bring as much gold as I can get my hands on.



You have a lot of faith in humanity… what if we turn into eloi? Or worse, morlocks???


@Ankh I looked those guys up and yeah, I understand the concern, but I don’t really feel it. As for the eloi I don’t think our faculties come from struggle, I think we create struggle to hone our faculties. I think the human nature of discovery, conquering, and creativity is a force which will not lose momentum any time soon. It might however hit a wall… like an atomic bomb shaped wall. All that said I think humans are a little lost right now and that’s why I wish I could fast forward a bit to see if or how we come out of it.


Judging by how long we’ve been here ‘struggling’ with ourselves, I’d go quite a bit farther than 200 years.

Yep, this.



Hmm… you could be right. But it does seem like the speed also speeds up, like the difference 10 years makes today is more than 10 years a hundred years ago, and a hundred years now is more than a hundred years a thousand years ago, etc. So yeah… I could be being optimistic but I am also an optimist so I’ll go with it. I think we might be on the cusp of a big leap forward. If we get multiple stops I could try again in another 200 until we get it. And yeah, I acknowledge we could be going a while :wink: But I have faith.